Herbs Usage As Ayurvedic Medicine: Can We Use Herbs For Cooking Purposes?


Herbs do not contain any woody stem. Leafy parts of the plants are herbs. Herbs in a dried form have a strong flavor than fresh ones. Dried herbs lose their strength rapidly. One of the famous types of alternative medicine is Unani medicine. Unani Herbal Medicine originated in ancient Greece. Unani Medicines are being uses for the prevention and treatment of different chronic diseases. The traditional system of medicine is Ayurveda medicine. In this system, health and wellness are preserved by keeping the body, spirit, and mind balanced. It focuses on preventing diseases rather than treating them. Ayurvedic spices help to improve digestion and mental health. Different natural herbs come from the roots, seeds, buds, fruit, and bark stems of various trees or plants. We should buy bulk organic herbs for long-term use from any bulk herb store.

1. Herbs commonly used for Cooking Purposes

Following are the herbs for cooking that we are using daily in our kitchen, and we even do not know about their benefits.

1.1 Thyme:

Thyme adds a flavor in sauces, meat, poultry, vegetables, soups and stews, and fish dishes. It is used with a combination of other herbs like parsley and rosemary. Thyme is mostly used in French cooking. It has an intense flavor. Therefore it uses in small amounts.

1.2 Sage:

It has a bitter taste and a strong herb. Sage has a mint taste and aroma. It is used in Mediterranean cooking. We can add sage with other herbs used for flavor purposes in beef, pork, and poultry stuffing. Only a small amount of sage is used because of its strong flavor.

1.3 Parsley:

It is a fresh-flavored herb that is used for the seasoning of many dishes. The flat-leaf of the parsley provides more flavor than curly parsley. Fresh parsley has a more intense flavor as compared to the dried parsley.

1.4 Rosemary:

Rosemary features a strong flavor that tastes a touch like lemon and pine. For meats, tomato sauces, potatoes, soups, vegetables, fish, and dressing purposes, rosemary leaves are often used. Both fresh and dried provide a robust flavor and aroma.

1.5 Oregano:

It is also known as wild marjoram due to its stronger, more intense flavor and aroma. Dried oregano may be a good substitute for fresh. It also works well with the flavors of most vegetables.


1.6 Marjoram:

Marjoram is analogous to oregano. However, it is sweeter and milder. Marjoram goes well with meaty dishes like pork, lamb, and veal. It gives the best flavor when added near the end of the dish cooking process.

1.7 Lemongrass:

Lemongrass features a sour-lemon flavor and fragrance. It is used commonly to add flavor to teas and soups. The use of lemongrass is mostly found in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. To use lemongrass, cut from the upper and lower sides, remove the outermost layers, and, therefore, the white base. Cut it into large pieces to get rid of it easily after a dish cooked. Dried lemongrass isn’t a good substitute for fresh.

1.8 Bay leaf:

Bay leaf provides flavor to stews, vegetables, grilled meats, and it gives woody-like flavor to the dishes. Dried bay leaves are often commonly found in supermarkets and are less costly than fresh. Add bay leaves early within the cooking process to prolong their flavor. Bay leaf should remove before serving.

1.9 Basil:

Basil comes in many sorts. This is often a strongly flavored herb that tastes sort of a combination of licorice and cloves. Basil is often utilized in many dishes, including pasta sauces and pesto. Fresh basil has more flavor than dried. As a result, it’s popular in Mediterranean cooking.

2. Ayurvedic Medicines and their Healthy Benefits

Following is the natural herbs list that extracts from the plants and has beneficial effects on the Health.

2.1 Boswellia:

It is also known as Indian frankincense. Boswellia forms by the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree. It has a quickly recognizable spicy flavor and woody aroma. Boswellia is effective for reducing inflammation. It releases the inflammation-causing compounds called leukotrienes.

2.2 Triphala:

It is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy. It contains three small fruits that are me


  • Amla
  • Haritaki
  • Bibhitaki

Triphala helps to reduce inflammation caused by chronic diseases like arthritis or cancer. It also plays an important role as natural laxatives. Laxatives help to reduce constipation, pain in the abdomen, and flatulence. In addition, it improves the bowel movements consistency.

2.3 Brahmi:

It is a staple herb. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that is effective as common NSAIDs. Helpful for learning and to improves attention, memory, information processing. Reduces the sign and symptoms of hyperactivity disorder like poor self-control, restlessness, etc.

2.4 Licorice Root as best Ayurverdic medicine:

It is native in Asia and Europe. Licorice root comes from the Glycyrrhiza glabra. It is one of the famous Ayurvedic medicine, helps to fight against bacteria and viruses, and dental cavities. Best for skin, when applied on the skin, it helps to reduce skin rashes, swelling, and itching.

2.5 Gotu Kola:

It is known as the herb of longevity. It is one of the famous Ayurvedic remedies. The plant that forms Gotu kola is odorless, tasteless, and has fan-shaped leaves. The plant grows in water and around water. If you are depressed or suffering from anxiety, you can replace antidepressants with Gotu kola for 60 days, and then you will feel good and lighter for more information to click here working out in joggers.

2.6 Cardamom:

Known as Queen of spices. It has been using since ancient times. It helps to reduce blood pressure in people who are suffering from hypertension condition. Inhaling cardamom essential oil is very beneficial that increases uptake of oxygen into the lungs during high physical activity. Moreover, it helps to protect against Helicobacter pylori bacteria. That bacteria can easily cause stomach ulcers. Amazing effect on gastric ulcers reduces the gastric ulcer by 50 percent or can even eradicate them.


Herbs are so safe and effective to use. We can buy herbs in bulk and can store them for a long time. Herbs have amazing effects on Health. We should use herbs in our daily life for cooking purposes to keep ourselves stay happy and healthy.


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