How Can Videos Help Grow Your Business? 5 Ways That Work


According to an Aberdeen survey, marketers that use video generate 49% more income than those that don’t. On the other hand, video has evolved into more than simply a marketing tool. With their capacity to graphically explain and display things and concepts, videos may assist businesses in not just showcasing their products and services and gaining new customers, bringing in new employees, and making staff more productive.

Here are six ways in which a video might be useful to your business.

Increase your brand by sharing your story

Videos are a great method to interact with a variety of people. Your company’s culture and services may be represented in a movie. It has the potential to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

A customized video is a useful tool that is underused. According to our expertise, campaigns routinely achieve 50% or more open email rates and click-through rates of 40% or more. The outcomes speak for themselves.

People will be more connected with your business if you use videos. Bespoke films have the potential to leave a lasting impact on your consumers. You can convince your customers to read your emails and visit your landing pages if you know whatever they’re keen on.

Put your product on a video display

“Use videos to assist buyers in navigating through your offers and highlight product features, applications, and advice,” says Goodvidio CEO Dimitrios Kourtesis. “Use customer reviews, tutorials, unboxing, or how-to videos to give your customers all the information they need before making a purchase.” Visitors are more engaged when videos are used to answer their queries, boost their confidence in purchases, and increase conversion rates by up to 74%.”

Brendan Sullivan, vice president, direct-to-consumer, VF Corporation, the parent company of more than 30 lifestyle clothing, footwear, and accessories brands, says, “[Product] videos allow customers the chance to connect with brands and products, anytime, anywhere.”

You may start making movies that will attract more traffic to your website with a little imagination and basic equipment like a camera, as well as internet resources like a video trimmer.You can create amazing videos with the help of these premiere pro alternatives.

Improve your YouTube and Google SEO

Videos are a great approach to increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. If you want to increase your Google traffic, video can help you climb the organic results. Because Google owns YouTube, YouTube videos will appear in Google’s search results. Videos have the added benefit of being seen on YouTube and your website.

According to Techsmith, people continue to use online search to obtain instructional and instructive video material by 45 percent.

According to 83 percent of marketers, video has helped them boost the average time their visitors spend on their pages.There are some amazing benefits you can claim if you are into digital marketing to boost your own business.

Customers are still using search engines to find videos to watch. However, when browsing for material, many individuals will head straight to YouTube or Google. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for companies to examine how they’re using videos to expand their reach. However, simply uploading films to YouTube is no longer enough to increase your visibility; you must also be aware of current trends to guarantee that your video is pushed by the platform’s algorithms.

A hidden advantage of keeping videos on your website is that your content will begin to rank higher.70% of customers feel more connected to businesses when CEOs are engaged on social media.

Increase your email’s click-through rate (CTR)

It boosts your overall email marketing if you have videos. They can help you raise your click-through rate and subscription count. It’s a fantastic method to interact with your audience.

When compared to emails without video, videos in emails enhance email click-through rates by 300 percent. 

Your open rates improve by 19% when you include movies in your email.

You may split your mailing list based on their interests if you make a lot of videos. You have the option to send videos that are more relevant to your target audience. It will significantly raise your participation and credibility in your field.

Publishing automated emails should be possible with a typical email service provider. A few are listed below. 

  • ConvertKit
  • Mailerlite
  • MailMunch
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign

You may send emails to your whole email list using an email service provider. It might be an excellent approach to present your new items through video if you have a fresh movie describing your product or service. 

Increase your social media influence

Your business may engage with previous and future clients through social media. You may recycle this movie on multiple social platforms whenever you can generate a constant stream of films. Overall, videos will increase your brand visibility, reach, and engagement.

Over 45 percent of social media visits are made on Facebook. 

LinkedIn accounts for 46% of social media traffic to B2B firm websites.

71% of consumers who have had a positive social media encounter with a company are inclined to tell others about it. 

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. Through these social media platforms, people are continually linked. So if you can get your company on these social media platforms, you can engage with clients and grow your business.

Using a tool to plan your social media updates is an excellent method to keep track of your entire marketing approach. For example, rather than releasing material one at a time, you may plan out how and where your video postings will be seen.

Tools for social media planning and scheduling:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Planable

Social media organizing tools might save you a lot of time. It assists you in staying organized and disseminating your video material to various audiences. Each piece of software has a distinct focus. Other social networking networks have their scheduling capabilities. Consider the additional features you’ll require for your business.


Videos are a useful business tool. Your organization might consider making videos and marketing them across numerous channels. For example, they may be repurposed as short tweets or blog posts. If you can expand your reach, you can strengthen your brand and increase income.

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