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It’s hard to imagine events without social media content on display. Social media content hooks event attendees like no other; however, managing it behind the scenes is not as straightforward as it seems.

However, the social media part of your event can be managed efficiently through social media management tools. We know that you must be aware of some but let us ease the selection dilemma for you by putting forth the best ones. Let’s get rolling!

Best Social Media Engagement Tools

Social media is essential to an event’s success; therefore, these tools would help you manage your social media efficiently.

1. Taggbox Display

Since a social wall has become an integral part of events, creating the best one with Taggbox Display is essential. Taggbox Display is an excellent social media aggregation tool with stunning personalization, customization, and moderation features, helping you create a free social media wall.

It increases audience involvement and provides thrilling experiences, creates and displays real-time social media displays throughout your live events.

Assemble the most helpful information from well-known social media and internet channels. Collect social media content, such as user-generated, branded, or influencer content, including eye-catching Instagram photos and videos, live tweets, and Google customer reviews.

Measure the effectiveness of your social media displays with complete analytics that provide meaningful information. For example, learn about user behavior, identify the most active users, and other similar information.

2. Hootsuite Insights

You can utilize Hootsuite Insights to delve into social listening.

Hootsuite Insights can give you a quick real-time overview of millions of online discussions. It is a premium tool that qualifies more as a social listening tool than a social monitoring software.

You can perform a keyword or subject search and filter the results by area, date, demographics, and more. You will be able to recognize thought leaders or brand ambassadors, comprehend how the market views your company, and receive prompt alerts if and when your mentions increase.


3. Buffer

Buffer gives you access to a single web or mobile dashboard where you can manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. In addition, the platform-specific scheduling calendar provides time slots tailored to your audience’s activities on each platform. Still, you may change these periods if you prefer to publish at specific times.


  • It is a web browser extension for simple one-click content sharing.
  • It provides quick interaction statistics you can email to your team members.
  • The flexible team member feature allows you to grant each linked account different access levels.


4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite’s adaptable search streams will keep an eye on whatever social media site you want so you can quickly see what’s happening. Focus on essential subjects, trends, and social media mentions using specified keywords, hashtags, regions, and individuals.


You can respond to postings using listening and engagement tools without leaving your Hootsuite dashboard. In addition, you get a detailed report to assist you in evaluating your content’s performance before, during, and after an event.


5. MeetEdgar

Even though they are short, events can produce a wealth of evergreen content—things you can repeatedly reuse without seeming stale or monotonous. To ensure that no one misses your evergreen content, Edgar is a solution that automates its reposting across many networks.

Possibility to define content expiration dates (ideal for time-based ticket sales), pause and resume the feed at a whim, or reorder the feed to prioritize time-sensitive content

the capacity to categorize posts and designate various publishing times for each content bucket on each platform.

Time-saving features include a browser extension that enables you to add content to Edgar directly from your website, integrated URL shorteners, and RSS feed imports.

6. Rafflecopter

There are several social media giveaway platforms, but Rafflecopter goes above and beyond by enabling you to reward behaviors more than just joining the offer. This allows you to maximize each promotion.

Customizable entry procedures allow you to encourage the particular behaviors you want your audience to adopt in order to win tickets.

Rafflecopter offers easy sharing of your promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest thanks to one-click integrations.

Alongside it provides simple-to-use code if you wish to run the contest on your website.

7. Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a free service that you can use to publish or promote your event on the social media network. In addition, it is shared in their friends’ news feeds every time someone clicks “Interested” or “Going” on your Facebook event. Facebook Events platform is a fantastic method to spread the word about your event.

It has location markers in its features that make it possible for users to find your event when looking for nearby activities. You also get date and time data that assist Facebook’s algorithm in timely displaying your event in users’ feeds.

Up To You!

With unique social media management tools explained in this blog, we wanted to ensure that you get knowledge about different tools that might be beneficial for you. With this detailed information, you can now decide which tool suits your business the best.

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