Top Four Golf Games You Can Play on Your PC or Consoles


Once you start playing golf, then there is no going back. Those who play the sport know how hard it is to stay away from the greens.

However, there are times when the weather might not allow you to enjoy the sport. But why should the weather stop you from playing the sport you love?

You can now enjoy golf from the comfort of your home. There are several top PC golf games that you can explore. A good computer with good specs is all you need to get started.

While it may not be the ideal setting to play the game, it is as close as it gets at home. Not only can you play these games alone at home, but many games also have multiplayer features that enable you to enjoy them with your friends and golf mates.

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But, there are different types of games that one can play. If you are a golf enthusiast, you would want a satisfying gaming experience, even online. There are a number of top PC golf games available online to enjoy the best gameplay and game physics. There are also a plethora of blogging websites that cover everything about golf. So, if you’re interested, you must follow some high-quality blogs for a thorough insight into the game.

Here are the top golf games you can play on your windows computer or gaming consoles.

  1. Maximum Games – The Golf Club Collector’s Edition

Golfers like this game because of its exceptional gameplay and compatibility with various devices.

Moreover, the game’s frame rates are pretty smooth, giving the players ample clarity on the swings they are making and enhancing the graphics quality. It is one of the few computer games that closely mimic reality, making it popular amongst gamers and pro golfers.

  1. 2K21 PG Tour

It is one of the best PC golf games known for its real-seeming mechanics that impress pro golfers. You can play this game over Nintendo, ps4, Xbox, and even on PCs.

2k21 is not available through hardware as you can only download it through the store of your console.

While many people often complain about its loading time because it runs on the Unity engine. But, if you have a computer or a console with good specifications the loading speeds will be better.

  1. Triband

It is a unique game on the list. Unlike other games that try to mimic the real world, Triband takes advantage of creative illustrative avatars and a lively environment. This game is a fun game amongst all the serious games.


You can download Triband for Windows, which is only an offline game. This might not be the best game for pro golfers as the game physics are slightly exaggerated, and it focuses more on the fun rather than the swing mechanics.

  1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour Collection – EA Sports

If you are a fan of the legend Tiger woods, you must buy this game. It provides an immersive experience and ultra-real mechanics, and it mimics the real-world swings used in the sport quite well.

It is widely available; you can buy it from PlayStations, Xbox, and windows. You can also play the game online and offline.

The graphics are not the best on the list, but the overall gameplay and the multiple options to customize the characters make it a popular choice among gamers and pro golfers.

So, if you can never get enough of it and want to play the sport even when you are at home, you must consider downloading or buying these games for your console. Ensure that you check the minimum specifications required to run the games before buying.

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