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We study different terms in mathematics that include variables, constant, expression, operator, etc. In a mathematical equation, we should know all about these terms or what they are referring to. Although all the terms or numbers are essential in an equation, have you ever thought about constants hope so because it is an important term to know and read about. If you want to know all about constant in and why it is used in an equation or mathematics, keep reading this article. Because here, you will find all the necessary information about mathematical constants and you can also get math homework help at any time.

But before that let’s understand the word “constant”

If we say to someone “why are you disturbing me constantly”. It gives the sense of something happening continuously and not changing over a period of time. The same goes with the constant in math. In mathematics, it gives the same meaning and we use the constant words for the values that do not change over time and remain fixed. We can say that a constant is contrary to a variable because variables keep changing with the time and value unless we have not given the value of the variable.

What is constant in math?

Constantly refers to a fixed value that we can not change, and it can be any letter or number that remains unchanged in an equation. Let me explain with a simple example.Suppose we have given the equation below-


Here x is variable, and 6 and 5 are constant, and we can not change these values. The first term depends on the value of x, and we can change it. We can take the value of x= 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. And when we know the value of x or any other variable, it becomes a constant. So, we can say that besides all the numbers, variables also can be considered constant. In the above case, if we take x=2, the result will be a constant term. Check it below-


Take another example

5x^2 – 10x + 45 = 56

In this equation, we have different values but with different names. Here 5 and 10 are coefficients, x is variable, 45 and 56 are constant.

Examples of Constant in math Usages

In various examples, we use the constant physical concept. Some examples are set by the mathematicians, while others are user-defined.

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In mathematics, some terms are denoted by a specific symbol, and these are known as mathematical constants. Let’s discuss a few




i2=-1(imaginary unit)

Root Г2(Pythagoras’ constant)= 1.414

Golden Ratio(Ψ)= 1.618

all these symbols are specific to the above-given values, and we can’t change them and use them as it is in our calculations.

Other Examples of constant in math


Micro is a Greek word that represents the constant millionth of a unit. Its value always remain fixed; that is

mu(μ)= 0.000001=1/1000000

Khinchin’s Constant K

K= 2.6854520010

Neper Constant

John Napier gives it to determine the log of the quantity that relies on the irrational number.

e=2.7182818284 It is also known as Euler’s constant.

Need of constant in math or why is it important


Instead of repeating the same value, again and again, we use constant values to simplify code maintenance. For example, we use Pi rather than saying 3.1415926 again and again. Apart from this, continuous is necessary for a scientific experiment to have a controlled variable to understand the conclusion of an experiment; otherwise, we can’t understand the outcome of an experiment without a controlled variable.

Let’s check you have understood it or not with the help of some questions about constant in math

  1. Which values are fixed in any algebra question

(A) Coefficient

(B) Constant

The answer is B.

  1. In the below equation, which is a constant value.


In this equation, 4 and 24 are the constant terms because they are fixed and can’t be changed.

  1. Select the constant term from the equation-

2x+3= 7

The answer is 3 and 7

  1. In which case can a variable be a constant?

When we know the value of a variable such as x, y, a, b, then it becomes a constant term and gives a constant answer.


Now, I hope you are well familiar with the word constant and why we use it. In this blog, we have discussed all things about constant in and given you a brief explanation regarding this term and its usages.constant values play an important role in mathematical expressions and help to understand different experiments either in the field of mathematics or science. So it becomes important for us to know about constants in

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