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The rubber sleeves in a pinch solenoid valve control the flow of the liquid and the gasses. It only comes in contact with the flowing media when we are using the high-quality pneumatic pinch valve. It significantly minimizes the chances of contamination within the system and rusting of the material inside the solenoid pinch valves. The electric pinch valve is remotely controlled and there is no need of touching any kind of material on the valves.

These solenoid operated pinch valve requires no maintenance effort as these and changing the rubber sleeve is just easy. In some pinch valves, solenoid air is used in place of rubber to operate the pinch valves. The pinch valve solenoid whole mechanism of the pinch solenoid valve is designed in a way that they have a longer life. We need less maintenance cost as these valves have longer lives as compared to mechanical metal valves.

In this article, we are highlighting the top benefits of Pinch valves to know more about the detailed process you can visit the benefits of Pinch valves at Genndih.

The absolute working procedure:

The pinch solenoid valve is suitable for the on-off throttling service and we have complete control over its operation. We can maintain the throttling range of the pinch valves from 10% to 95 % of the rated flow control capacity. Best suited for the handling of slurries, liquids with large amounts of suspense liquids, and the contamination of the liquids. We can use them for a longer period of time due to their design. This is the main reason we always prefer the high-quality pneumatic pinch valve in place of ordinary metal and the mechanical valves.

 Rusting and contamination of the valves:

The pinch solenoid valve operations installed no metal for closing and opening the valves. No direct contact with the liquid or water when we are using the pinch valves. This means we have no fear of rusting and the contamination of the valves. This is the main reason why the pneumatic pinch valve has longer lives as compared to the other mechanical valves. We can use the solenoid-operated pinch valve for a longer period of time as they don’t rust and smoothly operate. Once we have installed the valves, it means we are saving a lot of our expenses.

No turbulence and friction:

When you are using the pinch solenoid valve you would find no turbulence and friction during their working. We are using the rubber as closing material in place of the metal so there is no friction material. It also reduces the turbulence during the operation, we know the whole process is just too smooth and fast when we are using the pneumatic pinch valve. The minimum force is applied to control them, this also reduces the energy required to operate them.

The final thought:

The pinch solenoid valve is one of the most effective devices used for controlling the flow of the liquid. These valves are fraction free and we have no fear of rusting and contamination of the material when using the pinch valves.

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