Successful Landscaping in Tips From the Experts


If you are trying to decide what you would like to do with your yard or garden, you should research what plants you would like and the colors available. You want to consider the time of year and seasons as well, states Tammy Sons, co-owner of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery home depot health check.

Various plants will bloom at different times of the year. Something to take into consideration is the slope of your property and its shape. You may have a neighbor’s fence that is close to your property. These things need to be taken into consideration.  Many people like flowering trees. They can do double duty of supplying color to the garden and shade. During the fall or spring, they will also give food to the animals, birds, and insects because of the pollen, and later seeds.

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Some shade trees do not have such a lovely expression of color but can make your house cooler in summer if planted close to the house, but not so close that squirrels can enter the attic. Trees such as maple can grow quite large and be an incredible asset to your property values.

Also, shrubs can be an excellent camouflage for the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump. Perhaps you want a large generator to recede into the background with perennials.

If you decide you do not like the colors or leaf structure, or they get too large, you can always change them. As with more color ideas, it is better not to use too many. Usually, four colors are the most anyone wants to combine without being overwhelmed.

When you must deal with that ‘pesky’ fence, vines and climbing plants are an excellent way to break up the monotony. You can also plant perennials in front of them to give more perspective, proportion, and depth.

Next to the house or porch, you may want to plant shrubs to enhance the curb view. That in combination with native trees can be very nice and they are very hardy.

The less maintenance you find necessary for your gardening projects, the better. Once trees are well-established, mulching can eliminate many weed problems.

Does your home have that traditional style? You may want to plant vines, especially if the outside is natural brick. The colors of fall are lovely in a ‘New England’ style home.

Whatever decisions you make, try to make a list of the goals, and look you want. You might want to plan as if your outdoor spaces had functions you wish to fill.

Whether you need flowering trees, shade trees, or native trees, it is a matter of choice. Deciding on smaller plants such as perennials, and vines are easier because the options are more flexible. You can always take them out afterward. It is not quite so easy with trees.

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