How to Import Complete Data with HubSpot LinkedIn Integration?


If you are new to Hubspot, you are probably wondering: What about LinkedIn integration? This social network is a good option for businesses that want to grow their online following and drive more sales. While you can import your LinkedIn contacts into Hubspot, you can’t do the same for other platforms. Luckily, Hubspot comes with a LinkedIn import tool, which is free to use. This tool allows you to easily import your contact list from LinkedIn into your marketing platform.

The integration allows you to send InMails directly from Hubspot to your LinkedIn contacts. When you send an InMail from Hubspot, your contact details will be automatically imported from LinkedIn. All you need to do is tap a button and you’ll be taken to the LinkedIn app where you can find and select your contacts. You can even send an InMail without leaving Hubspot, which makes it an even better option.

Connecting Hubspot and LinkedIn:

Once you’ve added LinkedIn to your Hubspot account, you’ll be able to connect it to your LinkedIn profile and send InMails to them. The HubSpot LinkedIn integration also allows you to search for LinkedIn users in your Hubspot account. When you click on a contact’s name, the app will prefill the name and email address. This way, you can send InMails without leaving Hubspot.

The LinkedIn integration is the most requested and researched in the Hubspot community. Many people want their Linkedin prospects to become leads in Hubspot, where they can be managed and nurtured across multiple touchpoints. The more information you have on a lead, the more likely they are to convert. The integration works in two ways: it enriches the data on your leads and improves your conversion rates.

Once you’ve completed the process of integrating LinkedIn into Hubspot, the next step is to integrate it with your LinkedIn account. When you integrate, you can export your LinkedIn contacts to Hubspot. This will allow you to send your contacts an InMail without leaving your Hubspot account. However, you can also connect your LinkedIn account to Hubspot’s CRM. It will sync your contacts’ contact data with your account and help you manage your sales more effectively.

Integration Using Apps:

The best way to integrate Hubspot and LinkedIn is to use their apps. Once you have set up the integration, you can search LinkedIn with the LinkedIn app. This will bring up a search screen in LinkedIn, with your contacts’ name prefilled in your email. Using your social media accounts to connect to your Hubspot account will enable you to build a more personalized connection with your prospects. You can also send messages through your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get in touch with your customers.

There are different integrations available, but the most popular is the data sync from LinkedIn to Hubspot. By integrating your LinkedIn account, you can access your leads’ profiles and contact information. Both tools allow you to sync your CRM data with your contact data. In addition to this, you can also sync your LinkedIn data with Hubspot. You can then track your online presence and engage with your audience through these two social media channels.

The native integration between Hubspot and LinkedIn is available only for Hubspot users. If you’re a LinkedIn user, you can import your LinkedIn contacts by email address. You can also import your LinkedIn contact list into LinkedIn with the help of LinkedHub or Email Hunter. Both Hubspot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator have different use cases. The native integration is not a replacement for the other.


The native integration works with a team plan in Hubspot. It works with LinkedIn Ads, but not with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then, you install the app that integrates the two services. There are also other third-party apps that integrate with both Hubspot and LinkedIn.

The native integration with LinkedIn works with the Sales Navigator app. The integration with Dux-Soup is a leading LinkedIn prospecting tool that populates your contact data in Hubspot.

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