Top 10 Uses Of JavaScript You Should Know


Have you ever heard the term “JavaScript”? Off-Course, You have heard. It is the most used programming language. But have you ever wondered what are the uses of JavaScript? If yes, then you are not alone. Several students are not aware of the uses of JavaScript.

Earlier, JavaScript was only used for client-side development. But now there are various uses of JavaScript. Javascript is becoming a very popular language. It is no longer limited to the web. By reading this blog, you will get to know various uses of JavaScript. So, let’s start with the definition of JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language. It is used to create and control dynamic website content. It is defined as anything on the screen that moves, refreshes, or changes without needing a manual to reload.

Most of the services and programs that make the Internet so crucial are written in JavaScript. Some of the web services you use regularly, like when your Facebook timeline appears on your screen in real-time. In this case, this is JavaScript in action.

Top 10 Uses Of JavaScript

Following are the 10 top uses of JavaScript. Have a look;

Web Development

JavaScript is a client-side programming language for building web pages. It is a Netscape-developed standalone language. It is used to make a webpage dynamic and add interesting effects to pages. Such as rollovers, rollouts, and a variety of visuals. It is mostly used for validation purposes by all websites.

It also allows external programs. Such as PDF documents, running widgets, and flash apps, among other things. It may also insert material into a document anytime when the user requests it.

Web Application

With the advancement of technology, programming languages are becoming important. They are now necessary to construct sophisticated online apps click bitdownloader.

When a person uses Google Maps to explore a map. All they have to do is click and move the mouse. With only one click, you may see the entire detailed view. Because of JavaScript, this is possible.


The ability to create presentations as a website is also provided by JavaScript. To create a web-based slide deck, JavaScript provides the RevealJS and BespokeJS libraries.

Server Applications

Node JS is built on Chrome’s Javascript runtime. It creates quick and scalable network applications. It makes the use of event-driven, lightweight, and efficient programmes that are distributed among platforms using a server.

JavaScript helps in handling the HTTP requests and producing content. When creating thick apps in JavaScript on the client, the code may also be written in JavaScript on the server. It allows cognitive leaps from one language to the other.

Web Servers

Node.js is a programming language. It is used to create a web server. As Node.js is event-driven. It does not wait for the previous call’s answer. Node.js servers are quick. It does not require buffering and provides data in chunks.

The HTTP module’s createServer() function is used to create the server. This operation is run when someone tries to access port 8080. HTML server answers with HTML, which HTTP header supplies.


JavaScript is also used in creating games. Like Angry Birds, Bejewelled, and Polycraft. When combined with HTML5, JavaScript allows for the creation of powerful games. It can be played only with the keyboard.

The rich visuals in the Ease JS package make a lot of things simple. With the help of this package, you can create generative art, games, and other highly graphical experiences.

Mobile Applications

In today’s world, mobile devices are commonly used to access the internet. JavaScript may also be used to construct applications for non-web contexts. The features of JavaScript make it a strong tool for creating mobile apps.

Using React Native, we can design mobile apps. We do not need to build separate iOS and Android codes. It simply has to be written once and may run on a variety of platforms.


Reasons Why We Use JavaScript Over Other Languages

Apart from the limitless possibilities, there are other reasons why web developers should choose JavaScript. They are;

  • The only programming language that is native to the web browser.
  • The most widely used programming language.
  • To get started, you only need a small amount of money.
  • It is an enjoyable language to learn.


In the above blog, we have discussed the uses of JavaScript in detail. And also learned about why we should choose JavaScript. It is an enjoyable language to learn. Now, we are aware of JavaScript’s uses. It is good for creating web apps and web servers. Developers can use JavaScript with HTML5 to create games.

We have mentioned 7 uses of javascript. But, there are more instead of this. If you are looking to pursue this language, this is good for you. The demand for this language is increasing.

All in all, there are various uses of JavaScript. I hope now you are aware of the usage of JavaScript.


  1. How is JavaScript used in the real world?

Answer: JavaScript is mostly used by all websites for validation. It supports external applications. Like PDF documents, Running Widgets, etc.

  1. Why do we need to learn JavaScript?

Answer: If you want to become a web developer, JavaScript is important to learn. Being proficient in this language will enable you to build websites. It is a quite useful skill to have in today’s market.

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