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The subway system of Shanghai is among the world’s best subway systems. Besides, the Shanghai subway system is also the world’s largest rapid transit system according to route length. Using the Shanghai subway system can save a lot of your money because you avoid the taxis and DIDI. You may think that the Shanghai subway is quite crowded and all, but this is not true. Although I went to the place two times, it all went smoothly.

If you do not know how to use the Shanghai subway, do not worry. This is the reason why I am here today. Below are the steps you need to take to use the Shanghai Subway.

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Steps To Use The Shanghai Subway

It may seem obvious, but some people forget it. Due to this, a lot of people either get lost or it takes too much time for them to get the hang of it. Therefore, here are the best ways to use the Shanghai Subway for more information to click here flexible remote data entry jobs.

  1. Tips To Go To The Shanghai Subway Station

Going to the Shanghai subway station is easy. The reason behind this is that every station has three to four entrances and exits. Therefore, it can be easy for you to enter without any real trouble. You can see a huge sign on every gate as well. Each sign will be written in both English and Chinese.

Apart from this, you can get help from the service centers nearby, Each subway station has its service stations. Here you can get consultancy and money exchange services.

  1. Pass The Shanghai Subway Security Checks

No matter where you go in this world, you will have to pass a security check. The same is the case with the Shanghai subway. Here, you will have to pass a security checking booth so that you can enter the station. The major reason to use these booths is to check the luggage of the passengers. Therefore, every passenger should pass the luggage through these booths.

  1. Tickets/Cards Options for Shanghai Metro

If you want to travel by the Shanghai metro, you will have a lot of options for cards and tickets from which you can choose according to your needs.

  • Single Journey Ticket For Shanghai Metro Train

The single journey ticket can only be used for one time and can be purchased at any station. The price of this Shanghai subway ticket is somewhat between CNY 2-9. The price can also vary depending on the distance you are about to travel.

  • One Day Pass For Shanghai Metro Train

The one-day pass card allows you to travel to the Shanghai Subway for one whole day. You can use this card multiple times. Once you leave the station, you just need to swipe the card on the reader and that’s it. You can buy the one-day pass card for just CNY 18.

  • Shanghai Transportation Card For Shanghai Metro Train

The Shanghai Transportation card is among the most convenient and best ways to travel in the busy city of Shanghai. The Shanghai card covers all the major transport systems that are operating throughout the city.

  1. Cross The Turnstile Of the Shanghai Subway Station

If you want to go to the platform, you will have to cross a turnstile or a gate. Here your ticket will be verified. The role of the Turnstile is to provide them access to the passenger to the platform. If a passenger does not have any luggage, then the passenger can simply pass by scanning the ticket on a three-pole turnstile.

If a passenger has the luggage with them, then they will have to walk through the gate that allows them to move with the luggage. If a turnstile is working, then you will see a green light or an arrow indicating the same. But, if the turnstile is not working, then a red light will be switched on instead.

  1. Go For The Escalator Of The Shanghai Subway Station

When you cross the turnstile gate, you have to go for the escalator. The escalator will lead you directly to the platform. When you use the escalator, make sure that you stay vigilant. Nit only this, but face forward and make sure that you do not lean on the rails. Stay away from the fringes, especially if you are wearing loose clothes. Kids, elderly people, and disabled people must be with a supervisor so that there is no actual threat of an accident.

One more thing, people with baby carriages, wheelchairs, and trolleys are prohibited to use an escalator. The station provides an elevator separately for these people. Some of the stations also provide elevators that are operated by the staff.

  1. Wait For The Shanghai Metro Train

Once you have passed the gates and are on a platform, you need to wait until your train arrives. The information will be displayed on a screen. The time at which the train will arrive will be written along with the line from which the train comes. This way, you can easily find the correct line and directions of the train. One thing you need to make sure is that you stay behind the lines. The entire platform has seats, therefore, you can sit while waiting for the train.

  1. Get On The Shanghai Metro Train

Even when the train arrives, you must stay behind the lines. Do not try to get on the train immediately, because this can cause a lot of injuries. So, wait for the train to stop. Then let the passengers leave the train. After this, you can get on the train. You can wait if the train is too crowded. Wait for the next train to arrive if you want to avoid injuries.

  1. Get Off the Shanghai Metro Train

The moment the train starts, numerous displays will start telling you about the next stop. Apart from this, the train also has an announcer who keeps on telling the speaker about the next stop. The reason to have an announcer is to help disabled or blind people.

  1. Exit The Shanghai Subway Station

Once the train stops at your destination, you need to go to the turnstile exit. Again, you need to swipe your ticket here. If you are using a single-use ticket, you can just insert it in the designed slot. Once you have cleared the turnstile, again look for the signboards to find the exit. When you find it, use that particular exit to leave the Shanghai subway station.

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