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When it comes to marketing your local business, it might be intimidating. There are several choices available that promise to enhance your lead count month after month. The unpleasant fact is that most of these huge directories and marketing organisations are uninterested in seeing your company develop. They don’t care about the quality of leads they send your way, nor do they limit themselves to working with a single company in a single area and industry. The larger directory sites employ their strong websites as lead magnets, selling the leads to 6-10 local companies. The ludicrous aspect is that these 6-10 firms must all pay up front for this lead that will be shared with other local businesses. Because of their big sales teams, they are able to dupe local businesses into believing they are receiving high-quality leads on a monthly basis, which is just not the case. I won’t name any names, but I’m sure you know who they are (if you don’t, write to me and I’ll tell you which firms to avoid!).

Over the years , my team and I have established an online system that allows us to control the local sector in several specialisations. We use the same technique for all of our initiatives and continue to have excellent results. Using these channels and procedures, we drove 150+ new customer phone calls for one of our clients in the previous two months. This guide explains exactly what procedures and channels we use to create unique, high-quality leads for our clients every month (for obvious reasons, I can’t reveal our systems, but the information in this guide is more than enough to get you started).


On-Page SEO and Website Structure

Before you begin with any of the other channels I propose, you must first get your website created and organised correctly. To begin with, having a well-designed website is advantageous in terms of user experience (UX). A visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website is guaranteed to attract and retain clients, dramatically improving the user experience and keeping them on your website for longer. Having people stay on your website for extended periods of time sends out positive signals in the eyes of Google and is simply one of many ranking variables in Google’s algorithm.

When it comes to ranking a website, on-page SEO is perhaps the most essential factor. One issue that many web designers and SEO specialists confront is finding the correct balance between UX and properly optimised content on your website. Without getting too technical, when it comes to optimising your website’s content, you should normally build at least 1000-1500 words of original, well-written material on each service and location page. This content must have an appropriate balance of keywords and geo-relevant keywords, helping Google to comprehend what you actually provide and where you offer it.

Over-optimization of keywords might result in Google punishing your website, making it hard to rank for certain keywords in the search engine. Then you’ll need to consider the H tags and H tag structure on each page, as well as supplying well-written, keyword-optimized meta titles and descriptions. When it comes to ranking, having a well optimised website makes your off-page SEO approach a lot easier. You are invited to contact me if any of this is confusing. If you operate a business, I would recommend hiring someone to handle this for you because it may not be a wise use of your time.

Off-Page SEO for Local Businesses

Off-page SEO is another important strategy we use to generate results for our clients. SEO is not a quick fix, but in the long run, it outperforms all other sorts of local marketing in my opinion. Having your website on the first page of Google for phrases that receive hundreds of searches each month is genuine gold dust and may be the impetus for significant development in your local business. ‘Link-building’ is one of the most important activities in off-page SEO. Link-building is the practise of acquiring ‘back-links’ (other websites connecting to yours) over time. Having a strong back-link profile has been shown to significantly enhance Google rankings. Many ‘SEO professionals’ buy links from a variety of sources. This may be extremely problematic because many of these sponsored connections come from poorly maintained and spam-filled websites, which can only harm your website’s rankings. When attempting to get links for a local website, keep the following in mind:

  1. Ensure that the connection is slightly industry related.
  2. Conduct some investigation using tools like Ahrefs or Moz to see if the linked domain is clean and free of spam. Check to see whether the website already has authority.
  3. Make an effort to ensure that the connection is geographically appropriate (within the same areas that your serve)

If you get these three things correctly, you have a good connection! One of the most effective methods is something known as’manual outreach.’ This is just the procedure of emailing the relevant websites to ask if they would mind connecting to your site. In exchange, you may provide them with well-written material for their blog or, in certain cases, remuneration. Unless it’s an extremely powerful website, I’d always recommend just giving them some decent material! Again, most of what I’m discussing should be managed by a professional, but that doesn’t imply these skills can’t be mastered. Remember that not all links are excellent connections; use caution before consenting to have a website link to yours!

SEO Glasgow for Google Maps – Google Maps is a major source of leads in the local market. It is frequently overlooked and underserved by other SEO local businesses and digital marketing firms. Based on my experience ranking several Google My Business listings in the top three results, I can state that it is one of the most important sources of leads in the local market. I said at the beginning of the guide that we’d driven 150+ phone calls for one of our plumbing clients in the previous two months, 85 of which came from their Google My Business page being at the top of the map listings. That demonstrates the importance of having a well-optimized and highly rated map listing.

