Top VR Games to Play in 2022


When compared to playing a game on a standard games console, the greatest VR games possible today now allow you to experience a whole new level of interactivity. This list is jam-packed with our favorite virtual reality experiences that you can play right now, especially those with high shooting VR Games to eerie escape room puzzlers.

Many technology enthusiasts agree with this, and experts believe that VR will change how people interact with one another and have a social impact comparable to what the telephone and the internet did when they first became popular.

If you’re prone to motion nausea, you should also see if there are any accessibility controls for changing movement settings. Most individuals adjust to VR after a few games, but some people can still feel dizzy if they move swiftly in VR or have to fly, hover, or spin.

Some VR Games are offer official rewards to their player like coin master free spins. Other games also do that stuff to increase entertainment.

Let’s see some best VR Games


Arizona Sunshine has you exploring a zombie-infested Wild West in a surprisingly long game that you can truly sink your teeth into. This contrasts with the more arcade-like experiences provided by other VR Games.

In the short term, though, investigating old mine shafts with a six-shooter in one hand and a blinking flashlight in the other is just plain cool, even if you’ll have to limit your game sessions to half an hour every night to maintain your nerve.

You move around the area by teleporting yourself, which allows you to traverse long distances without getting motion sick, and you reload and change weapons by moving your weapon to your ammo belt.


To succeed in this game, you must be brave and exact. You’ll be exploring an ancient magical stronghold. Success requires fortification with a sword to scale through all of the puzzles along the route.

There are numerous zigzags to be done between obstacles. During this voyage, you will be necessary to demolish a few doors and break down a few boxes in order to find your way. It’s well worth your money and time.


This is a simulation game that provides its users with a realistic gaming experience. Prepare to feel the adrenaline of several rollercoaster rides that will transport you through genuine surroundings along with all the twists, turns, and loops you’d expect.

With this game, the Google Cardboard headset delivers the best experience. You simply take a sip. It is really simple to control. The game’s environment adds to the atmosphere by including noises such as crowds, buildings, birds, shouting riders, and even airships.


Some feared that Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s first VR game and the series’ first new addition in almost a decade, would fall short of expectations. But, without a doubt, this is a Half-Life game that fills the large shoes left by Valve in 2007. To say Half-Life: Alyx is a good VR game is an understatement; it’s easily one of the finest.

It’s a mind-bending joyride with a physics system to die for, just like its forefathers. The innovative, mind-boggling scientific riddles you’re accustomed to from PC games? They’ve arrived. Tense jaunts through zombie-infested death pits that scare you more than most ‘horror’ VR Games? Alyx has a plethora of it.

Final Thought

We are in a growing world where every day has a new update of technology. VR technology is the best example of AI technology. VR stads for virtual reality. Facebook also launches Meta Verse in the future so everything will change in the future.

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