How do I download the Quickbooks for Windows 10?


If you are new to QuickBooks for Windows 10 and want to upgrade your knowledge of the software, then, this guide would help you the most. Here, in this, we not only provide you with some unknown facts and features of this software but also about its downloading procedure. So, make sure to get below and learn how you can download the QuickBooks for Windows 10.

QuickBooks Desktop: A Quick Overview

QuickBooks is accounting software designed to make work easy. Many business professionals prefer to use this one tool to carry out different tasks that decrease the management cost. It provides a cloud-based subscription service that enables you to connect with your team from anywhere and anytime. Using QuickBooks is worth an investment due to its quick services and dynamic features that help every small business to grow bigger.

Top-Notch Features of Quickbooks 

Now, let’s learn what all of this QuickBooks software makes every task possible.

  • Records inventory by scanning.
  • The user can easily identify vendors.
  • Type the account number and get into the chart of that specific account.
  • Customization of inventory report.
  • Get access to the upcoming payroll liabilities payments
  • Email security is updated
  • Workflow of sales order
  • Connect three monitors with multi-monitor support
  • Provides the information when a person’s invoice is past

There are lots of amazing features of , although we have mentioned only the top ones. Now, let’s get into another section and learn how you can download QuickBooks for Windows 10.

Downloading Procedure for QuickBooks Desktop

Get into the steps below to download your QuickBooks desktop on the device.

  • To initiate, try to download the right installation file.
  • Once done, navigate towards the downloads & updates page.
  • Here, you will get the download link for your version.
  • If you are an accountant then log into CAMPS for further procedure. However, if you are a ProAdvisors then make sure to log into the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Center.

Now, the user is required to install the downloaded file. For that, assist yourself with the steps provided below.

  • Head towards the Downloads and Updates page.
  • Thereafter, just choose the country, product, and version of the software.
  • Once done, hit the Download tab.

If you have a CD to download the software then make sure to try out the below-mentioned steps.

  • To begin, insert the QuickBooks CD into the CD ROM.
  • Now, just check if the QuickBooks installer has opened or not.
  • Choose the Start button when a new box appears.
  • Make sure to perform a right-click to choose the Explorer button.
  • Navigate towards the Folder list.
  • Go through it carefully and choose CD.
  • In the end, just launch your QuickBooks installer and click on the setup.exe file.

Steps to Install QuickBooks Desktop

You are required at least 4 steps to install the QuickBooks for windows.

Step 1: Ensure Details on Hand

  • Make sure that your device meets all the system requirements.
  • Save the downloaded file to the location which you can easily find.
  • Ensure details like license number and product key of.
  • Go towards the purchase email if you have purchased QB from the website.
  • Try to locate the label if bought from a retail store
  • Head towards the customer account management portal if reinstalling the software.

Step 2: Install QB Desktop

  • Access the folder where you placed the.exe file.
  • Launch it and go through the on-screen guidelines.
  • Hit Next on the License Agreement window.
  • Specify the license and product number of your QuickBooks.
  • Thereafter, hit Next.

Step 3: Choose Installation Type

The user will be asked to choose the preferred installation type from two options named Express Install and Custom and Network Install. Make sure to mark your preferences.

  • Custom and Network Install
  • Hit the Custom and Network button.
  • Choose Next.
  • Select the preferable option.
  • Now, hit Change the Install Location.
  • Make sure to choose the Browse button to choose the file.
  • Hit Next and then click on Open.

Note down that the installation method is preferable for the users who use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment.

  • Express Install
  • Choose the Express option.
  • Hit the next button.
  • Tap Install and then hit Open QuickBooks.

Express install is preferable for all new users of .

Step 4: Activating QuickBooks

  • To initiate, access the QB desktop.
  • Hit the F2 button from the keyboard.
  • Choose the Help menu.
  • Thereafter, select Activate QuickBooks desktop.
  • Access the Product information window and examine registration status.
  • You don’t need to do anything if the status is activated.
  • Hit OK on the product information window if it is not activated
  • Then, tap the Help menu and click on Activate QuickBooks.
  • Now, just download the update of the recent version and you are all set.

Winding Up!

So, this is how you can download the QuickBooks in Windows 10. We hope that you have successfully downloaded the software. However, if there comes any kind of bugs and issues then make sure to tell us about them in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to mention how informative you find this guide.

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