Cockroaches and Simple Preventative Measures


In the Philippines, cockroaches are one of the pests that plague households. It is estimated that
there are currently 1.8 billion cockroaches scattering around our homes! While this may seem
alarming, there is a bright side to these little creatures: Cockroaches can help us prevent
another disaster from happening. The Bright Side of Cockroaches Filipino scientists have found a new use for a common household pest: as a tool against hazardous chemicals are known as " persistent organic pollutants" or POPs. POPs linger in oceans and rivers after being washed down by rainwater from farms and factories. These pollutants tend to accumulate up the food chain because they cannot be broken down by water or bacteria present in the soil. Think of how keepers of the zoo take out the trash – they throw all the waste to a single place, where it is compacted and carried away by special vehicles to a landfill. Although not as dirty as
landfills, rivers and other bodies of water tend to become polluted over time. This poses a threat
to humans because these pollutants can find their way up to our food chain through the fish we
eat. Cockroaches are very effective at picking up POPs from contaminated environments. In other
words, cockroaches could prevent us from being exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals
that migrate from one environment into another. Cockroaches can absorb more than just POPs.
For instance, it was discovered that German cockroaches can also neutralize acid dyes used in
textile dyeing factories. Cockroaches are not the only insects that can neutralize pollutants. Cockroach researchers have compared their abilities to other insects such as silverfish, which are commonly found inside homes. What's remarkable is that cockroaches were shown to be far better at removing
POPs from contaminated sites than other scavenger insects.
How do they do it?
Cockroaches' micro-fine hairs all over their bodies absorb contaminants like a sponge. Their
efficient digestive system then removes these chemicals from the hair and expels them through
feces and saliva – leaving behind clean air and water vapor. By doing so, roaches help purify

our living environment stripping away dangerous pollutants that threaten our health and
The Down Side of Cockroaches
Cockroaches are the most common household pests that can contaminate food in your home
and mess up the cleanliness. They can deteriorate the sanitation of your bathroom and kitchen
drains. Moreover, cockroaches carry a number of microbes on them that transfer several
diseases and allergies to humans and pets as well.
Cockroach Prevention
There are many options for pest control against cockroaches, including insecticides. Because of
its dirty drainage system and many high-risk areas where cockroach hatching can be very
common, Surabaya is more than often plagued by the problem of cockroaches.
Many people will not even use products with poison because of health reasons. Therefore they
will turn to unproven remedies used by their parents or earlier generations that have been
proven safe. These popular methods include:
1) Use sugar water (brown sugar + water) as bait at night. If something is moving in it
before dawn, you know you got the right place. Then spray some boiling water over it
with a hose pipe so that the cockroach will not be able to run away.
2) Use garlic paste mixed with sugar as bait at night. The cockroaches will come out of
their hiding place and eat it (for example under the sink). If you want, you can also use
boiling water as the previous method.

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3) Sulfur candles are lit in dark areas that are suspected of hatching cockroaches.
Cockroaches do not like this smell and they will leave soon after smelling too much of it
(the candles should be placed where there is no flammable object nearby.)
4) Advion cockroach gel is one of the most important killer gels on the UAE market. This
best advion gel is quite effective against all types of cockroaches. Advion cockroach gel
contains indoxacarb that is effective in paralyzing the CNS of roaches and ultimately
killing them. You can get this fantastic advion gel from the Pest Control Shop.
Many people say that these remedies work well for them, but currently, there is almost no
published information about it. Few scientific papers mention them, but there are too little data
to support it.
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