American Horror Story Season 11


The American Horror Story Season 11 is an American anthology. The American horror story is the best television series. The American horror story was created by the famous “Ryan Murphy” and “Brad falchuk”. The American horror story is only for the cable network used. This is the main and first installment of the story media characters. The writer of the story shows the value of the concept. Then they introduced the character of the American Horror Story Season 11.

In the paragraph, the American Horror Story Season 11 has many episodes and seasons. Each season accepts the conceived self-contained miniseries. The horror story has many different characters and stories are related to fake moments and unrealistic. 

The story is own in the beginning, middle, and end. Some places give the true events. Some characters are new in the episode but some are related in every season. The different characters and setting of the storyline are the same fictional universe. Many characters are introduced in every season. 

The American horror story is give the typical picture to be very brave in life. This is an example to face everything bravely in his life. The storyline and concept give an interesting way to choose every place strongly.

How Many Seasons And Episodes Of The American Horror Story?

In the paragraph, the American Horror Story Season 11 is the main part of all the episodes. These episodes are dampened by the different concepts of the storyline. In the paragraph, the story is related to the characters and main idea. The name of the seasons and movies are mentioned below


  • Season 1  Murder House
  • Season 2  Asylum
  • Season 3  Coven
  • Season 4  Freak  show
  • Season 5   hotel
  • Season 6   Roanoke
  • Season 7  Cult
  • Season 8  1984
  • Season 9   Double feature
  • Seasons10  Apocalypse


Let’s discuss the season of the American horror story

1: Murder House 2011

The murder house is an unrealistic story. The American Horror Story Season 11 shows the graphical picture of the back centuries from 1920 to its construction. The story moves around the mother and wife. 

The main character of Ben is falling into an affair with a student. She is pregnant. They both left the house and go to the restored mansion. The residence is the main housekeeper. When she enters the house. She feel uneasy but they lived. At the end of the story, the visitors saw the house and say that it is the house of ghosts.

2: Asylum

The American Horror Story Season 11 is related to the past century 1693. The story moves around the hospital of psycho people. The hospital is filled with many mental peoples. it is established in the back village side. 

The story shows that the main character of the story deals with the patients strictly. The character is interested in ambition. The face is the big platform of the story. The bloody face shows the criminally insane. The character is treat the patients unjustly institutionalized. The horror story shows the picture of the bad behavior of mental patients. the American horror story shows the cruelty of the characters.

3: Coven 2013

In the American story, the coven is the story that discusses Salem. It is the dwindling descendants of the witches. The story shares the genetic condition. The subject is attacks from the put side faces. 

The horror story shows the bloodline of a young woman who goes to a boarding school. She is dangerous on all sides. She meets the other students and catches him. She is dangerous. 

The girl is turned to lead the coven, and create the best conflict with the other young witches. 

4: Freak Show

 The story follows the freak show led by Elsa Mars. It is the sleepy town of Florida. the concept of the story shows the twin sisters’ work in a form of entertainment. The name is jimmy darling. The boy lived with his three-breasted wife. These sisters perform in the sideshow.

I the time, the age of the television is beginning to the high-level show. The tattler, dot, and Bette are performed and act well in the show. But the obsession with freaks. This is the most dangerous of all mysteries.  The havoc on Jupiter appears to be the targeting freaks. 

5:  Hotel

In the story, the center of the story is the retro hotel Cortez. The whole story moves around the character’s depression about his wife’s disappearance. Who has depression and his daughter? The main concept of the story is to become entangled in her violent life.

6: Roanoke

He is investigating the murder. he becomes s of the hotel. The main character jhon lowe arrives at the hotel. 

The roanoke is a supernatural event. These events are related to the farmhouse in California. The lad is moved infamous 1580. It is the disappearance. The story moves around the husband and his wife matt holland. Their sister of matt is encountered with the vengeful ghosts of the previous house and the resident. 

In the paragraph, the documentary has become a huge success. The story is related to a tragic disaster, and the cast and crew are fast targeted. 

7: Cult

In the set of the season 2017, it is the fictional town of Brookfield heights. Michigan is left to be divided in the wake of Donald trumps elections. It is the local restaurant owner. In the story, Richard and Sarah Paulson is both husbands’ wives. they have an unhappy time. 

Sarah Paulson is increasingly falling into a deep depression. The Richard use their political powers by running for the city council. The result of the election is to cover the level of Brookfield. In these lines, Sarah begins to fear everyone. She is amplifying her growing distrust of the house. The house is the horror picture of the story. 

8: 1984

In the paragraph, the story is related to the fathers of the jungles. The season follows Brooke Thomason’s travel to the jungle to open a new remote summer camp. It is terrifying to encounter serial killers. He is very dangerous in the story. Billie Lourd is arriving at the camp and joining the company. But Billie is not easy. The camp is related to the beautiful nurse Rita. She also is the surviving killer.

In the other words, the story gives a flashback detailing the history of the camp. The story is also related to the mother Lavinia.

9:  Double Feature

In the paragraph, the double features have two parts, one is related to the title of “Red tide”. And second is related to the “death valley”. In the first part, the writer shows a graphic picture of a garden harry, and his pregnant wife Doris. They go to another beach town. A mysterious black pill is present. The story gives the horrifying effects. 


In the second part, death velly is the story of four students. The strange creatures are referred to as the pale peoples. It is the terrifying tragic face. They felt very terrified. And make his threatening decision.

10: Apocalypse

In the story are deal with the ghosts in life. The apocalypse is also related to the story of the coven. This is the mixture of the story. Therefore, the stories season is also introduced in future seasons. In the other words, the horror story is also related to the dangerous effect and parts of places. Where never state anyone. 

American Horror Story Season 11

The season has no story. The season only depends on the cast of the story. It is a very interesting season. The cast and other descriptions are mentioned, but the writer does not mention the story of the American horror story. 

The followers are very excited to watch the series.


In the final words, the American horror story shows the graphical picture of the other stories. The other seasons are too much dangerous and horrifying. The upcoming season is very interesting and dangerous. 

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