6 Steps to Become a Backend Web Developer


Web Developer is gaining popularity at a high pace. In this digital era, everyone is running his business through different online platforms — websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, etc. Web Developer learning has become necessary for this time.

If you become able to make your website from scratch, you can save an exorbitant amount of money. Website development comprises two types of development. The first one is front-end web development, and the other is back-end web development.

The young generation is getting attracted to this field as they can earn a lot of money from it. The passion for learning Web Developer is not enough for this field, you must follow some steps and learn consistently to get a hand on it.

When you choose the right category for learning, you can make it easy to identify the steps. In this article, you will learn how to learn backend web development in this age of technology. So, keep reading this article to learn each step properly!

Who is a Backend Web Developer?

You probably know, in a typical client-server architecture, the server side contains the application data and serves as the output to the client side. All the work on the server side of the web application is backend development. It is the space where all web activities take place. The person who manages all the backend activities is a backend Web Developer.

Backend Web Developer writes the backend code by using backend programming languages. The backend code runs on the web server. They are also responsible for creating APIs to make websites mobile-friendly.

6 Steps to Become a Backend Developer

Learning back-end development enables you to become familiar with various programming languages, which can really enhance your career. It might be very helpful if you have a basic understanding of how logic works.

If you don’t know the basics, join a basic computer language course to learn the basic concepts. This is merely to ensure that you don’t fall behind at any point in learning back-end development. Following are some steps of learning backend Developer.

1.   Having Knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms

Mostly, developers learn backend frameworks first but they should get the basic knowledge of Data Structure. It requires a basic understanding of data structures and algorithms. If you don’t have a deep understanding of the algorithms, it will be okay.

There are some major topics of data structure — Stack, Queue, Link list, Trees, Graphs, Sorting, etc — that would be beneficial for a backend Developer. These concepts will help you understand the logic behind coding.

2.   Learn a Programming Language and Choose a Framework

Learning web languages is not a simple task whether it is a frontend language or backend Web Developer language. After understanding the basic Data structure, choose a backend language and a specific framework.

Your patience is compulsory while learning to program languages. It needs practice, practice, and practice. You will face many difficulties and errors in your code, but you should practice consistently to overcome your difficulties.

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You can also learn different languages at the same time according to your capacity. If you can get things quickly and easily, learn various backend programming languages. Keep in mind, you are not familiar with programming languages.

Start from the basic programming language — C++, Java, and then move to Python and other advanced languages. Once you understand the logic of programming, it would be easy for you to move forward.

3.   Learn the Basics of Database

The database has a very important role in website development. The database comprises a database and a relational database. Almost every website uses data storage for saving their data. So, the database can be used here for storing and manipulating data.

You can perform different operations in a relational database —- Insert, Delete, Update, etc. The database is a great way to sort the data that’s why it is important to have some basic knowledge about it.

4.   Learn Framework

You can learn the fundamentals of at least one framework depending on the programming language you are using. Most frameworks, whether Django or Ruby-on-Rails follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm. Although it is workable to write the full application code in a programming language.

It requires more effort, time, and comprehensive coding. Frameworks allow you to construct templates and reusable code. This reduces the number of lines of code. As a result, you become more efficient in writing code. That is why learning a framework is a smart idea while learning backend development.

5.   Start Practical Work

This will be difficult to know how things are going when you don’t do it practically. You should use advanced tools and technologies regularly to better understand the knowledge you learn so far. The beginners should start working on minor projects and assignments. You can start your project by making a Single Page Application (SPA), web pages, portfolio, resume builder, etc.

6.   Create Something Innovative

In all areas, creativity and innovation are valuable. Probably the most in the tech industry because they can change the situation completely. If you already have a business or project idea, you’re on the right track. If not, there is still time to think about it and improve it.

It’s a good idea to begin by creating a startup clone. You would replicate some existing products on the market.I hope this article will help you learn backend web development. If you have any doubts regarding this, you can explore the internet for further information.

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