When ranking in the maps area vs ranking in the organic section, different rules apply. There are three factors that influence where you rank in the maps section:

  1. Relevance
  2. Prominence
  3. Authority

The first point is relevancy, which relates to how relevant your maps listing is to a person looking for a certain service. To have your listing appear at the top of the list in terms of relevancy, both your maps listing and your website must be thoroughly optimised and specify ALL of the services you provide. This relates to on-page SEO, since you should have a plethora of pages on your website concerning each service you provide, with well-written content on each of those sites. All of these services must also be included in your Google My local Business dashboard. Other off-page tactics you may use, without becoming too sophisticated, include linking your Google Maps company location on a variety of websites. When Google sees your listing being shared on these sites, it usually rewards you with a great ranking increase.

The second factor is prominence. This relates to how near you are to the user who is looking for the service in your location. If you are on the other side of town from where the user searches, your listing is unlikely to appear. There are, however, ways to control what Google displays in each region. You may accomplish this by building location-based pages for the city’s suburbs on your website. This is related to relevance since your website is now displaying relevance to each portion of the city, providing Google additional signals that your firm works in this location. This is just one of many things you can do to defeat the prominence filter; we also use several off-page strategies that allow us to appear in the three pack throughout the entire city, but that would require a separate essay.

Finally, there is Authority. This relates to your website’s overall SEO and how strong/authoritative it is. The greater your website’s back-link profile, the more likely Google will reward your Google listing with higher ranks.

Gogle AdWords

There’s no getting around the reality that Google is giving its Ads platform more and more power. Ads are taking up an increasing amount of space on Google’s first page. Instead of filtering it out and ignoring advertising entirely, you must include it into your marketing arsenal. At the end of the day, a well-optimized Google AdWords campaign is a wonderful source of leads in the local market when done correctly. Most people do not get any significant benefits from Google Ads because they do it incorrectly. Optimizing a Google Ads campaign takes time since you want to collect as much data as possible, which will help you to corner your target market in a few weeks and kill out any bad performing keywords that aren’t providing you a high ROI. Based on our experience with all of our local initiatives, we utilise Google Ads in conjunction with all of our other marketing efforts, since it may produce quick results. Given that SEO might take months to provide results, Google Ads is an excellent strategy to improve your leads in the short term. As you can imagine, the number of leads that they things bring in may be startling once the SEO results kick in and you’ve got a decent advertisements campaign running.

Ads on Facebook

The world’s most popular social networking site. True, the local market is teeming with eager buyers. In some circumstances, yes, but in others, no. It is entirely dependent on the niche. Medical procedures, beauticians, and dentists? Certainly! Roofing, plumbing, and legal services? Most likely not. I’m sure some may be able to prove me incorrect, but in my experience with my agency, I’ve found Facebook to be quite awful, particularly in the home service local business. That is not to say I don’t utilise it; rather, I don’t use it to produce new leads. We utilise it instead to re-target existing prospective leads. As you can see, Facebook is a conventional interruption marketing platform, whereas Google is a user-intent marketing platform. Consumers using Google are actively seeking for services and products, but customers using Facebook are not and are tempted by media advertising a local business’s offerings. As I previously stated, we utilise it to re-target potential buyers in our local marketing. We accomplish this by embedding a Facebook pixel on our clients’ websites. This pixel collects information that allows us to create a re-targeting campaign in Facebook advertisements. We know the data in the pixel is trustworthy since the user must have arrived at our website by searching for a service in their neighbourhood. The pixel allows us to automatically target all of these website visitors, allowing us to present them a highly targeted advertisement with a tempting offer to use our client’s services. The findings are excellent, and I encourage that you put up your pixel as soon as possible so that it may capture as much data as possible.

Last Thoughts

I hope this tutorial provided you with some useful insights into what is currently working for us and why. The sheer strength of all of the aforementioned channels and procedures working together to generate new leads and increase phone calls for our clients has resulted in all of our clients dominating their local market and acquiring the lion’s share of consumers. If you’d like to chat with me personally, please shoot me a note on LinkedIn or contact me directly.

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