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Are you out of ideas on making your marketing strategies innovative and bringing more ROI to your campaigns? Don’t worry because we have the best solution for you. Social Media Aggregator tools will help you capitalize on social media in the best ways possible. 


With a lot to do, 24×7 is never enough for marketers, but the aggregator tools will reduce many tasks on your plate and increase your ROI 3 times or more.


Marketing is all about using the right tools, and as a marketer, you must need a lot of tools for your work without paying (a lot), so here are the free social media aggregator tools for you. Check out our top recommendations.


Best Social Media Aggregator for Marketers


The top on the charts of  aggregators is Taggbox. You can make the most of this tool as you aggregate content from the top  platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and present it on a creative social wall. Taggbox offers features that can make a marketer’s life hassle-free as you get a complete dashboard with all the tools you need.


It is a package of features for designing, analytics, moderation, analytics, and much more is available in Taggbox. You can create social walls, customize its design, moderate its content, and analyze the audience’s interactions and behavior.


Taggbox also has a mobile application that you can use on the go and keep up with the tasks at hand. As a marketer, the mobile application of this social media aggregator tool will come in handy as you can moderate the content from mobile devices. It is so easy and saves time, so you don’t have to access your laptop or PC anytime you want to make minor changes to your social wall. 



One of the important things for marketers is to manage the content for their marketing campaigns. Using Flockler as your social media aggregator tool will allow you to collect the content and manage it easily. For example, after collecting content through a hashtag from Instagram, you can select and filter the posts you want to show on your social wall and remove the rest using Flockler.

It is a social media aggregator tool that also supports multiple languages. So you can cater to your international audience with a wide variety of content. Another feature that you will enjoy of Flockler is adding multiple users to an account. You can add your team members to your account who can help you manage the social wall content and campaigns. 


Juicer is a simple social media aggregator tool for beginners. It has all the main features you can need for your social media aggregation like content aggregation, moderation, designing, and presentation. Although, it allows content aggregation from main social media platforms only. So there are fewer chances of scaling your marketing campaign as you cannot aggregate content from many platforms. 

The process of setting up Juicer is three quick and easy steps; so you can get started with your work promptly.


Another one on the list is Tagembed. You can get the best tool for aggregating content from multiple social media channels. Tagembed offers you to collect content from multiple sources and present it on one wall. You can design the social wall with different themes using the in-build design features and themes of Tagembed.


When aggregating content, marketers need a quick and easy-to-use tool, and Tagembed has those qualities to make the marketers’ work seamless. You won’t have any difficulty using the tool, as you can connect with the team to get quick support.

How to pick the best social media aggregator tool?

It can become difficult to pick one social media aggregator tool out of the bunch of tools available. But here are the top criteria you should consider while selecting one for your use.

  1. Check social media platforms from which you can aggregate content. If the tool doesn’t support aggregation from your preferred social media channels, don’t use it.
  2. Check if the tool offers real-time content aggregation or not. If you are using it for live content aggregation, you need a tool to collect content in real-time.
  3. See the features offered by the tool; content moderation, customization, and analytics are some of the important things you would need for your marketing campaign.
  4. See the pricing plans and support facilities of the social media aggregator tools. A tool that has the maximum required features and support with a justifiable price.

Final Thoughts

Social media aggregator tools are a boon for marketers as you can save at least 2-3 hours a day by automating the content aggregation process. Such tools are a must-have for marketers as it helps organize and present the social media content most attractively and leverage it on different marketing touchpoints very easily. Marketers who have already tried their hands-on social media aggregation tool always use it to make their marketing campaigns better.

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