Potential Technical Specifications of Linux Reseller Hosting


Reseller hosting undoubtedly is a second stream of income for many businesses. So reseller business has been taking off in recent years. Nevertheless, it should live up to the hosting users’ expectations to make it the actual jackpot that excites your revenue cycle. Be it the resources, technical or non-technical aspects. So here we are going to list a few technical specifications of Linux Reseller Hosting. Thus, when you organize your own Linux hosting setup, you can recall these to land on the right unlimited Linux reseller hosting provider and plans.

So let’s give it a go!

One-Click Installation – Easy Deployment 

Let’s start with the option for quick deployment. CMSs, scripts, software, and applications have become a must-have to fuse required functionality. Also, to ace the race of the constantly evolving internet. So end customers always look for a single-click setup of web applications and software. For instance, WordPress Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, Woo Commerce, and so forth are pretty famous. So single-click installation or setup helps maintain the workflow and beef up hosting business chances of success to attract and retain the hosting users.

Latest Control Panel – cPanel 

When it regards Linux, the web panel is, of course, the cPanel. CPanel is a chart-topping Linux-based control panel that assists in managing web commodities, including hosting servers and websites and everything in between. So cPanel is necessary to make a wide range of management tasks more manageable. It does not matter if you are a website owner or system administrator. So, for instance, you can manage your hosting accounts, websites, databases, domains, files, emails, installations, and so forth.

It offers a user-friendly dashboard using the Graphical Use Interface (GUI) to do all. Therefore, many web hosting companies offer cPanel as part of their hosting package. Be it the reseller package or regular for web users. It becomes essential with cheap unlimited reseller hosting as you will have to manage your own client base.

Hotlink Protection

Simply put, hot linking means the scenario when other websites use your images and other files. However, in more depth, it means other websites linking to your files and images and using the bandwidth. It will happen every time whenever someone looks at the files/ images on their site. In fact, bluntly speaking, it means they are stealing your bandwidth over and over again.

So to prevent such a scenario from happening and safeguard your files/ images and, in actuality, the bandwidth, the hotlink protection is an optimum option. So some resellers offer hotlink protection in their best linux reseller hosting packages.

Leech Protection

Leeching means unauthorized visitors access secure areas of your website using publicly posted usernames and passwords. However, to tighten the security, cPanel, the best Linux-based web panel, offers Leech Protection.

Leech Protection is a standard security feature. It detects unusual levels of activity in password-restricted directories on the website. Using leeching protection, cPanel limits the number of times a user can access a secure website area within a specific period (two hours). Also, it allows you to prevent users from posting their usernames and password publicly on the website. So acquiring and using this technical feature, you can maximize your password-restricted directories. 

MSSQL stored Procedures

The next one in the technical specifications of Linux reseller hosting is the MSSQL stored Procedures. A stored procedure means having a prepared SQL code that you can save. The primary reason behind this is to reuse the code repeatedly. It lets you simply call the SQL query and execute it if you need to write an SQL query over and over again.

MYSQL Support

As for the definition, MySQL is a relational database management system based on SQL (Structured Query Language). For the most part, MySQL is used for a wide range of purposes, including data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications. Yet it is most commonly used for a web database. So the Linux reseller environment supports MySQL and offers MySQL databases.

IonCube Loader

IonCube Loader is a PHP extension. It can handle the reading and execution of encoded files at run time. To be more precise, it is a component a server must need for the encoded files to run on it. So the Linux reseller

Password-Protected Folder

Password protection is the best way to enhance security around sensitive folders and files. So as a hosting business, you definitely need the password protection feature to protect your classified information and files.


Security isn’t something to gamble with, especially with the increasing security threats and attacks on the internet. So security firewalls, automatic virus scanners, automatic scans for malware and patch vulnerabilities, and an in-house malware database are a must. In addition, many hosting providers use third-party security software, and some use their own developed security solutions. Anyway, stringent security is indispensable.

Programming Support

The hosting environment must be compatible with a variety of programming languages and programming modules. For instance, it should support PHP’s latest versions, Perl, Python, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt, CPAN, GD Library, Image Magick, etc. In short, if you are setting up your own Linux reseller setup, your Linux hosting space should be developer-friendly in all regards.

Technical Support

Hosting support, though, might not fall under the technical specifications. However, needless to say, the hosting setup must need technical support from the parent company. It becomes a dire need if one is new to the hosting space. Therefore, we have mentioned it here as a kind reminder. So if it concerns technical support, it should be seamlessly available by the Linux and hosting experts. Also, the reseller should provide support via more than one channel. For instance, it can be via email, phone calls, live chat, support tickets, or WhatsApp. So even if one network can’t streamline your access, you can follow the other and keep your hosting services’ credibility top of the line.

Wrapping Up the Whole Discussion! 

That is all for the discussion about the technical specifications of Linux reseller hosting. Undeniably the technical specifications will vary depending on the reseller Linux hosting provider, however, there can’t be 360 divergences from what we have jotted down here. So one needs to be wise when choosing the plans for cheap unlimited reseller Linux hosting, whether favorable or not.

Also, you can even go with the unlimited linux reseller hosting provider as your reseller. In this case, the host manages your hosting, including security, operating system updates, patches, and monitoring.

Navicosoft is the industry’s best unlimited Linux reseller hosting provider. Its reseller servers contain a truck loaded with technical features practicable for hosting setup. Plus, the company offers cheap unlimited reseller Linux hosting with white labelling.

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