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Owen Gray, otherwise called Owen Gray (conceived 5 July 1939), is a Jamaican performer. His work traverses the R&B, ska, rocksteady, and reggae times of Jamaican music, and he has been credited as Jamaica’s most memorable local singing star.


Dim was brought into the world in Jamaica. He won his most memorable ability challenge at nine years old, and by the age of twelve he was at that point showing up out in the open, playing drums, guitar, and consoles. He went to the Alpha Boys School and turned proficient matured 19. Dark was a unique entertainer in front of, a be coarse or smooth as the audience melody directed.

He was the main vocalist (of many) to commend a sound framework on record, with his “On the Beach” observing Clement Dodd’s Sir Coxsone Downbeat framework in 1959, perhaps the earliest delivery on Dodd’s Studio One mark.

He was quite possibly the earliest craftsman to be delivered by Chris Blackwell, in 1960, and his “Patricia” single was the very first record delivered by Island Records.

His most memorable single, “If it’s not too much trouble, Let Me Go”, arrived at the highest rated spot in Jamaica, and highlighted a guitar solo from Australian performer Dennis Sindrey who was an individual from The Caribs, a studio band that played on numerous early Owen Gray accounts. The single likewise sold well in the United Kingdom, as did resulting discharges, provoking Gray to emigrate there in 1962.

He visited Europe in 1964, and by 1966 he was notable as a spirited vocalist as well with respect to his ska tunes. During 1966, he worked in the UK and Europe with The Krew, then, at that point, in 1967 with Tony Knights Chessmen. In the rocksteady period, he recorded for maker Sir Clancy Collins AKA sir collins.

His prevalence went on all through the 1960s, working with makers, for example, Clement Dodd, Prince Buster, Sydney Crooks, Arthur “Duke” Reid, Leslie Kong, and Clancy Eccles, including function as a couple with Millie Small, with tunes going from ska to melodies. He kept on recording routinely, having success in 1968 with “Cupid”.

His 1970 track “Apollo 12” tracked down the favor with the early skinheads, and in 1972 he got back to Island Records, recording reggae adaptations of The Rolling Stones’ “Tumblin. During this period, he routinely had discharges on Pama and Pioneer Internacional mark, Camel Records, and one single on Hot Lead Records.

He had better progress in Jamaica, be that as it may, with “Hail the Man”, a recognition for Emperor Haile Selassie, which was well known with the rising Rastafari following. Dark spent a brief time frame residing in New Orleans prior to getting back to Jamaica where he turned his hand to roots reggae, working with maker Bunny Lee, and making extensive progress.

During the 1980s moved to Miami. He has kept on delivering new material consistently, frequently focusing on anthems and Gospel music.



Owen Gray A large number of hits After Hit-Sydney Crooks (Pioneer Internacional)
Owen Gray Sings (1961) Starlite (additionally Island Records in Jamaica)
Cupid (1969)
Forward on the Scene (1975) Third World
Shoot and Bullets (1977) Trojan
Defining moment (1977) Venture
Dreams of Owen Gray (1978) Trojan
Skirmish of the Giants Round 1 (1983) Vista Sounds (with Pluggy Satchmo)
Blasts from the past (1983) Vista Sounds (split with Delroy Wilson)
Max Romeo Meets Owen Gray at King Tubby’s Studio (1984) Culture Press (with Max Romeo)
The young lady (1984) Vista Sounds

Owen Gray Sings Bob Marley (1984) Sarge
This is Owen Gray, Pama
Room at the Top (1986) World Enterprise
We should Make a Deal with World Enterprise
Watch This Sound (1986) Sky Note
Stand By Me (1986) Hitbound
Sovereign Buster Memory Lane (1986) Phill Pratt
Moment Rapport (1989) Bushranger
Eager to get going (1989) Park Heights
None of Jah’s Children Shall Ever Suffer (198?) Imperial
Living Image (1996) Genesis Gospel Singers
Out in the Open (1997) VP
The Gospel Truth vol 1 Bushranger
Something Good Going On Bushranger
Gospel Truth, vol. 2 (1997) Jet Star
Derrick Morgan and Owen Gray (1998) Rhino (with Derrick Morgan)
Genuine Vibration (1998) Jet Star
Do You Still Love Me (1998) First Edition
The Gospel Truth vol. 3 (1999) Bushranger
On Drive (2000) Jet Star
More promising times (2002) Worldsound
How about we Start All Over (2003) Jet Star
Jesus Loves Me (2004) True Gospel
Child, It’s You (2005) Worldsound
Drivel (2005) Revenge
Miss Wire Waist – Pioneer Internacional (Sydney Crooks)
Greatness (????), Bushranger
Jamaica’s First Homegrown Star (2020)
Owen Gray-Little Girl + A large number of hits After Hit (2020)
Owen Gray – Singles 1969 – 1972 (2020)

Accumulation collections

A large number of hits After Hit (1998) First Edition Pioneer Internacional
A large number of hits After Hit Vol 2 Pioneer Internacional
A large number of hits After Hit Vol 3 Pioneer Internacional
A large number of hits After Hit Vol 4 (198?) Pioneer Internacional
Wily and Robbie Presents Owen Gray on Top (1994) Rhino
A world of fond memories Vol. 1 (2000) Sydney Crooks (Pioneer Internacional)
Shook, Shimmy And Shake: The Anthology (2004) Trojan

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