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Google Customer reviews and feedback are the most crucial part of modern-day marketing. They play a major role in your marketing when it comes to online platforms. Your potential customers are looking for authentic and genuine customer reviews that help you find a better customer experience.

Google serves as the prominent and trustworthy source for customer reviews that you can use to display on your website. Yes, we are talking about the powerful and popular Review Widget in recent marketing techniques that you should know. You can make Google reviews as part of your marketing strategy by collecting them and embedding them on your website in a creative way.


In this blog, we tell you all about the review widget, what it is, how to use it, and the benefits of using the Google review widget on your website.

So how would you proceed with the review widget for your website? Keep reading this blog till the end and you will discover some amazing facts about reviews.

What Is A Google Review Widget?

A Google review widget is a compelling and advanced tool that enables you to easily collect customers’ reviews and embed them into your website in a creative manner. With this Google review widget, you can gather the reviews and ratings from your GMB listing with the real name of customers’ names, profile images, and times when they place reviews for your business.

Google review widget also offers you features and functionalities to customize your reviews using themes, designs, and styles to display creatively designed reviews on your website.

Google review widget allows website owners to beautifully display their customer reviews on the website at the bottom, sidebar, or header wherever they prefer to display on their website.

How Google Review Widget Works?

Google review widget is a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps you smoothly embed informative reviews on your website with a simple code. You can use any review widget available on the internet.

To add Google reviews to your website, you have to follow some defined ways to embed reviews on your website. You can collect reviews based on some popular places on your website if you are creating and providing general information. For example, if you are a food or travel blogger, you can add the reviews of the best restaurants or places to your blog to increase more value and convincing information in the blog.

Benefits Of Embedding Google Review Widget On Your Website

Adding Google reviews to your website comes with so many added benefits on your website. From building trustworthy content to enhancing your website appearance, the review widget amplifies in every way.

Build Website Authority & Credibility

90% of online customers believe in customers’ reviews and feedback to make a better purchase decision. Displaying reviews provides your customers with useful information about your business, products, and services with real experiences. reviews are authentic, it helps in increasing your business credibility among customers with transparency.

People are looking for realistic reviews and customers experiences with your business, this is the reason why people search your business over and social media channels. Also, you cannot mold reviews in your way, this increases your website authority and trustworthiness among your customers.

Increase Customer & Brand Relationships

Showing Google reviews means you are paying attention and appreciation to what your customers say about your business. Combining positive and negative reviews on your website increases transparency among your customers. Moreover, it encourages your customers to leave their feedback for your business as you listen to them. This automatically creates a review cycle and encourages your customers to do more for your business. Lastly, the review widget also helps you to understand your customer’s behavior and useful insights about your customers.

Boost Visitors Engagement & Social Proof With Your Brand

Unlike stale and dull branded content, the reviews widget adds visually enhanced and interesting content to your website which will easily grab your website visitors’ attention. Google reviews are interactive and contain words that your visitors can easily relate to and understand. This helps in increasing visitor engagement which connects more people with your business.

Another advantage is that Google reviews also increase the social proof factor which increases trust and reputation of your business among your customers.

Increase Conversion Rate & ROI

Another major benefit of embedding Google review widgets on websites is that it will increase the conversion rate by triggering your customers to take action on your website.

People tend to buy from where they trust and believe they will get value for money. Google reviews enhance the social proof factor on your website and trigger your customers to take action on your website. This will increase conversion rate and revenue that turn into more ROI for your business

Wrapping Up!

Let’s get ahead of the competition and attract more customers with powerful review widget integration on your website. So without wasting your time on the other marketing strategies, you can start embedding the reviews widget on your website right away!

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