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When they say eyelashes make everything better, they are probably right. In today’s world of fashion and show and pomp, lashes have revolutionized the meaning of makeovers. The beautiful sticky piece of hair gives a ravishing look to the eyes when worn. Eyelash boxes have many superficial as well as in-depth uses and they hold mandatory positions for the brands to grow and flourish.

Eyelash boxes come in great variety and benefit the lashes and those dealing in the business of fashion. This small commodity has become so important that makeup feels incomplete without it. Now the question is: How to keep up the quality of the eyelashes? They are quite sensitive products and need continuous care to maintain quality of the products.

Types of eyelash boxes:

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There are some basic types of eyelash boxes:

  1. Metallic boxes:

Metallic boxes are quite strong. They have a variety of sizes and shapes. As lashes mostly are of the same size so the box size does not vary much. However, when they are to be more than one pair of lashes inside the box, the size varies accordingly. The metallic single box is made of light metal. The box has a window in it, and this enhances the look of the box. You may have a clear view of the eyelashes. Some people prefer to get light lashes and some need bulky lashes. The color choice of the product also varies from person to person. The box is further embellished with customized writings on the boxes. The ink used may be silver, golden, or copper. Sometimes on the upper side of the window, the name of the lash is written. Some manufacturers write their name and address along with the logo and slogan on the lower back of the box.

  1. Cardboard box:

Resting in a plastic tray, sometimes lashes are inside cardboard boxes with a single flap opening. They are extremely lightweight and come in handy when you are in a hurry and just want to grab a thing while moving out. You can keep them in your bag and they get easily stuck whenever and wherever needed. Cardboard boxes may come in single packing or multiple pieces packing and so on.

  1. Rigid boxes:

Single-flap rigid boxes are used as secondary packaging mostly. Small cardboard boxes of eyelashes are put in large boxes to give them a protective and formal look. The rigid boxes are beautified with different patterns then. You can Put them on the dressing table and that would give an enthralling view of that corner of your house.

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As eyelash is a colorful commodity of almost daily use by ladies, so it’s packing also needs to be colorful. The printing on the boxes may also vary widely like offset, CMYK+PMS, foiling, solid colors or rainbow colors, etc. Coloring makes them even more attractive to consumers and earns them an identity in the market. The boxes of the eyelashes are further enclosed in the lamination to protect and sustain the lashes.

Some extras:

Some brands have now brought innovation and provide gum along with the lashes so if they ever lose their stickiness, you can have them back in their original form. Some brands try to surpass others and give complementary lashes layers to thicken the lashes line and make them bulky. A smallholder is also a thing to carry your lash carefully without giving it a rough touch with your hands. An eyelash shaper is also provided Incase the lash loses its curved look; the shaper may turn it right and in its original form. All these shenanigans add up to the value of the lashes and help the brands to outgrow others in the field.

Benefits of eyelash boxes:

There are numerous benefits of eyelash boxes:

  1. Protection:

They give protection and durability to the inside material and maintain the quality of the products. The eyelashes are made up of sensitive material and need continuous protection. Water heat and other extreme environmental conditions are not suitable for it and so to protect them the boxes are used. Besides protection, durability and maintainability are other priorities of the manufacturers and so boxes keep them.

  1. Safe transfer over long distances:

The eyelashes are manufactured in some countries as a fashion product and are then transferred to other countries. The transfer involves crossing large continents, wide lands, and extreme climatic conditions. So, when they are safely packed only then can they be transferred without damage to the quality of the material. The shipping containers are large as well as protective so they stay in their position through the journey.

  1. Best presentation:

Eyelash boxes give them a presentable look, the beautiful turns and wraps leave no stone unturned to make the name of the brand in the market. If you want to gift someone a thing of daily use, just get a box of eyelashes, no extra packing or cover is needed there. They are the best gifts for ladies and or fashionistas of every age group. They never disappoint the receivers at all.

  1. Affordability:

The best benefit of eyelashes is that they are an affordable makeup product. Never too expansive eyelashes are found and worn by people. They are elegant yet very reasonable in price. You can easily get them in cosmetics retail shops and even have a stock of them for easy use whenever you are going somewhere. You can keep them in your handbags and enjoy an all-the-time ready commodity for daily use.

So in the race of the fashion and makeup industry, this small yet beneficial commodity has changed the fashion game. But to keep it in its best form, the eyelash boxes are a blessing. They earn you a name in the market and make you a brand anybody can trust blindly. The versatility of designs, sizes, and shapes has given consumers wide options to choose from and keep their looks updated as they wish.

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