Server Monitoring Mistakes You Should Watch Out


Bigger firms and enterprises usually opt for virtual private server hosting or dedicated server hosting to ensure quality and reliable service. They want ample resources on top of uncompromised security to provide quality service to their users. Mostly, such firms opt for unmanaged service and take on the responsibility of managing the server too.

Server management is not an easy job. Server monitoring involves numerous complex issues which can hinder performance and cause fury to site users. However, the issues do not emerge on their own and are supported by the mistakes of those responsible for server monitoring. This is why you must be sure of your technical skills and expertise before taking on the job or entrust it to the experts and enjoy the perks.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail about server monitoring mistakes you should watch out for and minimize potential loss.

Top 6 Server Monitoring Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Managing the server on your own comes with a greater responsibility of monitoring and maintaining it. It requires extensive time, attention to detail, and technical skills and expertise. However, you can commit irreversible mistakes if you lack in any of these. Knowing the common server monitoring mistakes can help you avoid them and improve your practice.

Here are some of the major server monitoring mistakes you need to avoid and ensure smooth and efficient server performance.

1.      Forgoing Historical Data

Forgoing the historical data is the biggest server monitoring mistake you need to watch out for. Server issues do not usually occur on the spur of the moment but are a result of long-standing problems. Keeping a watch on the historical data of server performance and functioning can help you catch and resolve the issue immediately. It does require constant attention to detail, which is tricky for amateurs. This is why many people consult web hosting Dubai based experts and opt for managed services while leaving server management and monitoring to the professionals.

2.      Relying on Just Anyone

Another significant server monitoring you should never make is relying the task on just anyone. Some people entrust the job of server monitoring to just anyone available around them. They use monitoring tools and give the credential details to someone who lacks technical skills and expertise. They believe the tool will take care of everything for them, and they need to visually monitor it, which even amateurs can do. The problem here is that the tool may only highlight the issue, and you will need to resolve it on your own.

3.      Using Email Alert Notifications

Using only email alert notifications is another major server monitoring mistake you must watch out for. Setting up alerts to get notified in case the server is facing any issue is critical. However, setting the right alert methods is even more crucial. If you rely only on emails, you might miss important notifications or get alarmed about every little thing. This is why you need to establish a proper protocol of who receives the alerts and their severity too to monitor the server smoothly.

4.      Monitoring From Single Source

Server monitoring is often not as easy as the use of tools makes it look. Such tools often monitor server health from only one location or source. However, it is a mistake that you need to avoid at all costs. You need to monitor the server health from various sources and locations in order to get a better understanding of its functioning. If you lack technical skills and expertise, you can always rely on experts and enjoy quality hosting and server monitoring service.

5.      Assuming everything is Good

The biggest server monitoring mistake is assuming everything is good. Society highly relies on the phrase that no news is good news. However, it is not something you should believe firmly when it comes to technical matters like server monitoring. Such an ideology will make you miss little signs of problems that can occur in the future. In the end, you will be flustered by the severity of the issue and face difficulty in resolving it. So, pay continuous and active attention to not miss the little hints.

6.      Relying on Overly Simple Metrics

Relying on overly simple server monitoring metrics can seem a great opportunity to manage everything smoothly. However, it is a mistake you need to avoid at all costs. Relying on the simplest metrics can make you ignore some issues or take them too lightly to take action. So, you must only rely on proven and efficiency metrics. You can also consult web hosting Dubai companies and opt for managed services to let experts take care of all issues while you enjoy quality service.

Are you struggling with server monitoring?

If yes, you do not need to keep on struggling on your own. Get in touch with professional hosting service providers to explore feasible options and let experts take care of all issues while promising quality service.

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