Top 10 Lucrative Business In Nigeria With Small Capital You Should Try


Are you looking forward to starting a business but you do not have much With Small Capital You Should Try? Just note that there is a lot of lucrative businesses in Nigeria with small capital that you may consider starting.

You must not start a business with huge capital before you can make many profits, rather your business strategy and the type of business you are doing matters for more information to click here flexible remote data entry jobs

Nigeria is one of the best countries with a good business environment and starting a profitable business in this type of arena will enable you to make much cash into your wallet.

Instead of staying at home idle, I will advise you to consider most of the businesses listed below.

Top 10 lucrative businesses in Nigeria with high profits

  1. Okirika Business

This simply means selling fairly used clothes, Okirika business is one of the daily income business in Nigeria that anyone who wishes to be earning money daily needs to try.

Not only that it is very profitable and you can easily start it with little capital in any location in Nigeria.

People like purchasing fairly used clothes because of how cheap it always is comparing to the price of a new one.

  1. Car wash business

This business is not only for men, ladies can also do it too, just look for a nice location in an urban area where there is a high rate of car owners.

Purchase all the needed materials and tools needed for car wash, which will cost very little capital, and start helping people to wash their cars daily as you keep earning your income.

  1. POS business

This business keeps been more popular every day because of how helpful it’s to people mostly those in rural areas.

You may consider the starting point of the sales business and be helping people to perform financial transactions while you keep earning commission for any transaction you help people to perform using any POS machine.

Opay POS machine remains of the best POS machine in Nigeria that is totally free, you do not any money to purchase the POS machine but you need little capital to enable you to start the business.

  1. Charcoal business

Since the price of kerosene and gas keeps going higher every day many individuals have diverted to using charcoal to cook.

Since seeing the charcoal in urban areas is a problem you may start the business by supplying to those that are always in need of it, while you keep earning and anything that needs more they will always contact you for more supply.

  1. Bear parlor

The selling of bears is another lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital, as people normally go bear parlor to chill and have some drinks after work.

Most people normally go to bear parlor for meeting while they will still purchase some bear also that they will drink.

Starting this business will help in turning your financial status around if well managed.

  1. Cybercafe

This business mostly moves fast in student areas where there is a population of people that are in need of their services.

Before you start this business you need to understand how to operate a computer and purchase some tools like; photocopy machine, laptop, scanner, etc.

Look for a good location on campus and rent a shop where you will be staying to offer services like; checking of results, courses registration, typing, etc.

  1. Selling foodstuff

This is another profitable business you may start with small capital in Nigeria and you will be making huge income daily.

Since people eat daily selling raw foods stuff will be a good business idea you may think of. You may be going into rural areas and purchase some foodstuffs and be selling in an urban area at a moderate price and be making your gain.

  1. Palm oil business

The price for palm oil keeps increase while people that stored it when it was cheap are making their gain as they are now selling it.

You may target when the price goes down purchase the palm oil then and store when the price increases then you resell and make your profits.

Or you may be buying in gallons and be selling in bottles to earn daily income.

  1. Daycare center

Are you the type that likes taking care of kids? If yes! Starting a daycare business will be a good business idea for you.

A lot of parents are looking for someone that can be taking good care of their children when they left to work. You may just rent a small place with good security and a nice environment where you will be staying.

You will see a lot of parents that will be registering their children.

  1. Laundry business

Another hot business idea you may think of is the laundry business, it is very profitable and very easy to start in Nigeria.

The major thing you need to start this business is a washing machine and a shop. Place your signpost and be advertising your business, you will see a lot of big women and men that will be patronizing you.

Most of those people do not usually have a chance to wash their cloth by themself and most can’t iron their clothes properly they will have no choice but to give them to a laundryman to do the job for them.


I have been able to show you some lucrative businesses in Nigeria with small capital that is capable of giving you high profits in return.

Those businesses are easy to set up in any location in Nigeria, but you need to be strategic and plan your business well before you start it, not only that most of these businesses required that you must have a skill.

I wish you success in your business journey.

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