Duties and Responsibilities of AWS Solutions Architect


Cloud computing is managed by two major players: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Of the two, AWS has the largest market share, with 47.1 percent of the cloud market (an increase of 42 percent from the previous year). As AWS is the largest computer service provider in the world today, the task of being an AWS solution architect is one of the most promising and certified architects.

Businesses mourn cloudy AWS staff and staff. LinkedIn reported that “cloud computing” was higher than the list of experiences sought after 2016 and 2017. Heninger said the to-do list for the AWS 76 cloud platform grew one percent between 2015 and 2016. For those who qualify for those jobs, the rewards are high: BusinessInsider lists 12 paying cloud computing jobs. more than $ 100,000 a year. . .

Solutions Architect

You probably know that working as an AWS Solution Architect (SA) means using your knowledge and experience to help develop sophisticated cloud solutions and enrich existing jobs. . But what exactly does this look like when you look at a typical day in the life of an AWS solution architect? What can you expect when you receive training and work? Read on to find out. The AWS cloud platform supports many companies in about 190 countries, with AWS Certified Solutions Architects averaging $ 126,000 per year. Professionals with AWS certification have a deep understanding of the rules and services of AWS programs. They can plan, design, and measure the performance of AWS clouds using the best practices recommended by Amazon.

Meetings with sellers and buyers

As an AWS solution architect, your job is precisely that: building solutions. So spend most of your days meeting sales and/or customers. These can be meetings in person or as part of a conference call to learn about the problems and needs. This depends on the company you work for and your location in the company. Some AWS solution architects focus more on the product, not the customer. While most people work hard to find solutions to customer problems.

The work you do for a client also depends on where you work and what your business is, as well as where the client is at the adoption stage of AWS. They could be in the early stages until you have a loud conversation, or later or even in practice. That’s all there is to it.


As we mentioned above, a key part of your job will be to design solutions to meet customer needs and business goals, develop technology solutions, and pre-sale products to support customer goals. So part of your day will be spent in what we call “problem-solving”. As in the United States, you compile solution plans and provide guidance on the best AWS construction methods. You will estimate costs and analyze cost management methods, as well as select the appropriate AWS services based on data, computer, database, or security requirements.

You could spend part of the day designing and adjusting the scalable, accessible, and resilient system of AWS. Identify the lifting and transfer of existing applications to AWS. At the same time, you need to enter and export data to and from AWS. You may be asked to provide guidance on issues such as performance, cost, security recovery, or security issues.


Now, all of the above may sound like your days are over, but they may not. This is because there are too many different tasks in a normal day for an AWS solution architect. You can spend part of the day reviewing your current environment or designing a new one. Depending on where you work and your actual role, you could be in meetings or even traveling to on-site meetings with clients. Maybe you are writing a script, working on a migration, observing new AWS features, or having problems. You could also work with other in-house teams, including sales, of course, but also engineers.

Time management

With all the variety in your typical day, you will need excellent time management skills. Planning your day, managing your time in projects, prioritizing your time in projects, will probably also be part of your typical day as an AWS solution architect.

To be up to date

AWS is like any other technology, constantly evolving. That means that part of your typical day may involve learning and researching new services and features released by AWS, as well as staying abreast of best practices for improving existing AWS solutions that are already in place. You will definitely have blogs or discussion forums that you will go to where trusted experts will fill you in on updates and best practices, or other SAs will discuss ways to overcome challenges. If you are already working as an AWS solution architect, you may need additional training to ensure you are up to date with the solution and recent changes.


Does this typical day sound like a workday that you would enjoy? Are you working in a career that offers a lot of variety, a fast pace, and the opportunity to help companies solve problems? If so, take your first step by training with the AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course. As you become an industry-ready, AWS-certified solution architect, you’ll learn the key concepts, latest trends, and best practices for working with AWS Architecture for your first job. Practice assignments and live projects give you practical experience with the AWS Management Console.


The professional perspective of an AWS solution architect is exceptional. In addition to the many jobs available to you right now, you are likely to become a sought-after professional with options to move up the career ladder or move to another organization once you are in the field and prove yourself to be a skilled and experienced professional.

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