Your IT firm Needs Excellent Employee Monitoring Software


Trends in the business world have changed since the last decade. Now brands and organizations use different apps or software for marketing, financial management, customer care, and more importantly employee evaluation and monitoring.

The use of employee monitoring apps is getting more and more popular these days as it has made the lives of both employees and employers very easy and tension-free. It can help businesses and brands to manage their employee’s productivity, evaluation, and many more things with just a few clicks. Moreover, it is also loved by many, because there is no chance of biased or human error in results. The employee monitoring apps report the outcomes as they are in their original state for more information to click here flexible remote data entry jobs.

If you want to reap the benefits of the employee monitoring software up to the fullest then you must make sure to choose an app that offers the best quality features in the effective price range.

Here is why your IT or any other business needs an excellent employee monitoring app.

Intuitive Interface Is the Key:

Managed Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) Is More Important Than Ever

An easy-to-use interface can attract any kind of user as it will not need any advanced knowledge or skills to deal with gadgets.

Easy To Access:

An efficient employee monitoring app offers remote access to all the recordings or monitored files of the employees. For example, the OgyMogy spy app is a cloud-based app thus all the recordings files are saved on the online dashboard of the app.

Monitor Real-Time Activities:

Various feature reports about the real-time activities of the employees. It is one of the most demanded and essential features of any monitoring app. OgyMogy offer features like GPS location tracking feature, real-time screen monitoring, and more.

Keep Control Of The Web Uses:

Full-Service Monitoring Solutions - FirstLight

The Internet is a basic necessity of today’s life. Whether you work in a bank, a school, a hospital, or run an IT firm or any other kind of business you need the web. The use of monitoring apps can help you with this. You can not only check whether your employees are busy with work-related material or doing online shopping, watching games, or busy with other stuff like that. You can even check the frequently visited sites of ant target and know if they are work-related or not. You can also monitor your employess computer. This and much more are offered by none other than the OgyMogy spy app. Another important thing to mention here is that the spy app offer different version thus supports many platforms like a tablet, cellphone, desktop, and laptops, etc.

Don’t Allow Irrelevant Apps Or Software Installation:

Employee monitoring software helps employers to keep a check on the installed apps or software.  I mean it is not fair if any employee is using the company-owned device for personal use or stuff other than work. It is clearly an exploitation of company resources.No organizations tolerate such behaviors thus they use monitoring software or spy apps like the  OgyMogy to keep a check on the installed apps on the androids or desktops or laptops.

Keep A Check On Social Media Platform Activities:

With the internet, the facility comes tons and tons of distractions that can be the reason for waste of time. All you need to do is make sure your focus solely on the work during official hours. It is only possible if you can keep a check on their social media activities in real time. OgyMogy employee monitoring apps keep a monitoring eye on more than 10 social media platforms that include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,  Viber, Whatsapp, and more.

Email Monitoring and KeyLogging Feature The Real Deal:


In a professional setup, it is always important to make sure the security of the company is ensured. With the use of employee monitoring apps like the OgyMogy, the employer can keep a check on all the activities and track any suspects right away or even catch them red-handed with proof. The email monitoring and keylogging feature help the user in efficiently tracking any spy in the organization. Access to sent and received emails, along with attachment history details is essential where all the important correspondence is done through emails. Similarly, catch any spy or suspect while sharing important data, in any form.

OgyMogy offer Mac and Windows spy app version for tablet, laptop, or desktop and android version for cellphones.

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