What are header tags?


The header tag separates the main heading and subheading of the post from other content parts. It keeps a reliable content structure all over the page. Besides, the header tag act as an indicator which means the audience decides whether they need to visit the page or look for another website. Therefore, the heading (H1) tag is the most critical, and the page’s sub-headings (H2-H6) are the least vital.

Different kinds of heading tags and their uses 

All heading tag from H1 to H6 is mandatory in the HTML coding. If an individual skips any title, the heading structure will be broken down, which is not as SEO-friendly. Header tags are essential to increase the readability of the webpage. The followings are some guides on heading tags and their uses:

  • H1 is the title of the web page that gives an idea about the post and catches the reader’s attention.
  • H2 is subheaders, which organize the essential points of the paragraphs and break up the section. It helps the reader find what area they need to read.
  • H3 is a subsection that makes clear the point made in the subheader. You can use it in the bullet points.
  • Finally, H4 is also a subsection, simplifying the content in H3.

You can create the content with header tags to stand out in the crowd. If you have any doubt about the header tag, you can contact the SEO specialist. They understand your business nature and guide you to the best Header tags (H1 to H6), increasing search engine ranking.

Best practices to follow while creating header tags

The header tag is vital for both the audience and search engine. It aids Google and other search engines in understanding your content. Also, the header tag makes the web page user-friendly. Let’s see the best practices:

  • Utilize the header tag to give the structure for the post. It offers the visitor an idea about the article.
  • It is good to break the text block with interesting subheadings that make the article readable. Besides, search engine likes to reward content that is SEO friendly.
  • In addition, you can add the main keyword in the header tag. Google looks out keywords in the heading of the article. When the keyword fits naturally, it makes the web page or content understandable.
  • Remember, you must use only one heading in the content that boosts the search engine ranking.
  • When selecting the title case format, stick with that around all pages. Header tags are not the right place to write keyword-rick text paragraphs for search engines. As an alternative, you can create a short title for the page. The header tag should contain only seventy characters.

Create the Optimized header tag to grab visitors’ attention to your web page. It also assists the website owner makes it simple for search engines to be aware of their page.

How do you write HTML header tags?

Creating the semantic structure for the website is an effective method to write the HTML heading tags. There are many reasons for using the heading tags for every post, such as page structure for readability and relevance to keywords. Let’s see a few tips on how to write the headers and subheads based on which HTML header tag:

  • Put the H1 tag at the top of the post
  • You can place the question in the H1 title when targeting a particular question.
  • Put steps in h2 tags while creating a post with tips-on or how-to-guide.
  • Use words in the heading audience would use to search for a product or service on the web.

Utilize semantically-related words in the H2 to H6 tags to strengthen current relevance and eliminate doubts. If anyone attempts to claim the search engine’s featured scraps for the website, 3rd and 4th points are critical. Featured oddments rely on the search engine to find what web page has the accurate answer. Creating quality content to make it readable is the most vital task.

Author bio 

Naveen is the Digital Marketing Manager of JDM Web Technologies. He has vast knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field. If you need to HTML header for your site, you can contact the digital marketing manager and get the best solution.

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