Tips to Increase The Efficiency of Your Boiler Controls


Increasing boiler efficiency is a practical and smart way to cut operating costs. Before we talk about the tips, let’s talk about what the term “boiler efficiency” means. Every boiler tries to make as little flue gas as possible that is as cool as possible. For example, if the boiler takes in cool air, the stack gas temperature should be lower. Because more energy goes with the flue gas when the temperature is high. If your boiler system doesn’t work the way it should, then something is wrong with the boiler controls.

Here are six easy things you can do to make your boiler work better. Plus, it will help you save money on your huge monthly bills.

Ways to Increase The Efficiency of Boiler Controls

➤ Lower The Temperature of Stack:

Lowering the stack temperature means lowering the operating pressure of steam boilers and the operating temperature of hydronic boilers, especially on mild days and nights.

➤ Install an Economizer:

An economizer is an important part of the boiler system. It uses waste hot flue gas to heat the feed water that is coming to it. If your system doesn’t have an economizer or has a bad one, you may have to pay a lot for maintenance. Plus, it makes the boiler system less effective.

➤ Tune The Burner Regularly:

Not having enough air is another big problem when it comes to how well a boiler works. Do you know that fuel needs a certain amount of gas (oxygen) in order to burn properly? If the boiler doesn’t get enough air, it can build up a lot of carbon monoxide. You will get less heat, which means that it will work less well. When this happens, the burner needs to be tuned to get the right amount of air.

➤ Wrap Your  Valves in Felt:

In the boiler room, the insulation on the valves is often taken off. Well, it’s a good idea because a large valve can cause heat to escape and damage the boilers by making the room too hot to stand. Taking off the insulation on valves reduces the risk of burns and makes them easier to maintain.

➤ Wash The Fireplace:

Fireside builds up on the boiler tubes over time, which affects the whole system of the boiler. This layer acts as an insulator, which speeds up the burning of fuel and slows down the transfer of heat. When the heat transfer rate goes down, the heat doesn’t get to the water, so the temperature of the stack goes up. So, make sure to clean the fireside in a timely manner to keep the boiler control system working well.

➤ Keep The Waterside Clean:

It’s important to keep the waterside clean and make sure there are no leaks. That’s why you should check the waterside every day. Clear out any mud or mud drums so that heat can move easily from the fire to the water. If you don’t clean it, you might end up with hard water that stops the heat from moving. It can also cause the car to overheat, which leads to expensive repairs.

Boiler’s main parts

Do you know what makes a good boiler that works well? It’s just boilerplate stuff. These parts have been around for a long time and are known to be better than the ones that came before.

➤ Firebox Chamber: The experts set up the firebox chamber in the boiler system. They use iron to make sure the boiler can handle all the heat and pressure.

➤ Heat exchanger: All of the burnings that happen inside the boiler gives off some heat. This heat is transferred to the fluid with the help of a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger moves all of the heat to the fluid without letting it touch the water.

In The Bottom Line

Your boiler control system will last longer if it is as efficient as possible. But you can do some things to keep things running smoothly. So following the above tips will make the boiler work better.

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