Debunking The 10 Most Common Myths About Employment Screening Solutions


If you’re like most professionals, you probably have come across a dozen employment screening myths. You might have heard some of these myths so often that you’ve started believing them yourself /jdhw78tzgby.

And to help you bust those, today we’ll debunk 10 of the most common myths about employment screening solutions.

Let’s get started.

1. Only Big Corporations Conduct Good Background Checks

It’s not just the size of a company that dictates whether or not background screenings are conducted. Many other factors, like the industry and employment type, should determine if a background screening is required /jdhw78tzgby.

Honestly, small and medium-sized firms prioritize hiring the right candidates.

Considering the average cost of bad hiring exceeds $15,000, smaller businesses are more susceptible to revenue losses when they end up hiring the wrong candidates. As a result, background checks are essential for any firm trying to make educated hiring decisions /jdhw78tzgby.

2. All Employment Screening Solutions Reports The Same Information

Companies validate the information they get on potential employees by gathering it from a range of different sources. As a result, they are unlikely to have the same information.

The purpose of the verification procedure is pretty much the same for all companies, and screening solutions focus on them. However, depending on the requirements, the features that are verified/checked could vary from one company to another /jdhw78tzgby.

These might include drug testing, occupational experience, criminal histories, and educational credentials. Ensure that, when picking employment screening solutions, the screening procedure incorporates all relevant factors and fulfills your unique staffing needs.

3. Employment Screening Solutions Are Expensive

Most employers see employment screening solutions as costly tools companies avoid to save money. However, they often overlook the repercussions of a bad employment selection.

In the worst-case scenario, it may impact team morale and decrease the productivity of employees. Therefore, in order to avoid unwanted instances of credential fraudulence, businesses need to see the long-term advantages of staff screenings rather than being myopic and acting in a short-sighted manner /jdhw78tzgby.

4. Employment Screening Solutions Bring Down Hiring Processes

Background checks being time-consuming is one of the popular employment screening myths. There’s no denying that, like any other organizational function, technology has enhanced recruiting processes too.

The duration of a verification process is dependent on the scope of a check, the data types, and the records. Professional background verification companies can enhance the process with their IT-enabled services.

That way, recruiters can concentrate on key HR functions without having to worry about paperwork. Recruiters may also reduce the risk of losing quality applicants by speeding up the onboarding process with rapid verification /jdhw78tzgby.

5. A Candidate With Any Record at All Is Believed As Not Fit

This is one of the most widely held misconceptions among both employers and candidates. However, the process of verifying someone’s background is not intended to be a fault-finding mission.

The majority of hiring managers are of the opinion that a candidate who has any sort of criminal history should not be considered for employment. But ideally, that shouldn’t be the case. For instance, a person with a single record of driving under the influence (DUI) might not be suitable for the role of a driver, but they might still be eligible for the role of a clerk /jdhw78tzgby.

6. Employment Screening Solutions Are Completely Automated

One of the most persistent myths about employment screening is that the process is completely automated.

Many people believe that all an employer has to do is input a potential employee’s name into a database, and all of their relevant information will magically appear. However, this is simply not the case! While automation does play a role in employment screening, there are still many steps that must be carried out manually.

7. Employment Screening Solutions Are All About the Data

This myth is perpetuated by the misperception that employment screening services exist only to help employers find out as much as possible about their applicants.

Employment screening services exist to help employers make the best hiring decisions possible. They do this by providing employers with accurate and up-to-date information about their applicants. This information includes criminal records, employment history, and credit reports.

8. All States Have The Same Laws For Reporting Criminal Background

Employment background screening services follow different laws for reporting the criminal backgrounds of people in different states. There is no standard procedure for reporting criminal backgrounds, and each state has its own unique set of rules.

As a result, there is a lot of variation in the way these services are used across the country. In some states, employers are allowed to use criminal background checks to screen job applicants. While in some other states, employers have to obtain a waiver from the applicant before conducting a criminal background check.

This can create a confusing and complicated landscape for employers who are trying to comply with the law. However, by taking the time to understand the requirements in your state, you can ensure that your employment screening practices are compliant with the law.

9. Background Verification Means Criminal Checks

You need to look a candidate up in a criminal database before hiring the person. However, the database often does not offer a complete picture of the candidate being considered.

Background checks should also involve information obtained from credit checks, educational records, civil and criminal lawsuits, and previous employment history.

What information is revealed in background checks defines the quality of hire. Therefore, it is necessary for employers to perform all of the necessary checks in order to obtain a comprehensive and unbiased view of a candidate.

10. Why Go To The Trouble Of Verifying Employees When You Can Do It All Online?

Some might think that job verification isn’t necessary because a lot of information about candidates is easily available online. But there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find all the necessary information about job seekers online.

Now, we agree that a comprehensive investigation into an applicant’s employment history will include a review of prominent social media platforms. But it’s risky to rely solely on online searches and social media to screen potential employees.


As you can see, there are a lot of myths out there about background checks and the employment screening process.

By debunking these myths, we hope to have cleared up some of the confusion and given you a better understanding of what employment screening solutions can do for your business. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help!

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