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With spring in the air, you must attempt this Easy Hanami Dango formula. Firm, vivid rice balls that are sweet and chewy, this Japanese treat is an unquestionable requirement this season.

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  • Why this Dango formula is so natural
  • What is hanami Dango?
  • What you’ll require
  • Instructions to Make Hanami Dango
  • Tips for the best Hanami Dango
  • Dango versus Mochi: What’s the distinction
  • Delectable fixings for Dango
  • What to Serve it with
  • Step by step instructions to Store Dango
  • More scrumptious Asian dishes to appreciate!
  • Full Recipe Instructions

Why this Dango formula is so natural

This Hanami Dango formula just purposes a couple of fixings and is truly simple to follow. Chewy, delicate, yet firm, these rice balls are a sweet treat made with rice flour, and splendidly hued with pink food shading and green matcha powder. This pastry is wonderful when combined for certain Mochi Donuts (VIDEO) or following a flavorful supper of Hibachi Fried Rice Recipe or Crispy Shrimp Tempura. Partake in the sweet pink and white balls, as well as the somewhat natural green ones, in this pierced Japanese treat.

What is hanami Dango?

Hanami Dango is an all-year dessert that is appreciated most usually during the cherry bloom seeing season in Japan. This concurs with the start of spring, and the three tones are said to represent the pink of the spring cherry blooms, the white of the colder time of year snow, and the green of the late spring grass. They are made with sweet rice flour and are splendid, chewy, delicate, and scrumptious.

What you’ll require

  • Joshinko glutinous rice flour-The Dango base
  • Shiratamako glutinous sweet rice flour-The Dango base and furthermore to add pleasantness
  • Powdered sugar-this is discretionary however suggested.
  • High temp water-This makes the mixture frame the Dango
  • Matcha powder-For flavor and shading
  • Pink food shading For shading. Utilize the gel kind.

The most effective method to Make Hanami Dango

  • Drench the sticks. To begin with, absorb the 12 bamboo sticks water.
  • Blend the rice flour and water. Place the rice flours into a bowl and afterward pour in the hot water. Start blending in with a spoon, and afterward when it begins to come to fruition, utilize your hands to form the Dango batter together. Add somewhat more flour or water if necessary. The batter should feel like mud or play-doh, however gentler.
  • Partition the batter. Uniformly partition the mixture into three pieces. Place everyone into a different bowl.
  • Shading the pink mixture. Add 1 drop of pink food shading to one piece of the mixture and work it in until there is no anymore white.
  • Shading the green batter. Presently add 1 teaspoon of water to the matcha powder and blend to make glue. Then, at that point, add it to one more piece of batter and work it in well. The last piece of batter ought to stay white.


  • Shape the batter into balls. Start molding the mixture into balls. Each ball should be 20 grams, burdened on a kitchen scale. The formula makes around 36 balls.
  • Cook the white balls. Heat a pot of water to the point of boiling and start cooking the white balls first. When they ascend to the highest point of the pot, keep cooking them for an additional 2 minutes.
  • Cool the Dango balls. Once cooked, utilize an opened spoon to move the steamed to a bowl of ice water.
  • Rehash with the pink and green balls. Proceed with this interaction with the pink and afterward the green Dango to try not to stain the water.
  • Stick the Dango. Put the balls on the bamboo sticks, making a point to put the green ones on first, then, at that point, the white, and the pink ones last. Fill in as they are or add a fixing.

Tips for the best Hanami Dango

  • Splash the sticks first-This progression is significant on the grounds that it will make it simpler to slide the Dango balls onto the stick later.
  • Measure with a kitchen scale-For precision, measure the flour on a kitchen scale. This will assist you with getting the right surface for your mixture since it will be more precise. Additionally, you can gauge your batter balls so they are equivalent in size.
  • Mellow the with tofu-If you incline toward a gentler surface, you can substitute the water in this formula with luxurious tofu. Simply ensure the surface remaining parts like a delicate play-doh.
  • Just add one drop of food shading The shade of the hanami will increase as it cooks, so make an effort not to add in excess of a drop of pink food shading or a lot of matcha, except if you need them to be extremely, splendid.
  • Cook them all put together with the white, then, at that point, the pink, and afterward the green last, lightest to haziest. This is so the shadings don’t stain the water and change the shade of the.

Dango versus Mochi: What’s the distinction

Mochi and Dango are not something similar. However they have a comparable gentle flavor and both are white, their surface is unique. Mochi is made with glutinous rice, while Dango is made with rice flour. This is a significant contrast and one can’t be filled in for the other.

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Delicious fixings for Dango

This delectable hanami can be eaten similarly as they are, but at the same time are scrumptious with a garnish of sweet soy coat, red bean glue, or matcha glue. Give everyone a shot to see which you like best!

What to Serve it with

There are huge loads of tasty dishes that would be amazing before a pastry of hanami. You could begin with a Shrimp Tempura Roll and Dipping Sauce, or Fried Spring Rolls (VIDEO) with some Yum Sauce. Assuming you lean toward soup, this delightful Shrimp Tempura Udon Soup is superb. Additionally, 30-Minute Shrimp Chow Mein, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, and Garlic Ginger Shrimp (VIDEO) are incredible decisions. What’s more, remember the Ube frozen yogurt!

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