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Nowadays, Instagram has become an avenue for people to find reliable information and discover the items they want to purchase. Since its launch, the platform is more valued for its highly visualizing content, and its revealing new features have inspired people to create and share compelling content. With its rising popularity, the user base has crossed over 1 billion, making all businesses think about building a strong presence on the platform. Businesses to promote their brand are more likely to start to utilize Instagram’s incredible features. Also, they prefer to buy instagram reels saves to build their brand’s reputation. More fortunately, this helps businesses to step ahead of the competition.

When it comes to Instagram features, more new features are rolling out. Know that one of the remarkable features for business is Instagram Guide. It is the latest feature that was revealed in 2020. Most businesses have started using Instagram Guides to boost their brand’s presence and awareness on the platform. However, as it is a newly launched feature, most businesses are unaware of what Instagram Guides are and how to effectively utilize them for business marketing. If you are hearing about Instagram Guides for the first time, then let’s start reading this article for a clear view.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Are you hearing about Instagram Guides for the first time? If yes, then surely you would like to know what it is. Instagram Guides is one of the newly launched features on the platform in 2020. In this feature, you can streamline your trending and favorite Instagram posts, Lives, and Reels in one space you share with your followers or community. It is the most utilized feature for businesses and marketers to look over the old content and introduce new brands and products.

When the audience or customers scroll through Instagram Guides feature, then they will explore the content from their favorite creators. Also, discover tips, recommendations, and more scrollable visualizing content on this feature. If you are a brand and not using Instagram Guides, you will miss out on the immense opportunities it offers for businesses.

Steps To Create An Instagram Guide With Posts, Products, Or Place

Are you new to know about Instagram Guides? Then, follow the below ideas to create Guides with products, posts, or places.

  • Navigate to your profile, and tap the ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner.
  • Choose a Guide.
  • Click posts or products or places.
  • Select posts from your saved post or feeds posted by other accounts.
  • Click Next.
  • Write title and description, and keep the Cover Photo that relates to or says about your brand.
  • Check the place name, click Add Place or Products, and do it repeatedly until the Guide is complete.
  • Click Next in the top right corner.
  • Click share.

Instagram Guides For Business Marketing

If you explore the Instagram application, there you will find more exciting and incredible features. But, the thing is that most businesses are more likely to consider Instagram Guides to market their brands. It’s because these features help businesses to stay competitive.

Share Your Brand’s Story

Every brand has its own story, and sharing it through Instagram Guide will make sense to increase the brand’s value on the platform. For instance, the jewelry company stating how it started the company, creating unique collections, and focusing on customer satisfaction will significantly impact prospective customers. Remember Guide will be your new initiative to present your brand more precisely. So, delivering your brand’s story is a great way and ensure your business’s success. Moreover, if you plan to get instant results, read trollishly reviews and get a clear view of growth-oriented packages. So you can choose the suitable packages that are valuable to uplift your brand’s reach.

Give Step-By-Step Instruction

As a brand, you must be more aware of sharing the content on how to use the products to give viewers more information. It is one of the smart ways to outshine the competition. For your information, creating valuable content for your brand is suggested to build the community. Instagram Guides will spotlight your brand and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Review Your Older Posts

The well-known fact is that as the users are creating and sharing content more often, there is less chance that they will explore your older posts. It means the Instagram content is long-lasting and has a short life span. But, guides help to save your old posts, and when viewers click on your guides, then your brand’s content will be in the spotlight. This feature makes sense and gives your old content a new life. However, to wider the older posts’ visibility, more brands are leveraging Trollishly and best increasing the visibility of content.

Introduce Your Brand

You can introduce your brand to existing and new customers through Instagram Guides. This way, increase brand value, and the new initiative can achieve your business milestones. For instance, fashion brands can showcase their value by sharing guides on creating a sustainable wardrobe. In addition, there are more opportunities to promote your brand to other users, and one best tactic is to take advantage of user-generated content with Guides. It could significantly impact your brand among the viewers and bring more new customers to do business with you.

Don’t Promote Your Brand Too Salesy

If it is challenging for your business to promote its brand entertainingly. More brands focus on creating content that is too promotional or for sales. But, it does not add value to any brands, and now with the emergence of Instagram Guides, brands can strike a balance. You can create a guide for your new product launch, tips and tricks, advice, and how. Everything is centered on the path of success and sets the stage for success.

Wrapping It Up

The great thing about Instagram Guides is that there is no necessity to create brand new content. You can discover the content already posted on the platform, and before using it, make sure that your followers or audience love to watch it. Then why are you waiting? It’s now time to start using Instagram Guide. Nothing will stop your business from growing or building a strong social media presence

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