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On the off chance that you’re considering purchasing an Alienware 17in Laptop (a.k.a a 17 inch PC from Dell’s gaming PC sub-brand) then look no further. This guide will let you know all that you really want to be aware of the best machines accessible from Alienware in this size class, for both gaming and workstation use.

Does make great Alienware 17in Laptop?

Alienware 17in Laptop

Alienware 17in Laptop are essentially continuously gaming machines of the greatest quality, and similar applies to models with more modest presentation estimates as well. The nature of Alienware PC separates terms of variety range, splendor, and differentiation are among the best out there and most have great reaction time as well, however this relies upon the particular model. Alienware PCs ordinarily come furnished with probably the most noteworthy SKU design cards and CPUs, however, these aren’t really the most noteworthy TGP choices accessible contrasted with the best of the opposition. In any case, you can continuously make certain of a decent quality item when you purchase Alienware, regardless of whether there are less expensive choices out there as far as accomplishing a similar crude FPS execution.

Is Alienware worth the cash?

Alienware PCs are among the most top-notch gaming workstations out there concerning assemble quality, and the nature of their showcases specifically, however perhaps the greatest analysis of them is that they can be overrated compared with contending gaming PC brands. This fluctuates relying upon the particular model being referred to, and you can get respectable worth workstations from past ages that actually perform well at great cost limits, however, is a moderately precise investigation generally. In any case, in the event that you esteem construct quality and feel, you might look at this as a beneficial cost to pay.

Do Alienware workstations overheat?

Customarily, Alienware PCs of all sizes have either run hot, had outstandingly clear fans, or now and again both. To a point this is regular for any gaming PC with powerful center parts, however, Alienware models would, in general, be better than expected in this division. Be that as it may, late sections to the Alienware program like the X17 have demonstrated to be exceptionally noteworthy in their capacity to hold temperatures down, stay calm, and furthermore have a slender and versatile body – an extremely great accomplishment.

How long do Alienware workstations endure?

It’s hard to address this inquiry with any sort of sureness, as it varies from one model to another and furthermore comes mostly down to the silicon lottery – a few explicit units will simply have more solid CPU/GPU chips. Having said that, the inclination of some Alienware PCs to run more blazing than normal hampers their life span a little, however, this doesn’t matter to any semblance of the X17 and X15, which have great cooling. On the off chance that you purchase a top-of-the-line Alienware 17in Laptop and don’t receive any less than 5 years in return, then you could see yourself as very unfortunate. For the most part, we prompt you don’t put your PC under an excessive amount of reliable strain, and ensure you routinely shut it down and turn it off appropriately to boost its life span.

The best Alienware 17in PC in 2022

The X17 isn’t unquestionably the best Alienware 17in Laptop, yet one of the most incredible 17-inch gaming workstations made. The TGP of the GPU choices are extremely noteworthy for such a slimline PC: you can go with the RTX 3060 with a 115W TGP + 15W with Dynamic Boost, a RTX 3070 with 125W + 15W, or a 150W + 15W RTX 3080. The Intel Core i7 11800H CPU is likewise an extraordinary entertainer, and, surprisingly, more impressive twelfth gen choices will show up in 2022 for this machine Alienware 17in Laptop.

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The actual PC is brilliantly compact, however, the robust power brick of the RTX 3080 variant discredits this a piece. The general stylish of the machine is first-rate, it truly is a delightful gadget, and the form quality is the best you will find. You get an extraordinary mechanical console (but deficient with regards to a Numpad), a first-rate trackpad, and a decent choice of ports including a microSD card space. Tragically, the flipped motherboard configuration makes it more challenging to redesign the GPU and CPU, yet you can in any case do such with the RAM luckily.

For the battery duration, you can anticipate something like 5 hours of general, non-game utilization for the RTX 3070 variant at any rate (with brilliance set to mid-settings and battery saver one) which isn’t astounding yet it’s decent for a gaming PC with center parts of this power, especially given the slimline fabricate.

Focusing on the showcase, we’d generously suggest the 1080p 360Hz variant assuming your need is serious gaming: the ludicrously high revive rate and magnificently expressed 1ms reaction time (while prone to be altogether higher practically speaking) are perfect for speedy shooters Alienware 17in Laptop. This is likewise the main variant that accompanies G-Sync and in particular a MUX switch. For the 1440p choice, 120Hz is very adequate for both single-player titles and online first-individual shooters, for however long you’re not playing at the cutthroat level; the slower expressed 4ms reaction time is likewise still very really great for a Alienware 17in Laptop, yet given the absence of MUX Switch we’d just prescribe this to individuals keen on involving their PC for imaginative work processes.

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Other than this the 1080p showcase variation has 100 percent sRGB inclusion, high difference, and pinnacle brilliance, making it reasonable for any variety-based work processes here. The 1440p choice has unrivaled Adobe RGB variety replication, yet at the expense of reaction time and revive rate, again supporting its reasonableness for those intrigued by inventive efficiency work processes.

On the whole, you won’t see a greater quality Alienware 17in Laptop out there. Albeit other, all the more impressive Alienware 17in Laptop workstations exist (Like the ASUS Zephyrus 17) they don’t have the form quality, flimsy body, and movability of this heavenly-looking Alienware X17. A genuinely noteworthy accomplishment of designing.

