Guide to Make Braided Hairsyle with Full Lace Wigs


Braids are a hairstyle that never goes out of style! Whether you want a look for a relaxing afternoon stroll or a glamorous look for an evening party, braids are diverse. Braids can be worn simply or glammed-up with accessories like beads, pearls, or bright ribbons that match your dress, shoes, or handbag; the possibilities are endless!

There are various braid types, including as Dutch braids, French braids, and milkmaid braids, that will make you look like you’ve traveled through time.

If you’ve never braided your hair before or believe it’s difficult to achieve with wigs, we’ve got you covered. Although there are various kinds, let us begin with the most basic.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial for achieving braids with HD lace wigs.

To make braids work on a wig, you’ll need a lot of hair so that you do not reveal the wig’s base while separating and braiding it. Make sure the base wig you choose is extremely thick (with a tightly woven top and several wefts in the rear), like full lace wigs. Later, shorter layers of hair will protrude from the braids, giving the style a messy appearance.

Steps For french braids using Brazilian full lace wigs.

  1. To create French braids using Brazilian hair wigs, separate the wig down the center to ensure that the left and right sides of the head have an equal volume of hair.
  2. Take three little strands from one side, near the hairline’s front. Make sure to spray the hair before you begin.
  3. Like in a traditional braid, begin braiding by crossing the left portion over the middle area. Then, cross the right section over the middle.
  4. Then, add a little hair from the left side of the Brazilian full lace wigs by crossing the left part across the center this time (the front of the wig in this case).
  5. Next, add more hair from the right side by crossing the right strand over the middle (the back of the wig).
  6. By adding fresh hair to the braid each time, repeat this process. Use hairspray and a comb to keep the hair straight and smooth before adding it to the braid. To free up your hands while brushing the full lace wigs, clip the previously braided hair with a section clip.
  7. Always leave some loose hair on top when sectioning off a strand of hair to hide any gaps in the wig. You should grab the fresh hair for the braid from the layer that is a little lower on the head. Never attempt a straight shot.
  8. Never attempt to separate your hair straight across in the back; instead, create a tiny zigzag pattern. This is how you should braid the wig’s sides.
  9. To prevent it from unraveling, tie off each braid with an elastic cord before putting the last section into a traditional braid and joining the two ends at the nape of the neck. Second, use a similar eclectic cord to tie the braids together.
  10. Naturally, it’s up to you how you want to style the braids (and consider your full lace wigs).
  11. Use HD full lace wigs with a hand-tied (ventilated) hairline if your hairstyle lacks bangs. Baby hair is a simple technique to cover the hairline if you can’t afford to spend too much on a foundation wig.
  12. Brush a section of the wig hair into the front area. Shorten the hair, then use heat (a blow dryer or straightening iron) and hairspray to shape it, so it does not stand out at unusual angles.


You can make any type of braided hairstyle if you have a great, thick wig and a little skill. Try out some novel braiding methods, such as making braids with ribbons, blooms, or beads. Or, you could just add more braids you made with the lace front wigs.

You can find the greatest quality brazilian hair wigs from True Glory Hair. True Glory Hair offers a wide selection of wigs, closures, and frontals. Find your perfect match as they come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. Using the above instructions, find one that completely meets your needs and looks stunning with braids.

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