How To Send 1000 SMS At A Time Free Online?


Everyone is aware of the service provider that helps you to send the SMS to a group of people but what if you want to send 1000 SMS at a time free online?

Is it possible to send 1000 SMS at a time free online on your own?

Unlike the paid services there are users who want to send 1000 SMS at a time free online or bulk messages for their personal use or for advertising their company. Some businesses or users use the service to send 1000 SMS at a time free online to send transactional messages such as delivery confirmations and shipping updates.

But the main question is How to send 1000 SMS at a time free online?

Is this possible? Well in this article you will find that you can send 1000 SMS at a time free online using the web portal or without the help of a paid service provider.

How to send 1000 Bulk SMS Free online?

Now the target is to know how to send 1000 SMS free online? in bulk. Well, this is simple, you just have to choose a bulk SMS service provider that best suits your needs for the business. such as GetitSMS which is a Bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore.

Now just select or purchase your package based on the need of your business and receive your credentials for login. The provided login credentials help you to login into a web portal on which you will enter all the necessary information such as the message or content that you want to be sent or a sender id that is of 6 alphabets. The SMS will be sent or delivered from the sender id.

After the filling of details add the contacts to which you send the SMS.

Excel/CSV (Comma-separated Values file permits the data to be used in a table structure format) sheets can also be uploaded. By this, you can easily send 1000 bulk SMS at a time free online on your own.

Sending SMS is for marketing purposes but what if the receiver is not able to understand the SMS. For that, you will have to select the language based on the region of the people you want to send. And you can use your preferred language conveniently to send 1000 SMS at a time free online.

So what are you waiting for, choose any Bulk SMS service provider like GetItSMS, and you are ready to send 1000 SMS at a time free online conveniently?

Benefits of Bulk SMS:

Today’s modernization is helping businesses to connect with their customers conveniently. You can now interact with thousands of users simultaneously with no time using the Bulk SMS service and also you can send 1000 SMS at a time free online.

Let us look at some of the points why Bulk SMS is used and the benefits of Bulk SMS are:

  1. You can connect with 1000 consumers at a time conveniently. 
  2. With the bulk SMS service, you have lifetime validity.
  3. With the help of Bulk SMS services, you can send customized SMS to encourage customer interactions.
  4. Because of its capabilities for broad access, this service has a high open rate of 98 percent, which helps you reach a larger audience. concurrently sending broadcast or one-to-many communications.
  5. Bulk SMS services are not only for business purposes they are used on a personal level also for example you can send personalized SMS for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 
  6. Sending Bulk SMS for marketing is the cheapest way you have to pay only 10 or 12 paise per SMS depending upon the operator.
  7. Because the text message is so succinct, it involves little effort on both the sender’s and the recipient’s parts (160-characters without any images and files). The SMS will have a high open and high read rate if it is brief and straightforward.
  8. For delivering transactional SMS such as shipment information, order tracking, order ID, invoice, reminders, etc., you can even link it with your website/CRM.

There are several more benefits to sending 1000 SMS at a time free online for promotion and marketing.

How to do DLT registration?

Select any service provider, such as Trueconnect Jio, Airtel, BSNL, etc., and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the DLT registration procedure. Documents such as the company’s PAN card, GST certificate, and certificate of incorporation are required for DLT registration (Letter of Authorization). All of the papers that you upload to the DLT portal will be authorized in 5-7 business days. Once your sender ID and templates have been authorized after DLT registration, you may use any SMS provider.


To send 1000 SMS at a time free online can not be an easy task without the help of rapid technological advancements. But thanks to digital advancements it is easy for businesses to send 1000 SMS at a time free online for personal and professional use. You can use the bulk SMS services when you want to send 1000 SMS at a time free online to Indian users or send 1000 SMS at a time free online to international from India for marketing as it is believed to be the best marketing channel and sending 1000 SMS at a time free online from India is the cheapest option as compared to other bulk communication provider.

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