OJS hosting essentials for mid-sized publishers in 2022


Online publisher is in trend surfacing more in 2022. That being said, OJS is a practicable tool clearing out all the hurdles of managing and publishing scholarly journals, articles, and issues. Therefore, all scale publishers (independent or partnered), especially mid-sized, opt to use the OJS Hosting for a get-at-able online publishing stream. However, most of them don’t know how it works and how to select the right hosting package. Therefore, listed here are the hosting essentials for mid-sized publishers to help understand and choose the right hosting environment.


However, one must know that OJS is a short form of Open Journal Systems, a fully-optimized platform to streamline the publishing workflow. According to an approximation, over 10,000 journals are using it worldwide. Also, it has an excellent web-based editorial management and manuscript tracking system, making it suitable for publishers.

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When it comes to mid-sized publishers, typically, they work well with the professional plan that is an intermediate between the basic and institutional/ large enterprise plan. Nonetheless, whichever package they select, it must have:

Multi Journal Installation

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is famous for being a multi-journal system. That is, you can host any number of journals with a single installation. So just make sure that your hosting plan doesn’t restrict multiple journals. The noteworthy part is that this single system installation can efficiently handle the meticulous management of several journals. In addition, a single editor in OJS lets you operate all the parts of a journal and the respective website.

Free Responsive Themes 

Listing another one of the hosting essentials for mid-sized publishers is the free themes. To enhance the uniqueness and engagement of the users, one can install catchy yet responsive themes for its open journal(s). Many web hosts offer free themes, and OJS itself has a sea of themes, many as freebies while others for premium. So you can leverage the free responsive themes, boost your journal’s user experience and get the most out of your investments in the journal.

cPanel and SSH

Managing a journal itself is burdensome work, let alone the website. As a result, users must need a user-friendly control panel and the right access tool for the administration. In simple words, you need cPanel and SSH (secure shell) access. cPanel simplifies all from server to site and its ancillaries control. Similarly, SSH leads to easy access to the remote servers, encryption for a secure connection, and ensuring server security from hacking and intrusions.

Regular Backups 

Data backups help a lot to avoid journal data loss and keep a safe copy to survive security threats and data breaches. Many plans come with free regular backups, so find a web host that offers it. However, other web hosts charge for it.

Even if one has to pay for it, remember to have automated or manual backups as they can help you start where you left in case of disasters.


Open access journals typically have a high visitation rate. So more traffic means more requests and journal loadings. Not to mention, to accommodate these visitations, you should have unlimited bandwidth. So you can say that it is an important feature from hosting essentials for mid-sized publishers. However, if it isn’t unlimited or unmetered, it should still be adequate for your journal publishing needs. Otherwise, it will influence your users with a terrible user experience that you definitely don’t want to.

Disk Space 

Indeed, the space typically varies with the users’ preferences and journal needs. But, still and all, mid-sized publishers need no less than 15 GB of space.

Email Accounts

Professional emails add credibility to whichever niche business or brand it is. Some plan comes with free professional email accounts. At the same time, others obviously will have fees; however, whatever the case, it is provided in the plans and its listed specifications.

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Responsive Support

One of the essential features for all hosting types and plans is the 24/7 customer support services. So your web host should provide ticketing, phone, email, or live chat support to all-scale plans users.

The above stated are the must-have OJS hosting essentials for mid-sized publishers. So keep them in mind whenever you are to sign up for the OJS plan for your website or journal. Navicosoft being a leading web hosting company, provides reliable OJS Hosting for your open journal websites. So you can quickly sign up with Open Journal Systems Hosting and start your own journal to publish articles and research online regardless of the niche.

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