A silent war and human safety


We know that we all are living human safety and for us, anything could become dangerous. That not goes in our favor either it comes from nature or by us. In both conditions, the outcome of the human is the same. It could become matter of life and death in other words we can say it is a safety and war.

Every infection or virus is either made by man or nature. In both conditions, we as human sacrifices a lot because suddenly in this world we don’t know about the cure. For human safety, every second is important because the right medicine at the right time matters a lot for us to click here single point vs two point sling.

This is the same happened with us when covid impact us badly and we have nothing in hand to fight against it. All people of the world just worry about the cure and no one know how to manage this pandemic. Because this is the big disaster of history ever.

So, in the worst condition where no cure is available in that condition only care works for human safety. More infection can be spread if don’t know the actual cause and reason behind it. This is called the silent war where you don’t know about the enemy and their power.

The effect of the silent war is not easy to bear. Because when humans become enemy no matter it is in family, neighbor, and any other place. The impact is almost the same because human-to-human transmission is a big threat for everyone.

Here are the details of that war how its impacted the human safety of all world. No matter from which country or region it belongs.

Without ammos many deaths

Due to the covid virus, many countries face many deaths on account of nothing. no one knows from where those deaths start and where they will end. That causes a high number of deaths even more than any war with weapons.

No cure for the virus

The world is a worry about the cure but there is no way out from that deadly virus. Because no one knows what kind it is and how it is reacting with each other. Some are with symptoms and some are without it. But all have viruses.

Fear of death

Due to the fear of sudden death every human is under big stress. Because no one knows how to handle it. Death is the end result of that virus, no matter how smart and healthy you are in physical condition.

Psychological disorder

Many of the humans who do not get infected by the virus get mentally sick due to fear. Same like during any war condition the situation is not normal for everyone. Because fear is not associated with any other. All humans are dangerous to each other. That’s why the mental condition is not stable in that condition.

Shut down of businesses

Many of the businesses get to shut down due to the non-availability of the humans at their location. Because after so many deaths only the way which can help is to go in quarantine. More meetings and dealing with each other can boost the speed of the virus. That’s why so many businesses get slow because people are not there for anything.

Shortage of labor

Furthermore, the other problem of this silent war is many laborers were not ready to back to work. Due to the close working environment in different factories. That is another big issue because when things do not produce how it does come into the market for usage. That war did not support anyone and create worse conditions.

Shortage of material

It is obvious when all people of the world stop working from their places. Many processes get stop no matter they belong to the daily routine things or the industrial things.

Shortage of food

Definitely, the food shortage is obvious because many farmers and the food associated people not working during this time. as everyone has fear and further need to care for the safety of the others.

Shortage of medicines

The medicine supply also gets hurt during this unseen war condition. The more you get in the people have high the chances to get infected. This fear not allowing anyone to step forward.

Stopping of public areas

Many of the public places and markets get shut because the condition of the virus spreading getting worst. More exposure means more welcoming to the virus.

Limited working permissions

The limited working of the people is the only key to get secure from the deadly virus. Because big permission grant to the huge people to work means inviting danger.

Disaster for manufacturing

As the labor is not available due to fear. Further, the material chain is not up to the mark means nothing to produce. The limitation on everything becomes an issue for the manufacturing units.

 Shortage of protective coveralls

The high demand of people due to the care is the only solution. Most of the people in normal life are willing to use it. To get cover from that deadly virus.

Lack of handling information

The lack of information about the virus creating problems to handle it. The more clear and authentic information is always better to handle something.

Sacrifices of the health care sector

As we know that health care sector workers are also human. For them, the virus impact is also the same. That’s why their sacrifices are no joke. Because in the worse war condition they are stand in the virus and try to save people from it.

Shortage of capacity in hospitals

Definitely when the virus is to spreading and many people get infected. So, the capacity of the hospitals is not ready to handle the patient rush. Because this is not a normal condition this is a war condition for all world.

Challenges for protective gowns manufacturers

The same condition popup for the protective cover all factories. Many of the best protective gowns manufacturers are willing to give backup even in work conditions. To at least protect humanity with care if no cure is available. Because big risk with their team also exists during work. Because viruses don’t know the country and the region

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