Here’s Why MediTouch EHR Is a Cost-effective Software


MediTouch EHR – An Overview


MediTouch EHR, now known as NextGen Healthcare, has been a market leader for 46 years. Before investing in any system, it is critical to comprehend it from all angles. The MediTouch EHR software, which has over 155,000 clients, is aimed at clinics of various sizes and specialties.

The MediTouch EHR Software completely integrating with various advanced technologies to optimizing your workflow and maximize your clinical performance. The MediTouch suite includes EHR (Electronic Health Record), Medical Billing Solution, Appointment scheduling and reminders, patient insurance eligibility check, patient portal, and e-prescription services.

Top-rated Features of MediTouch EHR Software


Patient Portal

The software offers a specific patient portal that is covered in the MediTouch EHR software cost. Thus, the patients can arrange online appointments at a convenient time by using the patient portal. Additionally, to avoid no-shows, the software also gives automated reminders to patients before consultations. By using this portal patients can do seek prescription refills, read discharge summaries, examining test results, and updating personal information.

Another technique to increase patient participation is personalized outreach initiatives. For example, you can use the population health management tool to risk-stratify patients. This feature allows for personalized communications sent to patients, inviting them to participate and interact with a clinic.


Unique Features

Several unique features of MediTouch make the price of MediTouch EHR Software worthwhile. One significant feature is MediTouch’s History of Present Illness (HPI) technology that has several benefits. The system includes a Q&A form that provides adequate knowledge about a specialty. You can also upload the documents in to the portal so that your patients can complete them. If the template you desire isn’t available in the MediTouch library, you can even build a personalized one!


MediTouch Mobile App

You can utilize MediTouch EHR with any device linked to the internet, thanks to the cloud-based deployment. Moreover, you can provide care while on the go, thanks to the smartphone app. For example, you can update and access medical information, check your daily schedules remotely, administer medications and take clinical photographs.

Mobile plus dictation is a premium tool of NextGen that you can tremendously benefit from. This feature offers a speech-to-text technology that allows you to write notes more quickly and access medical records in seconds! According to users, the robust mobile app is worth the MediTouch EHR Software cost!


Revenue Cycle Management

Practices can see their actual revenue potential with revenue cycle management capabilities and  MediTouch EHR billing. In addition, you can choose from various billing alternatives to select the feature that best fits your needs.

Additionally, you can efficiently manage claims with MediTouch to get compensated for the services you deliver. For example, automated eligibility checks help determine whether an insurance plan is current and sufficient to cover a specific therapy. In addition, the claim scrubbing tool identifies any flaws in medical issues or patient information to avoid future refused claims.


Electronic Prescription

The MediTouch EHR’s e-prescription feature makes it much convenient to fill prescriptions. This function is beneficial not only to your patients but also beneficial to you. The software allows you to prescribe medications virtually, and your patients can immediately pick up their prescriptions from whichever pharmacy they like.

Furthermore, MediTouch EHR Software’s e-prescription application allows you to check for potentially dangerous drug interactions and avoid them.



MediTouch enabling you to provide virtual consulting facilities to patients regardless of geographical location. For example, you can share your screen with patients to explain a diagnosis and invite third-party specialists to provide therapeutic opinions for more information to click here working out in joggers.

Furthermore, because the telehealth capability connects with the MediTouch EHR program, no data is duplicated. Instead, patients are sent an email with a secure link to participate in these virtual visits. As the software is HIPAA compliant, you and your patients do not need to be concerned about sensitive information being lost due to security breaches by hackers.


Meaningful Use Certification

MediTouch EHR software is Meaningful Use certified. In addition, the software features a Meaningful Use Report Card, which can assist you in demonstrating meaningful use of top EHR systems and avoid federal punishments.

MediTouch EHR Software Price

MediTouch EHR software cost is not available to the public; thus, you must contact the company through the MediTouch official website to get a quote.

All you have to do is register on the company’s website, and a company representative will contact you shortly. According to the information available on the official website, there are no start-up costs, no training fees, and system updates. After booking a one-on-one meeting with MediTouch EHR representatives, you will be able to acquire a price quote for your practice.


What Do Users Say About MediTouch EHR Software?


  • The MediTouch EHR software is easy to use, and practitioners can navigate through the system without clicking endlessly.
  • MediTouch EHR Softwares’ customer service is exceptional in the industry. Support representatives are easy to contact, and they solve queries on a timely basis.
  • When moving from one application to the other the system does not lag.


  • Some tools of revenue cycle management are challenging to grasp.
  • Due to a lack of customization capabilities, it is challenging to change workflows with pre-built templates.

Concluding Note

That is beneficial to your medical practice MediTouch EHR Software offers a myriad of robust features. But, if you are unsure whether MediTouch EHR is worth an investment or not, then we can help you with some tips. First, read as many MediTouch EHR reviews as you can find on the internet to gauge what healthcare providers think of the software.

Another significant way is to ask the vendor for a MediTouch EHR demo so you can see the MediTouch EHR Software in action. The demo will enable you to browse through various software capabilities, thereby making a more informed decision for your practice.

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