How To Create a Logo That Doesn’t Suck?


Designing a logo might seem like an easy task but it can take days, weeks, or even months to finalize your unique and meaningful design. Logo designing is much more than just choosing a logo shape and writing the company name in it.

A is the face of the brand which connects with the audience and communicates with them. Being such an essential element, you must be perfect and unique. While creating there are various things and rules you need to keep in mind. Here we have mentioned, how to create a logo that doesn’t suck-

1.  Know What You Are Creating

Every good has a backstory in it. A strong design is one that is filled with meaning, both obvious and hidden. For instance, the FedEx logo has an arrow that indicates moving forward and making deliveries, the Apple logo has a ‘byte’ missing and the Twitter is flying upwards.

When you are creating a design, you must know what you are designing. You must know what hidden and obvious meanings you want to use in your logo design to connect with and impress your audience.

2.  Simplicity is the Key

The main motive of creating a logo is to connect with the audience and share your ideas, brand values, and mission with them. This cannot be done if you use complex elements to create a complex design. Complex designs will make it hard for the audience to understand your point. Moreover, it can throw the attention of your audience at the least important elements of your and distract them from things that actually matter.

Furthermore, using minimal design elements will communicate effectively with your target audience. Simple is the best icon and is usually timeless. For instance, Apple, Nike, Chanel, etc are the most famous logos and the simplest as well. You can use an online maker like Designhill and take the help of artificial intelligence to create simple and meaningful designs.

3.  Color is crucial

Moving further, another element that is essential to creating a is the color palette. Colors cannot be decided just on the basis of your liking. There is the proper procedure for color choice because color carries meanings, shares ideas and emotions.

Sometimes, you need to choose colors from the brand palette to maintain consistency. But sometimes you have full freedom to create a logo design with colors that match perfectly. Colors are essential to grab the attention of your viewers and make them look. Also, they add life to your symbol and can also give context to the imagery.

Various colors, shades, hues, etc have different meanings and target different emotions in human minds. So, you need to figure out which emotion you want to target and choose colors accordingly.

4.  Make Your Logo Ownable

While designing a logo for your company, make sure your looks and is ownable. Just following what other people are doing and creating common designs is not going to take you anywhere. You should create something which is unique and recognizable.

While designing, you need to consider whether your design is generic or unique. Ask yourself, can anybody create anything similar easily. Keep in mind that usually, the first idea is the most generic idea. You need to brainstorm to achieve an idea that is unique. Try to fill your notebook with rough sketches before thinking about which ideas to choose.

5.  Everybody Like the Custom Type

Creating a unique logo is one of the most important rules. So, when you are trying to make something unique, the best choice is to do it with custom lettering. Usually, people scroll the font menu and try out different font styles to find what suits best for their company. But if you cannot find one why not create one?

A logo is one of the most crucial elements of your branding and marketing strategy. It is the face of the brand and says a thousand words to your audience. So, putting in a little extra effort is justifiable.

Custom type makes sure your logo is unique and different from your competitors. The famous custom type is Coca-Cola. You can take the help of graphic design tools that help to create a flyer, logo, book cover etc.

6.  Proportion and Symmetry Should be Considered

Proportion and symmetry are one of the most important elements of logo designing. You need to keep them in mind while designing your logo. Take a look at the most popular, each one of them follows proper symmetry and proportion. For instance, Twitter is symmetrical and proportionate. Circles are used to simply create a well-balanced with consistent curves and arcs.


In the case of the Apple logo, it looks like the bite violates the Apple symmetry but actually, that bite is carefully placed with proportion and symmetry. A creator can be useful to create proportionate and symmetrical designs.

7.  Make Use of Negative Space

Next, the negative space is one of the most clever ways of designing. The most popular example of negative space is the FedEx logo. This uses negative space as it has a hidden arrow between letters E and X. The use of negative space in the FedEx is quite subtle.

Along with hidden meaning, negative space is also useful in creating a simple logo design. It creates a simple and cleaner look in your logo design.

8.  Avoid the Cliche

Next, to create a logo that doesn’t suck, you must avoid the cliche. New trends take birth every day. You can study design trends but just using them to create a logo can be disastrous in the long run.


Moreover, do not use designs that everyone else is using. Being unique and different pays off more in the designing world. For instance, the basic archetype is being used again and again by designers which makes it look common and boring. It is better to choose something unique and create a design that stands out.

9.  Passive v/s Active

You can make your look more attractive by showing some kind of activity or using the concept of instilling motion. It cannot be always used but sometimes using this technique helps in boosting visual and conceptual concepts. For instance, earlier the Twitter logo used a sitting bird in a passive position. However, these days are shown to be active and taking flight. Moreover, the is shown in an upward direction which is climbing into the air.

10. Use Visual Double Entendre

Visual double entendre means a logo or a symbol has two pictures wrapped in one. It is one of the most appreciable techniques used while designing a logo. Two pictures are merged into one with a clever interpretation of a concept or idea.

For instance, a wine company named ‘Wine Place’ has a with the shape of a thumbtack which refers to location or place. However, at the same time, it looks like an upside-down wine glass. This makes them look clever, meaningful, and memorable. Your target audience will be more attracted to such types of designs. Viewers usually prefer a little mystery and cleverness in logos.

Also, you can use a design size guide to create a that is perfect for various platforms.

Create an amazing logo that doesn’t exist with online logo makers. Along with logo design, you need to also focus on other branding elements such as brochure design, flyers, business cards, etc. For this, you can use tools like brochure maker, flyer maker, email signature generator, and more.

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