The 13 Best Beaches in Croatia


With over a thousand islands strewn throughout the Adriatic’s long, mountainous coastline, it’s no surprise that Croatia is home to a seemingly endless amount of beautiful beaches. From Rijeka in the north to Dubrovnik in the south, Croatia’s island-dotted coastline provides unspoiled bays and shingly stretches. 

The greatest advice when it comes to beaches is to head south: the Dalmatian coast has the most tempting sandy shores, pebbly bays, and sun-baked rocks.

Here are 13 of Croatia’s top beaches to help you plan your trip.

1. Baska Beach

Baska offers a wide range of activities for individuals of all ages such as, swim in the beach, take a walk along the beach and taste some of the local delights, eat at one of the many bars and restaurants, take a walk through the surrounding town, reserve an apartment in one of the cute cottages, and explore the tiny squares.

2. Dubovica Beach

Dubovica Beach is a great place to visit for adrenaline addicts as well as people looking for a tranquil, relaxing vacation. Dubovica is also a fantastic destination for families with young children. If you really want to visit this place with your young children then check the best vacation offer on Volaris Airlines Official Website to start your trip.

During your visit,  swimming, diving, snorkeling in the crystal-clear sea, sunbathing, and relaxing trekking and discovering the local animals, and resting at the Dubovica Beach Bar are something which you can enjoy.

3. Zlatni Rat Beach

Surfing and scuba diving are available, and there is an inflatable green-and-yellow aqua park for children. A magnificent waterside promenade, shaded by pine trees, leads from the beach to the village of Bol. Beyond there lies the Vidova Gora mountain, which is the highest point on the Adriatic islands at 2,552 feet.

4. Sakarun Beach

Sakarun beach proudly claims the title of the most beautiful beach in the Zadar area thanks to the beauty of its clear waters and fine white sand, which is a rare find on the rocky Croatian coast. This beach is ideal for families with small children, who will delight in playing in the sand and swimming in the shallow, quiet water. 

5. Punta Kamenjak

Swim in the caverns, sunbathe on the rocks, snorkel in the clear waters and view the diverse marine life, or relax with a drink or two at a nearby Safari Bar. Because of its popularity, Punta Kamenjak can become busy, so arrive early or late in the day.

6. Zrce Beach

Zrce is a great place to visit if you want to be in a packed, vibrant environment. It has multiple all-night discos, beach bars, and three nightclubs. There is also a range of activities available, such as jet skiing and bungee jumping. The most serious drawbacks of this beach are the frequently exorbitant costs.

7. Stiniva Beach

Stiniva Beach is perfect for sunbathing and cliff jumping due to its unusual shape. Other activities available in this charming beautiful cove include swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the local flora and wildlife. 

Despite the crowds, Stinava is still worth a visit; however, come early in the morning when there aren’t as many people.

8. Banje Beach

Due to Dubrovnik’s international prominence, it’s not surprising that the city attracts an excessive number of visitors. The beach is small and cannot accommodate all of the interested people without becoming overcrowded. 

Banje Beach, as a result, is likewise on the pricey side. Don’t be startled by the higher-than-average pricing if you want to hire a sunbed or have a drink at the neighboring restaurant.

9. Ninska Laguna

Aside from the benefits, sand on the beach has its own set of disadvantages. The water isn’t as clean as it is on other Croatian beaches, and it doesn’t have that amazing turquoise color. It can get a little windy at times, which is fantastic for windsurfers but not so much for families with small children.

10. Nugal Beach

Nugal is a quiet, little slice of paradise. It’s worth noting that there are almost no facilities here. As a result, make sure you have food and drink with you. Naturalists have access to a large portion of the beach, which you should be aware of before choosing this location as your perfect vacation spot. 

If you’re used to this style of tourism, you’ll appreciate the gorgeous vistas that have earned this beach its immense popularity and numerous honors. The beach is beautiful, although it has recently become overcrowded. Because there are no facilities, bring plenty of water with you.

11. Fazana Beach

The beach is clean and well-equipped, including sunbeds and showers, among other amenities. If you’re searching for somewhere to stay that’s both comfortable and convenient, this is the place to go for.

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Unlike many similar sites in Croatia, it also has adequate accessibility for those with disabilities in some areas. You should explore all these areas with your family and friends so check the best deal on Caribbean Airlines Booking Flight within a group. This group booking helps you to save your money and travel together.

12. Crikvenica Beach

Rent a paddleboat, go snorkeling in the crystal-clear sea and see the cute indigenous fish, or play volleyball. You can relax in the cool shade of the adjacent pines if you wish to get away from the oppressive summer heat. 

13. Vela Luka

The small town in Croatia is a charming destination for the whole family. Visit the lovely Town Square and begin your gastronomic trip in one of the many fantastic restaurants. Visit the local museum and unwind on one of the area’s 16 beaches.

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