Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks of 2022


Due to the prominence of the most extensively used language for website design and development and their general availability, JavaScript frameworks are unique and very useful. Beginner engineers frequently struggle to select a single framework from the vast array of possibilities accessible.

When it comes to internet programming or cross-platform software frameworks, JavaScript is the most commonly used moniker.

The truth is that there will never be a single framework that can meet all of your needs. The decision to use a framework is mostly determined by the needs of your project. With so many frameworks available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, it is up to you to determine which one would best suit your needs and provide what you require.

You are most likely to employ the most popular JavaScript frameworks listed below, which are the finest in terms of features. They are as follows:


Facebook launched React in 2003 and it is the most used JS framework. JavaScript is more than just web applications. It may be used for native programming with React as its framework. Its enormous success can be attributed to enhanced efficiency, reusable components, and Facebook backing.

  • React offers some interesting features that set it apart. They are as follows:
  • Creates a high-quality user interface for websites and adds the most value.
  • It is also made up of multiple factors, each with its own logic and access.
  • React employs JSON files to make the app or website easier to understand and interpret the code.
  • React’s data flow is linear.
  • We can use React to establish small business websites along with cross-platform app frameworks.
  • It can also be used to create data-heavy applications or social media networks.


Despite its tiny framework, Vue has grown rapidly because of detailed documentation and TypeScript support. Despite the fact that it incorporates multiple components, half of them appear to be a detriment to the framework. However, because of its adaptability, it is in high demand in Asian markets, and most modern applications can be produced using this framework. According to several cross-platform app development guides, Vue should be your first choice if you want to construct a rapid prototype.

  • Vue has the following features:
  • This framework takes advantage of virtual DOM.
  • JS is made up of custom elements that can be re-used in HTML.
  • The framework also includes HTML templates capable of DOM binding.


For large-scale projects, Angular is the best framework. It is well-known for its two-way binding, TypeScript support, Ivy directives, and numerous other features.

This framework has the following characteristics:

  • The two-way binding component of AngularJS can be used to correct the synchronization between the DOM and the model.
  • The framework includes built-in services.
  • Angular additionally supports templates that contain data from both the controller and the model.
  • It comprises dependencies that make the Angular framework much easier for developers to evaluate and comprehend.
  • Angular remains the second most popular framework in terms of user preference.


Svelte is a unique framework that is merely used to create interactive front-end web pages and websites. It is similar to the Vue or React frameworks in that it facilitates the construction of web apps.

Svelte’s distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

  • It employs less code, and the framework is truly reactive.
  • It lacks a virtual DOM.
  • For developers, Svelte may generate novel static web applications, and a single component can be reused.
  • It is one of the most popular frameworks used by developers due to its great speed and performance.


Preact, which debuted in 2013, was a highly copied version of React. It, too, uses virtual DOM and component-based programming, similar to React. Because of this feature of Preact, the number of downloads of this framework has skyrocketed this year.

Preact has the following characteristics:

  • It is very light and compact.
  • In most cases, extremely understandable.
  • Memory Usage is Extremely Efficient.


Mithril is a unique and one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that aims to make enterprise software development easily and quickly than “jQuery Spaghetti.”

One of the first characteristics you’ll notice regarding Mithril is that, while limiting API, it has a lot of documentation, making it very easy to learn. It’s also delightfully free of “magic”: you only have to learn a little bit of framework-specific language to get started, and you’re always near to the hardware — no illusions to get in the way of debugging.

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Mithril.JS is a client-side Framework developed by Microsoft that also serves as a tool for organizing code in a rational and maintainable fashion. Mithril’s zipped size is approximately 12kb, owing to its simple, focused API! It includes a template engine with a virtual DOM, different graphics solutions, and tools for high-level models via functional composing, routing, and product design stage support.

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