How to Start a Blog for Beginners – Step by Step Guide


Launching a blog has never been easier before. Follow these steps to a great start

The art of blogging has come a long way. Once it was considered as a hobby or sort of digital journal writing but now it is this and much much more. In fact, if you want to have a successful online presence, starting a great blog is almost inevitable for your business venture. You all must have a favorite blog that you follow. Going through various successful blogs, you must have wondered or wished of having your own blog too. Many people shy away from the prospect of owning a blog because they think it required too much work and hassle as well as a lot of technical knowledge but the reality is in fact the opposite of this.

In this article, I am listing down a complete checklist of steps to follow in order to create a blog and get it up and running.

How to Start a Blog from Scratch?

Research and Decide on your Niche

Many people make the mistake of jumping right on to the implementation tasks without giving a good amount of thought about what they are trying to write related to. It is very important that you are clear in your mind about the topic and niche which you are going to follow, because it is going to determine various aspects like who your competitors are, what is your target audience, what type of traffic are you going to get, how will you make the traffic convert if you are aiming towards earning through your blog too.

If you own a product, then it’s easy, you are probably going to write around topics related to your product in order to attract that kind of audience. Quoting a universal example, if you sell coffee beans, you are going to write about coffee, its types, different types and tastes of coffees, ingredients, methods of brewing etc etc. Similarly, if you are into the real estate business you are going to write about topics like is it good to live near seaside, the best places to buy a 2 bed in so and so location, is studio better for you or a 1-bed apartment. These are just some of the examples. The list is endless.

Even if you do not have a product, you just want to write make sure you are clear about what you will be writing about if you want to monetize it also. And do not think you have to have a serious niche for making money, people have written on all sorts of topics and still made a ton of bucks from them.

Register for a Domain Name and Hosting Provider

Once the topic is decided, think of a domain name around the topic. If you have a brand then it’s okay, you can name the website after the brand. Otherwise, it is best to name related to the niche. Choose a domain registrar and check for the availability of the domain. Then comes the task of selecting a hosting provider. For beginners, it is best to choose managed hosting. A managed hosting platform provides support to the users and they can work on the content without having to worry about technical issues.

Cloudways managed WordPress hosting is fast and reliable and has 24/7 support. Cloud-based hosting is usually good for beginners who want to scale up in the future also. Once you have a domain name and hosting provider, choose a website builder to create an easy website. Most website builders like WordPress come with beautiful themes and useful plugins to add to the site. Your blog will be up and running in no time at all.

Creating great content

When you wondering about how to start a blog, always remember creating content should be the core focus of your efforts because it is your content that will bring you traffic and in turn revenue. It is good if you are the master of the niche of which you are writing about. Like if you are a CS graduate you can write about technology but it is not necessary. You need to research hard to write good content. You can also hire talented writers to fill in for your blog. Make sure the content is unique and useful. It should help the users to solve some problems and give them solutions. It can also be entertaining and make them happy. Whichever niche you choose, make sure you have great content around it.

Focus on the SEO of your site too

So now that we have answered the query about how to start a blog, let’s focus on how to make is accessible to other users and readers. The competition is tough to reach the top of Google search engine results page. This is where the chunk of organic traffic is going to come to your page. Good seo practices ensure traffic comes to your site. Make sure before writing any post you are doing proper keyword research. You can use SEO-related tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, Search Console, Screaming Frog etc to do reliable SEO of the website. This will help you get the right traffic and target the right audience also.

Be consistent in Posting to your Blog

If you want to win a regular readership, this is the key. People expect to see new content on your blog. Start your blog when you have 25 to 30 posts ready. You can begin with 15 posts and then keep one posting new ones regularly on a set day of the week. Usually, two to four times a week is a good amount. However it also greatly depends on your work. For example for news-related blogs, 50 to 100 pieces per day is a norm. Although we are not aiming for that here, but still content should be updated regularly

Content Marketing and Outreach

Apart from the organic efforts, it is essential that you also indulge in some paid activities and market your content also. You can try things like Facebook ads to target a specific group of audience for your blog. Reach out to people who are related to your field. Ask them to promote your content and in return, you might have to pay them in the beginning, once you are famous yourself, you can return the favor.

Use Social Media for Promotion

Create social media pages of your blog on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube(if you have video content too) as well as create groups on popular platforms like WhatsApp. Social media is free so make sure to utilize it a lot. However, as it is free so everyone is using it and the competition is tough so it might take some time to make yourself visible in the beginning. The key is not to lose hope too quickly.

Be Persistent about your blog

Not just for social media but for overall blogging. No renowned blogger got fame overnight. It took time and toil. It is inspiring to read about the success stories of great bloggers of today to understand how they worked so hard in the beginning before they started to get the success. This gives much hope to new bloggers too.

So this concludes our simple guide about how to start a blog. Hoping it helps and inspires you to start one. Happy writing.

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