10 simple ways to survive a Horror themed Escape Room


Each and every Escape Room has its own Horror themes and ideas that attract people. Each of them has a unique back story to go with the mystery. Some Escape Rooms have various themes from which players can choose their own themes, but some Escape Rooms have one particular theme. The decorations, music and lighting, clues, riddles, and puzzles that are solved by the players change according to their chosen theme. Apart from the theme, the Escape Room also has a storyline, which is presented by the game master before the players go into the Escape Room. The master narrates the storyline and tries to create that particular environment for the players. Each experience that every participant goes through is different depending on the type of scenario.

Horror-themed Escape Room:

All Escape Rooms have their own way of escaping, but the experience of escaping a Horror themed Escape Room is the most fun-filled and popular one. Your ideas and imagination become more and more creative in the course of the game. While leaving an Escape Room, even the bravest person can have their hands and leg shaking. Sometimes the players are left in a situation where they want to continue but they are not able to. It becomes a do or a die situation for them. Some of the most famous Horror rooms are-The Official SAW Escape room’ in Las Vegas, ‘The Basement’ which is in Los Angeles, and ‘Spooky Room 479’ that is situated in New York. There are some ways that you can follow and avoid these circumstances and make it a fun experience rather than a scary one.

  1. The greater the number, stronger you become

While you go into a horror-themed escape room always go with a group. The larger the group is, the less scary it becomes. The experience that is terrifying with three or four people can become bearable with more people. Having a larger group avoids you from getting separated, and the creepy sounds become less intimidated from the loud noises of your friends. The entire group will have at least one brave soul, who makes your experience less scary.

  1. You can choose when to end

Though it is a rule of the Escape Room game, that the game ends when the players escape within a given time, it is not the case in the case of Horror Rooms. In a Horror themed room, you can choose when you leave. Some of the ideas in Horror-themed rooms are insane, and you start feeling like you are riding a roller coaster. These themes can sometimes freak you mentally and leave a psychological impact on you.

  1. What you see once, you see it again

What you experience the first time is not the same for the second and the third time. It is the same in the case of the Horror rooms, and this logic can be applied even for the scariest horror rooms. What scares you once cannot scare you the second time because by that time you would have realized the types of tactics that are used. Experiencing the same thing, again and again, can also make it less scary.

  1. Nothing is Actually Real

That’s the very first thing that you must realize as soon as you step into the Horror rooms. These Escape Rooms play with our minds and make us feel all that’s in the room are real. But it is the players or the participants who must realize this and carry on with the game. You have to keep in mind that the people inside are merely dressed like ghosts. Another thing that you can do to escape this situation is- you can close your eyes and ask your friends to guide you through the game.

  1. Don’t Expect the Unexpected

Even though it is a horror room, it will have its own kind of puzzles and riddles. But you can be assured that the puzzles and the riddles that you are going to solve will never be too difficult. In a horror escape room, you will have to be a little wittier and a bit quicker in solving. But when you are frightened it becomes difficult to do this. Since the horror rooms mostly rely on the emotions of the players the puzzles are to a minimum.

  1. Hidden clues can become your lead

Though there are clues given before the game begins, once you enter the room keep your ears open even though your eyes are closed. The sounds that occur during the game or the hunt can sometimes lead you to the next clue. The keener and the sharper you are, the easier it is to win the game.

  1. Believe the story….

When the story is narrated to you at the beginning, try to believe the story even though you know it is not real. Leave your skepticism and arrogance outside the room. Even though you know that the environment and the characters are not real, you are allowed to be scared. But when you act all fearless, it spoils the entire fun.

  1. But Never Panic

You should believe the story that has been told, but never forget the fact that you are playing a game. Always keep reminding yourself that you are in a game and all the things around you are not real. Going into a mode of complete panic can sometimes become destructive and can spoil your entire experience.

  1. Be Prepared for the Tactics

A Horror-themed room usually consists of jump scares, flickering lights, creepy sounds, and gruesome props. You can overcome this or escape this by going in groups which creates less chance of you getting separated, and being with your friends can make you comfortable. It is easier to freak someone only if they are alone, so never be alone or get separated.

  1. Avoid accidents

When you are in that dark room, playing the game you are not sure who is around you. Even though the people around you are your friends or they can be the actors in the room, never get physical. There are instances where sometimes you panic and move your fists, avoid this at any cost. Keep in mind that they are not actually ghosts but people just like you carry Escape Rooms are extremely fun, and by using some of these simple tactics; you can experience it on a whole new level.

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