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Dance Danseur is arguably one of the most memorable gems this season. It’s not about a particular sport, but it has all the makings for an epic Sports Anime. However! This anime has blood, sweat, and more sweat than Haikyuu or Free! It certainly has all the drama you would expect, from rivalries to the determination to a compulsive drive to reach the top.

Junpei is a martial artist. He can’t remember the thrill of watching ballet as a child. Through a chance encounter with Miyako, his mother who runs a ballet studio, and gentle persuasion (which he was already getting at the suggestion), Junpei wins the angst war within his head about martial arts vs. ballet and he sets off on a journey to find his passion and perhaps the rival he wasn’t looking for. His can-do attitude is the key to all of this black clover filler!

Honey’s Anime’s list of 6 Anime such as Dance Danseur has you covered!

Similar Anime to Dance Dance Danseur

1. Blue Period (Blue Period)

Junpei found his passion for dance late in the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something he was comfortable with. The journey of Dance Dance Danseur is made more interesting by Junpei’s struggle to master his art and constant striving to improve. Blue Period is a drama where the mind and heart are at war with each other. You’ll feel the same, but with a little more angst.

Blue Period introduces us to Yatora Yaguchi a high school student who has a remarkable academic record. He is diligent in keeping his academic record intact, but he has no passion or motivation to spend his time with his similarly unambitious friends. He is amazed to see a vibrant Shibuya at dawn. Blue Period is free to watch on AnimixPlay App

Yatora is stunned by the beauty of the cityscape and decides to paint it. He finds himself exhilarated, a little fulfilled, and eager to go on. As expected, his life is turned upside down when our honor-roll delinquent chooses to abandon the traditional path of college and career to pursue art at the prestigious Tokyo University of Arts. Our MC decided, despite all the opposition and without a second thought, to pursue his dream at the Tokyo University of Arts. Blue Period is a beautiful animation that challenges all odds.

2. Ballroom e Youkoso (Welcome to the Ballroom)

The next item on this list is for all you dance lovers. Although ballet and ballroom dancing are not the same, Welcome to the Ballroom echoes many of the dance themes and finer points that Dance Dance Danseur is known for.

This anime share more similarities than you might think. Character growth, strong protagonists, a great supporting cast, and a journey that is literally soaked in sweat and tears. Junpei and Tatara were captivated by the power, grace, and commanding presence that their dance forms offer when they first encountered them. Both protagonists, who initially thought they would never be able to get into studios, are now unable to resist the temptation to continue their pursuit of dance.

Junpei and Tatara are passionate, earnest, and determined to do their best. They begin from scratch and embark on their respective paths into competitive and performing arts. If you like the Dance Dance Danseur story, but prefer ballroom pizzazz to classical ballet, then Welcome to the Ballroom might be the show for you.

3. Yuri!!! on Ice (Yuri on Ice!)

If you liked the dancers’ detailed designs and smooth animation sequences of Dance Dance Danseur, then Yuri on Ice is a great choice. You’ll see shades of both anime in both, which is no surprise considering that the shows are produced by MAPPA. These shows were brought to life by MAPPA’s reputation for fluid movements and detail-oriented productions. But sharing a studio isn’t all they have in common. Tubi Tv apk offers Yuri on Ice free to watch for all.

Figure skating requires the same techniques as ballet. Character-driven, beautifully-composed, and captivating stories rooted in reality, Dance Dance Danseur and Yuri on ice! Both are guaranteed to delight in similar ways. Yuri on Ice! The story of Yuuri, a figure skater who appears to be near the end of his less than successful career, suddenly gains attention after a video showing him skating champion Victor Nikiforov’s routine goes viral. This attracts the attention and respect of the five-time champion.

Yuuri’s world is turned upside down when Victor Nikiforov offers to mentor him. The rest of the journey is filled with ups and downs as well fierce rivalry and love. Yuri on Ice is a touching and heartwarming story. This anime is perfect to curl up with after Dance Dance Danseur.

4. Princess Tutu (Princess Tutu)

Ballet is a complex art form that blends tradition, elegance, fluidity and transcending the limits of human physiology to create performances that echo dreamy, otherworldly stories through body communication. If ballet is what attracted to Dance Dance Danseur then this anime is definitely worth your time. Here we have Princess Tutu!

Princess Tutu is a little older than the rest of our list. She has a more traditional approach to ballet than Dance Dance Danseur, but she still retains the spirit of anime. Ahiru literally means duck. Drosselmeyer has enchanted a duck to become Princess Tutu, a ballerina whose dance can relieve pain and distress.

Ahiru uses this strange, but very useful ability to go after her Prince. For those who love ballet and want to see a fairytale retold, Princess Tutu is a must watch. Its whimsical premise aside it is a great anime with its captivating storyline, a wide range of character archetypes and dreamy sequences. They also have versions of Swan Lake, which is worth checking out, ballet or not.

5. Piano no Mori

Fine Art, Ballet, Ballroom Dance, and Ballet are the three categories that have been included on this list. They also explored a wide range of artistic and performative forms. It’s only natural that at most one (or two in this case) anime about music would be on the list. Like Junpei’s Kai, Piano no Mori’s Kai has an untrained talent and an innate appreciation for classical art. Kai is just like Junpei. He has to learn from the beginning and start again. Kai is also a Junpei-like individual who seems to be on his way to being an expert in his field.

Piano no Mori is the story of Kai, a son of a prostitute and who was playing on an abandoned piano deep in the forest.

His story crosses with Syuhei’s, who is a talented pianist from a family of gifted pianists. They have almost nothing in common, aside from the fact that they share a piano, so they set out to create a rich story about their lives. It explores their motives, desires and backgrounds through an orchestral performance of emotion and sound. Piano no Mori is a great anime to check out if you are looking for something evocative and in the same vein of Dance Dance Danseur.

6. Kono Oto Tomare! (Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life)

One of the more overlooked, but equally enjoyable, pleasures of Dance Dance Danseur is watching contrasting personalities such as Junpei, Ruou and Miyako come together to pursue a shared love of ballet. If that appeals to you, Kono Oto Tomare is the right choice! You should make it a priority to add this element to your shopping list.

Chika, a delinquent, attempts to join the Koto (traditional Japanese instrument) club at high school. However, Takezou, the new president of the club, has his reservations. He was about to start a protest but after seeing his determination, enthusiasm, and earnest desire (and because there is a dire need for more members), he gives him a chance. You can’t have a problem child with his misfits and an anxious stickler for rules (Takezou), and a strong, determined prodigy (Satowa) without them clashing, no matter how much they want to make it to Nationals. Kono Oto Tomare is a dynamic and fun competition against the quieter days of school. For a compelling and unique story.

Final Thoughts

This is it! We think Dance Dance Danseur was an amazing watch with a captivating story and lovable characters. However, you will find strong contenders to replace it on our list. We guarantee that you will not regret trying these anime!

What number of shows from our list have your seen? Are you a fan of our recommendations or do you have any suggestions?

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