Top 10 Best Graphic Design Templates 2022


It’s a good idea to learn how to use graphic design templates. There are many design templates out there that can help rlieve designers’ deadline pressure. Graphic designers aren’t used to templates – but they can speed up day-to-day design tasks, giving them greater flexibility in taking up new briefs and tackling new projects. Having a toolkit of templates at your disposal can make all the difference when it comes to saving time and money on your design outlay.  

You should consider adopting some of the hottest branding trends or embracing quirky illustration trends in 2022. Here is a growing collection of graphic design website templates for you to choose from, to suit as many tastes as possible. Using these, you can create the essential website which will form the foundation of your creative business. Also, you’ll be able to design your own and hit exactly the mark each time you use it, by customizing and adjusting with a few clicks. 

Best Graphic Design Templets:

1. Desktop Monitor 2021 Mock-up by yogurt86

A mockup can come in very handy when you are testing website designs for yourself or a client. Mock-up for Desktop Monitor 2021 by yogurt86 is precisely what it sounds like – a desktop mock-up that contains eight presentations, all of which are easy to edit and navigate, and which also include a help file in case you need it. 

2. Lester

This graphic design website template is gorgeous, creative, and fabulous. Various projects can be served by the tool with ease. Lester works with designers, creatives, artists, you name it, and he adapts particularly to all specific niches and industries. Lester can be altered if it does not come out of the box in the way you like.

There are many home page styles and many inner sections in this responsive and cross-browser-compatible template. Lester provides a complete web design solution. It only needs to be used to its full potential and turned into something inspirational. Your sophisticated website will further show your professionalism and knowledge. Make the most of this opportunity, stand out from the crowd, and take your skills and creativity to the next level.

3. Oliver

No one says you can’t use Oliver for graphic design services even though it is a photography website template. Thanks to the SVG graphics and Font Awesome icons on the Oliver template, your page will look terrific on Retina displays. The dark layout has a lot of eye-catching effects and animations. But, there is the right amount of movement that doesn’t overwhelm the visitor, rather it makes them enjoy the experience.

Despite its thirteen distinct pages and several quirky features, Oliver can’t help but make a yes or no decision immediately. The option cannot exist. Oliver either likes it or doesn’t like it. You still have a wide selection of first-rate graphic design website templates at your disposal even if it is not to your liking. Dare to be different and do not look back.

4. Pixies

The Pixies template will make you stand out from the crowd in a few clicks. The graphic design website template showcases your work in an appealing and professional manner. A blog system and seven different portfolio layouts are included in Pixies. Pixies equip you with everything you need to stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, Pixies are responsive, mobile, and retina-ready, optimized for search engines, and compatible with modern browsers. No matter what device or browser your site is viewed on, Pixies keeps it intact. Consider using Pixies if you are interested in owning a website that is a cut above the rest.

5. Instagram Posters by MotionMediaGroup

Anyone who uses Instagram knows that it’s all about getting as much out in the shortest time possible. MotionMediaGroup’s Instagram Posters by MotionMediaGroup are pre-arranged in ready-to-go compositions that include vibrant color combinations, a range of shapes and typography, and designs responsive to any frame orientation. 

6. The Basics Web UI Kit by pixelbuddha_graphic

A minimalist and organized template kit from pixelbuddha_graphic, named ‘The Basics’ for the place it will soon occupy in your toolbox as an essential tool, uses free fonts and images. Additionally, it offers more than 70 website templates, which can save you a lot of time.

7. Casely

By setting up a Casely page, you can start promoting your graphic design work immediately. Your page will allow others to see your creations and those interested in working with you will be able to contact you directly. Wherever you go online with Casely, you will appear like all the established brands. Additionally, you do not need a lot of experience creating pages.

Various home styles are offered by Casely, all of which can be modified. You can create different looks, as well as video, particle effects, and slideshows. The animations and transitions between sections by Casely add an extra layer of fun. Additionally, there is a newsletter subscription box, a contact form, and a registration form. A good option for those seeking something a bit exotic is Casely.

8. Flyer – Resume by artbart

Nowadays, even if you’re not a designer, it’s essential to make a good impression with your resume. The resume template, Flyer – Resume by artbart, does exactly that without going overboard. With its ability to be adjusted to fit your industry, add a photograph, and adjust the color scheme, you can present yourself to employers in the best light.

With a subscription fee of $9 per month, offers access to more than 100,000 pre-made designs, documents, and templates and provides the best graphic design templates.

The site offers a limited number of free templates with a wide range of applications, but you have to create an account to download them; a quick glance at what’s on offer can tell you whether it’s worth the effort.

10. StockLayouts

This company offers one-off and subscription-based graphic design templates for a range of occasions. StockLayouts also offers premium graphic design templates. Additionally, it offers a small selection of free templates – 38 to be precise – that can be downloaded. 


To be successful in graphic design, you must have a solid foundation. Designhill have compiled a list of the top ten graphic design templates for 2022. Using these templates, you can create stunning visuals that will catch the attention of your audience. These free templates can be downloaded and used right away to help you complete your project quickly and easily. Our templates are updated, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new.

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