What Kind Of Room has no Door | World Famous Riddle


This Riddle is very best ppractice wich can make cool in your gathering here is riddle for you to attempt. It’ll keep you mistook for quite a long time, yet the appropriate response’s in reality lovely moronic. 

All through lockdown, one think that has bee keeping the world engaged is riddles. The little mind mysteries are truly baffling, yet additionally truly fun simultaneously. 

In the event that you need another one to attempt, have a go at this – 

What sort of room has no entryways or windows?

Hint! It is not an actual type a room


 What Kind Of Room has no Door 


  • It is not an actual type of room 
  • It is round 
  • It is small


The Answer is Mushroom 

This is pretty simple and minf twisting as well 

So as the mushroom Has letters Rooms in it because in riddle clue it say it is not an actuall type of room

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

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