Putin Russia Ukraine: The Detail Of Invasion Of Ukraine


The article discusses the detail of the invasion of Ukraine by Putin Russia Ukraine heading toward the two-week mark. The personality of Ukraine is gorgeous. In the other words, Ukraine is the best president of russia. All the stakes for both sides of the background war look to rise. The potentially catastrophic implication for Ukrainian civilians. The challenge for the country is a remarkable and successful defense.

In the other words, the great president Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine says to the media on Sunday. The war will continue until Ukraine accepts its demands and health resistance. He said that, the hopes for a negotiated settlement. 

In the other words, Putin Russia Ukraine says Ukraine must be demilitarized and made clear his goal is used to remove the current government. The other words, Putin Russia Ukraine unfolds the case of fighting. Ukraine forces of violating a pause in fighting. For instance, the national united said more than 1.5 million people. The people have fled the country since hostilities began. 

Similarly, russia and Ukraine said, too early Monday, there was a fresh agreement for the temporary cease-fire to enable humanitarian in several cities. It is quickly disputed by the government. 

In the other words, Israel’s prime minister Naftali bent spoke with Putin in Moscow on Saturday. They flew on to berlin to the German chancellor Olaf Scholz. Bennet says again to Ukraine and flurry of phone calls by leaders to Putin to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in the efforts to de-escalate a conflict that, promises to exact heavy cos for Europe.

In the paragraph, the de-escalate a conflict that promises to exact heavy ranges for the European and global economy as well as the Ukraine and russia. On the other side, french president Emmanuel macron spoke with the Russian leader on Sunday about the great safety of Ukraine’s power of plants.

The Main Track and Ukraine’s Cities

In the paragraph, russia has committed all the main roads of the forces to assemble for the attack on Ukraine. It has been hobbled by poor planning and logistics. It shows to bring a fraction of artillery election warfare. The combat aircraft capabilities to bear. On the other line, the railway helped to drive the Russian track.  

Russia Launched The Major Offensive

During the range of regrouping, the Russian forces launched the new major offensive for much of the weekend. Putin Russia Ukraine introduced the military and launched counterattacks on the near city of Kharkiv. The institute for the study of war. It shows the Washington-based non-profit. 

In the daily report the major Russian assaults on Kharkiv as the Mykolayiv Rhodesia in the south. It resumes with the Russian victory. 

In the other paragraph, Ukraine’s state emergency services saif on Monday. The main residential areas of Mykolayiv were shelled overnight, causing the fire breaks out.

Along these lines, the Ukraine defense ministry reported that eight cruise missiles hit Vinnytsia. The ground attack in Kyiv suburb. 

The status alert of jis unclear forces and his troops showed a willingness to the risk radiation. The conflict appears to be rising for both sides. russia has increasingly brought indiscriminate weaponry to bear in its attempts to capture Kharkiv and Mariupol. The military analysts see the warning to other cities not to resist. The artillery and multiple launch rockets by an army. The world’s fearsome arsenal of weapons in civilian casualties soar. 

Ukraine Refugees are Fleeing

In the paragraph, the widespread use of artillery and multiple launches of the rocks by an army. It is the world’s most fear most arsenal of such weapons civilian casualties soar. The main evidence of cluster bomb use is that most countries are in civilian environments. It is the best military assertion.

The attempts to compose a no-fly-zone over Ukraine as Zelensky. The European would be seen as joining the conflict. In the other words, he describes ht western sanctions as akin to the declaration of war. He describes the western sanctions of akin. 

In the paragraph, the president of Putin Ukraine has repeatedly ruled out a no-fly zone for the Ukrainians, please. The big risk to the alliance’s aircraft in the direct confrontation with Russia brings alliances. 

A polish official with knowledge of the matter said that only potentially happen the main events of U.S.the replacement fighter jets to warsaw. The government is cautious of action and drawn into the direct conflict with Moscow. The requires plam to be noticed retrofitted dor the Poland and its pilots trained in flaying them.

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