Alienware m17 R4

In spite of the fact that Alienware 17in Laptop made another R6 rendition of the more modest m15 PC, they didn’t refresh the m17 to an R6 variant, consequently, the furthest down the line one you can get is the m17 R4, yet this is as yet a brutal machine. The Alienware m17 R4 produces results not excessively far behind the Alienware X17 concerning in-game FPS execution and can be furnished with comparative top-of-the-line 30-series Nvidia illustrations cards (however not the most recent Ti variants), as well as Intel eleventh gen CPUs. Contrasted with the X17 it is certainly the less expensive of the two choices, however, it’s as yet an exceptional Alienware 17in Laptopwith a significant sticker price.

The m17 R4 is the weightier of the two workstations, in spite of as yet being somewhat slimline, which thwarts its movability a piece by correlation. It likewise runs very hotly, but then has stronger fans. The battery duration just reaches out to a frustrating three hours, and the speaker, webcam, and mouthpiece quality are generally around normal.

Other than these focuses, however, the Alienware m17 R4 accompanies an incredible determination of ports, including Thunderbolt support. There is a scope of show choices, however, the one we’d suggest gamers go with is the 360Hz 1080p choice – which will be essentially as high as the need might arise. The genuine, genuine reaction time on this choice is among the absolute best accessible in a gaming Alienware 17in Laptopat the hour of composing: coming in around 3ms normal dim to dark. The variety range of the screen is an extremely noteworthy 100 percent sRGB and 76% Adobe RGB, making it most certainly reasonable for a variety of precise work in the sRGB space. The difference proportion is strong and the pinnacle splendor is great at around 360 nits. By and large, this is a strong Alienware 17in Laptop.

Alienware Area-51m R2 (300Hz, RTX 2080 SUPER)

The Alienware Area 51m r2 is a strong performing 17-inch PC in FPS terms: the past age Nvidia RTX 2080 SUPER designs card is the most extreme specced rendition accessible nevertheless sneaks up suddenly, roughly comparable to a more up to date RTX 3070 machine. At the point when this illustration card is matched with the still strong Intel Core i9-10900K, the Area 51m r2 is fit for a great FPS in games, for sure the i9-10900K is really of comparative capacity to the eleventh gen i7 11800H in the X17. You will not exactly get a similar Ray-Tracing backing of the further developed GPU models be that as it may.

Sadly, regardless of accompanying a more seasoned gen unit, the Alienware 17in Laptop Area 51m r2 is as yet not the least expensive at the maximum, but rather can be found for good worth when sold with offers applied. It enjoys the benefit of a Numpad prepared console (a top-notch film model), which the more up to date 17in models on this page don’t, as well as the best speakers of any of the workstations on this page – essentially better than expected with some level of bass replication (uncommon for a gaming Alienware 17in Laptop). You get a microSD peruser as well as a decent scope of different ports and attachments.

The screen of the 51m r2 is amazing in the two its variety range and speed. Covering 100 percent of the sRGB space, you could involve this for a variety of precise work close by gaming assuming that you needed it. Of the various variations of the IPS show, the 300Hz cycle has the best-expressed reaction season of 3ms, so this is the one we’d propose you go for, however, there is a slight drawback in that it doesn’t accompany G-Sync, while the 9ms reaction time 144Hz presentation does.

However it doesn’t look as great as any semblance of the X17, the Area 51m r2 is as yet a stylishly satisfying machine, well in front of most gaming Alienware 17in Laptop. It has more circumference than the fresher slimline models, yet we’ve seen thicker machines; by and by the power block has some weight which decreases its versatility to some degree. A commendable thought for those on the lookout for an Alienware 17in Laptop.

Alienware 17 R5

On its delivery back in 2018, the Alienware 17 R5 was a decent Alienware 17in Laptop that consolidated top-of-the-line parts and a rich, bright presentation with great form quality, yet at a top-notch sticker price. Nowadays, the CPU and GPU are both a long way from the top of the line, and albeit the screen stays splendid and bright and the form quality strong, for the asking cost you’ll usually track down these workstations at, they simply do not merit the cash.

Alienware has stopped assembling this model of PC however there are but there are still plenty for sale on Amazon, however, most come with a price tag of between $1,000 and $1,500. For this you get a maximum specced Intel Core i9-8950HK CPU and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 laptop graphics card, a combination that will only be able to play the latest releases on the very lowest of settings, if at all. There are simply much more powerful options out there now for this price.

Looking at the display, we’d definitely avoid the 1080p for gaming as it is capped at a max refresh rate of only 60Hz, which is extremely easily. The 60Hz 4K panel is less out of the ordinary, but this is not suitable for gaming, and for creatives, there are better options out there too. The 120Hz 1440p choice is the one we’d pick, and it also comes with G-Sync, which is nice to see. In terms of color replication, you get near enough to 99% sRGB coverage, which makes it suitable for colorwork in this space. Brightness and contrast are also both good.

In terms of the other specifications, you get a decent quality 1080p webcam, about standard speakers for a gaming laptop, an adequate membrane keyboard and trackpad but lots of upgrade options for the SSD size and RAM. The build quality is very robust but the laptop is thick and heavy, which hinders its portability. The bezels around the display are certainly also thicker than we’d like to see. Ultimately we can’t recommend people buy the Alienware 17in Laptop today, given the superior options out there for the same price.

Final Word

This has been our buyer’s guide to the best Alienware 17in laptop for both gaming and productivity use. We hope we have assisted you in finding the right model for your needs and budget. If you’re interested in Alienware 17in Laptop gaming laptops from other companies then check out our other brand-focused laptop guides and also price-focused laptop guides, which will all include 17” picks where applicable.

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