How to Choose the Right Fertility Centre


A family expansion plan or parenthood journey is different for different couples. Some of them succeed in it as they think of it and start working on it while some couples have to struggle a lot and need medical intervention. And such couples decide to visit a fertility clinic in Bangalore or their local town/city. If you are among such couples, you should select the right fertility center. Here are some steps for your support:

Value the industry presence in years 

Always keep in mind that old is gold. Here, it means a clinic/hospital treating infertility with several years of presence and experience is better for you. Its presence for several years makes you consider that the clinic would have gone through several challenges and the staff working there would have learned a lot from those challenges. So, you should visit the one that has existed in the market for more years.  

Know the availability of respective doctors 

A fertility clinic does not treat your issues. Its doctors and staff help you get rid of your reproductive health issues. You can expect to have treatments soon at the clinic if it has respective doctors and healthcare professionals round the clock. As far as possible, you should avoid the clinic, center, or hospital that has doctors on call. At such a clinic, you may need to wait to have respective treatment. 

Explore the availability of treatment services and facilities 

Usually, you do not know what fertility problems you have and whether you or your spouse have infertility. Through interaction and the reports of the recommended tests/screening, a respective doctor let you know the issue. 

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Based on the reports, you may need to have several allied services along with a particular fertility treatment such as IVF or IUI. Having all the treatments, services, and facilities under one roof or in close proximity to a clinic makes you feel relaxed and convenient. 

Find out whether the clinic is licensed or not 

In general, no one can run a clinic, hospital, or center to treat infertility without being registered or having a requisite license for it. However, someone can do wrong. You should know the clinic you are going to have fertility treatments is registered, licensed, or not. Always visit a registered and licensed fertility clinic to treat your issue. 

Focus on the success rate 

In your search for a fertility center, you can come across several options. All of them are not equal. They differ from each other in terms of treatment effectiveness and success rate. For better treatment and value for your money, you should visit the one with higher treatment success rates. 

Value cleanliness and hygiene 

You visit a clinic or hospital to treat your health issues, but not for increasing your problems. Your health issues can get worse if you visit a clinic that is not clean and well-maintained. It is, as you may need to stay there for having the complete treatment. Therefore, you should choose a clinic/hospital that is highly clean and hygienic. 

Compare treatment and service fees

Usually, you should avoid focusing a lot on treatment fees. You should value treatment effectiveness while choosing a fertility clinic. However, there are infertility centers offering highly effective treatments at a lower cost without any compromise in approach and service quality. You can find such one by comparing the treatment charges of more than one clinic.    


Selecting the right fertility centre is a little tricky. You can make it more convenient and easier for you by having a look at all aspects and comparing the same. From registration to doctors’ association, treatment availability to success rate, you should value each point to choose the right fertility clinic.

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