Seven Reasons to Get iTop VPN For Your Mobile /tezxlm4hmcu


You need a VPN for your smartphone for safe internet access. This utility also comes in handy when using apps bound by geo-restrictions. A suitable service to consider is iTop VPN, courtesy of its reliability. With this app on your device, you are sure of safe browsing, hidden from governments, schools, and other institutions monitoring your connections /tezxlm4hmcu.

Typically, iTop is a VPN for PC and has versions for Mac and Windows. The mobile versions exist as apps that work with iOS and Android devices. Let us look at why you should download this app on your device /tezxlm4hmcu.

  1. It Is a Lightweight App

A hint of this VPN’s convenience is in its lightness. It won’t take much of your device’s storage space when downloaded. Light apps are ideal as they conserve your device’s space and won’t lead to hanging or lagging when you use it.

  1. You Can Use It for Free

iTop VPN has a free version that is suitable for first-time users. No need for registration or providing billing information. You install the app on your device and enjoy its services. The free VPN has the standard functions of a regular VPN but on a smaller scale, making it suitable for light internet users. It will hide your IP address and allow you to change your country. This version grants you 700MB of daily data bandwidth /tezxlm4hmcu.

  1. Amazing Discounts

You have to upgrade to premium plans to get more resources that make the VPN more functional. Do not worry about the cost; $11.99 per month is a worthy bargain considering the goodies you get from the VPN. Presently, the plans attract discounts of up to 86%, an offer that you will hardly get with regular VPNs. Sign up for the premium packages as soon as possible before the offer ends.

  1. Adaptability

Another impressive thing about this VPN is its adaptability, noticeable in many areas, such as its compatibility with various operating systems. While it is designed as a VPN for Windows, it also works with Mac, iOS, and Android systems. The mobile versions work with both old and new operating platform releases /tezxlm4hmcu.

Additionally, one account can support up to five devices at once. You do not need a different account for all of your devices.

  1. An Efficient Customer Support

iTop has a 24/7-available support team that comes to your aid in case of any problem. Reach the support center by submitting an e-ticket or emailing them.

  1. Fast Internet

You do not have to contend with slow internet, which can frustrate your browsing experience. When you sign up for a premium plan, you enjoy up to tenfold internet speeds. It is perfect if you use the internet for work, streaming, gaming, or social media.

  1. Access Worldwide Content

Bid goodbye to geo-restrictions as iTop VPN has your back, courtesy of its 1800+ VIP servers located worldwide. You can access any platform, regardless of your location.


iTop VPN is a VPN super unlimited proxy for your smartphone, ticking the boxes of reliability, functionality, versatility, and affordability. Enjoy amazing discounts by downloading this VPN on your device /tezxlm4hmcu.


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