6 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Comfortable During Hot Weather


Hot weather ruins your sleep with a heatwave in your bedroom. People love to bask in hot
weather after cold seasons. But when it gets too warm, it affects the quality of sleep you get.
The nights are hot and long, and getting some shut-eye is difficult. How do you find ways to
keep your bedroom cool to get better sleep? To sleep better, you need your body temperature
to drop. But with hot weather, it is hard and difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, there are many
ways to cool down when it’s hot to sleep. Below are effective ways to ensure you are
comfortable in your bedroom during hot seasons.

1. Choose the right mattress for bedroom


If you struggle to sleep during summer, choose the right mattress like the   Siena mattress quality  . You can check for mattress options that regulate body temperature. More importantly,
if your mattress is over seven years old, you need to get a new one. Choose a mattress type
with high natural fillings such as cotton, wool, or bamboo is better if you are struggling to sleep
as they offer cool air. Also, consider the new generation mattress with temperature regulating
features, to help you keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Check the reviews from the
mattress type you want to buy to learn of the best one  for more information to click here crackstreams.con.

2. Block out the light

Keep the sun out by keeping the blinds and curtains drawn. Black-out curtains are best for the hot weather to help block the light and let in the air. So, to block out the sunlight completely, choose the black-out blinds. The thick fabric will help you sleep better at night during the lighter mornings. Also, appliances and lights generate a lot of heat, so unless you need them, turn them off.

3. Opt for natural ways to sleep easier

One way to do this is to try meditation techniques. First, enjoy a bath before bedtime to lower the body temperature. Also, use a cold press on the pulse points of your body. To do this, place ice cubes in a plastic bag on your neck and wrists, and you can tell the difference. Also, you can opt for essential oils such as lavender. It is a fantastic sleep aid that you can spray around your bedroom before you sleep. Notably, avoid too much alcohol, caffeine, or a large meal. All these contribute to you feeling hot at night. Lastly, keep a glass of water by the bed to hydrate at night.

4. Switch your sheets

During the hot months, switch your sheets to summer alternatives. The sheets are lighter and breathable and prevent you from feeling sweaty and stuffy as you sleep. Plus, they have no clammy feeling you get with synthetic fibers. As you choose the sheets for summer, ensure you have the right duvet for better and more comfortable sleep. Plus, you can use new cooling pillows available today or opt to cool a pillowcase in the fridge before sleeping. You can also opt to use a zip lock bag to put your sheet in the freezer and remove it when ready to sleep.

5. Encourage airflow in the rooms

When it is hot, opening all doors and windows helps with proper air circulation. But, before opening all of them, consider the direction the sun is facing. When it comes to cooling down the rooms, the positioning of the windows will determine whether to open the windows or not. Learn the windows to open and ways to avoid any hot air coming into your room. Open the hatch if you have an attic. In this way, the hot air will rise and have somewhere to escape.

6. Welcome nature into the bedroom

House plants are a great collection to add. They help your room be cool during warm weather from through the natural processes they consume hot air. Some of the best to choose are palms, rubber plants, Chinese evergreens, and mother-in-law’s tongues. Add one or two and feel the difference it gives in your room. You can also add to other rooms in the house, not o nly your bedroom.



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