7 Travel Chores that Couples Must Discuss, Distribute and Contribute Together


Traveling as a couple is heartwarming. Fun is an understatement because it makes you feel overjoyed. While solo travel has tons of advantages, couple travel has loads of uniqueness that you can only get from it. Time spent with the person you love is time treasured. For a while, you get to rest and relax from life’s major responsibilities while in each other’s arms. But look here and keep this in mind: That does not mean you have no duties while on a trip! Of course, travel chores exist too!  bollyfuntv

Is it your first time hearing it? Basically, travel chores are the tasks you must do and achieve, so your travel plans will take place as well as expected. If you are traveling alone, all the assignments are on you. In contrast, if you are traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse, you divide the work. You’re there to help each other to make your very own couple trip be your best one yet!    

Check out these 7 travel chores that couples must discuss, distribute and contribute together. Let your significant another read this list, so he/she can relate too!

1 – Looking for travel itineraries


The first step is always the hardest, but in making travel preparations, it is also one of the most exciting steps. Before anything else, one of the first few travel chores is looking for itineraries. 

Unless you already have a very specific destination that you have long been wanting to visit, you should search for and make a list of your travel spot choices. If you are going for romantic getaways filled with various itineraries, it would be best if you share ideas on what kind of activities you wish to experience. Yes, the adventures you want to try will be a huge factor for choosing your travel destinations, so jot them down. 

So that the both of you can make this couple’s trip interesting, each should recommend one or two places to go to. After the trip, you can do a mini voting game wherein you will be picking who did better at selecting a date spot. Moreover, both will enjoy the trip because each of your individual requests happened.      

2 – Booking plane tickets


Decide on who will book your plane tickets. If you are assigned to do this, your task is to get a slot for the date you both desire to have. You should be fast, alert and updated, particularly if you are aiming for discounted plane tickets with limited slots.   

3 – Handling land transportation

Besides the plane tickets, passes and fares for land transportation are to be paid attention to. The duty here is to determine the best land transportation means, such as cabs, trains, motorcycles and unique local transportation. Whoever is given this travel chore makes necessary car bookings, speaks with drivers or terminal staff, and manages picking routes.     

4 – Booking accommodation

The next important thing after plane tickets is the hotel accommodation you will stay in abroad or even in a local destination. Here, you will be the head when it comes to choosing hotels or inns, scrutinizing their offers and packages, talking with hotel staff and management for inquiries and bookings. You are the hotel’s contact person for your booking. You are the one who completely knows your privileges as hotel guests, based on your availed booking package, and you will just relay them to your spouse.  

5 – Finding restaurants

Particularly abroad, most food selections are unfamiliar. You cannot really find the local fast-food restaurants you always dine in your country. 

Deciding where to eat is a common date hurdle for many couples. To avoid choice hassles while on your romantic getaways, one of you should spearhead finding restaurants and making reservations when needed. Search for nearby restaurants and food stations. Inform you’re significant other about them, and help them choose too. You will look for their menus posted online if you want to check out their food and servings before heading to them.  

6 – Carrying travel documents

Travel documents, namely passports, visas, plane tickets and hotel tickets, are the most important essentials in any kind of trip, including international romantic getaways. Lose one or all of them, and you will lose your mind because of stress. 

That’s why you should decide who will carry these files during your trip. They must be secured in bags you always bring while strolling. You should never leave them unattended. If you are the one holding these travel documents, you are in charge of showing or submitting them to the management where they are needed.  

7 – Managing the travel budget

Last but definitely not least, a top-tier travel chore is managing the travel budget. Travel is beyond awesome, but remember that there’s still tomorrow, you cannot spend all your money on that trip. You have to watch your travel budget too. 

Both will talk about your allotted budget and expected travel expenses. Being in charge of the travel finances, you will hold the money during the trip, and you will monitor if you are spending according to your pre-made plan. Computations during and after the trip are most likely done by you as well.  


Traveling allows you to learn more about each other. Importantly, teamwork is a value that it fosters and improves in your relationship. Yes, you travel to have fun, but that is not possible if you will not make an effort to make it happen beautifully. There are travel chores to pay attention to, not by only one of you but by both. 

Who’s benefiting from this couple’s trip? Who’s enjoying it? You two. It’s just right that each has a part in all the travel responsibilities present. This is how you can lessen the hassles that actually exist from the preparations to the trip itself. 

Cut the worries and troubles. Make wise travel plans together, and be sure to combine your “powers” to bring home extremely noteworthy travel memories! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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