5 Jobs that Closely Work With K-Pop Idols a.k.a. Jobs that Make K-Pop Fans Envious!


Being a K-pop fan is a very colorful journey. You get to enjoy songs, watch shows, buy merch, collect albums, attend concerts and fan events, meet friends and get the chance to see your favorite K-pop idols online and offline. These are just some, and there are many more! Every moment and opportunity to see and hear from the artists is a precious moment for all K-pop fans. You’re extra fortunate if you stan artists who are so active, regularly or daily updating fans about their stuff. If not, then every rare time they post something on their social media accounts makes for a celebration in your fandom. 

What makes those occasions even more memorable is when the artists react or reply to their fans’ posts and messages for them. Obviously, one of every fan’s biggest dreams is to receive a notification directly from their favorite celeb! To be a “lucky fan” out of the thousands of fans is indeed special! But all K-pop fans know who the luckiest are, and it’s the people that work with their favorite K-pop artists bollyfuntv

Regardless of whether you are an avid K-pop lover or not, you will surely agree! If you are a K-pop stan, you will definitely understand and relate. Here are 5 jobs that closely work with K-pop idols a.k.a. jobs that make K-pop fans envious!  


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Ask a community of K-pop fans, and they will tell you that hairstylists of K-pop artists are among the luckiest people on Earth. 

They are the ones who beautify the crowning glory of the celebrities before they go up on stage and come to TV shows. Hairstylists bring to life legendary hairstyles that go viral and that make many fans swerve lanes. They also make the requested hairdos of the K-pop artists happen, and their creation is very much appreciated by the artists; one of the proofs is the selcas they upload online for fans to see. 

Hair is a very important body part for every K-pop artist because it always does something to how they look on and off-screen. Furthermore, their hairstyles will never be unnoticeable by fans. Come on, even the littlest details can be seen by these avid supporters!    


K-Pop Idols 2

Here is another job that focuses on prettifying the appearance of K-pop idols. Outfit stylists are hardworking and creative. They cannot be just anyone without a sense of fashion. The clothes and accessories they prepare, the K-pop idols wear. 

Aside from being envied by fans, outfit stylists are loved by them too. That is when they let the K-pop idols wear clothes that really make them look even more stunning and that highlight their great body physique. 

Outfit stylists have a major responsibility because the clothes they give to their celebrities are always remembered by fans. Some of them even go viral in a good way, especially if they are eye-catching and head-turning pieces. 

Furthermore, outfit stylists work closely with K-pop idols to determine their tastes when it comes to clothes. Of course, the artists will be more comfortable and happier when they are wearing clothes they like. This job is also accompanied with having a connection with K-pop artists, so that outfit stylists generally know the type of clothing that suits and does not suit them. 


When K-pop idols appear as guests in TV shows and as actors in dramas and movies, they are contacted by producers of those shows. They talk with the artists about the whole concept of the program, inviting them to come and be part as guests or sometimes as permanent members. At the same time, writers are there to communicate with them and introduce to them the contents and the flow of the show. They will be continuously working side by side with the artists once the celebrity management approves of the group or the solo artist’s attendance to their show.

Meanwhile, for K-pop idols’ own content, like a reality show, a season’s greetings video or a summertime show, produced by their own celebrity management company for them, they also work with producers and writers. For the concept, outline and also some script, they need to speak with each other to achieve the theme of their own content. Producers and writers discuss with K-pop idols their goals and bucket lists, so that they will hopefully make some of them happen through a reality show just for them.   


K-pop idols are public figures, and they need unyielding protection. While their fans will always righteously protect and defend them from haters and false newsmakers online, their personal bodyguards will always be there to secure them from actual harm and threats physically present around celebrities. 

Personal bodyguards are with the artists, particularly during shows, events and crowded occasions. Some also live in the same building as the artists they work for. This job is for big and tough people, mostly men, to dependably look after the artists who they already treat as younger siblings.

On another note, security guards (in the concert hall, event venue, airport, hotel, celebrity management company where artists go to and stay in) are also considered lucky by some K-pop fans because they can freely enter those places where artists are; that is to protect them, of course. Some of them become friends with the K-pop idols too, especially security guards in their celebrity management company’s building.  


Last but not least is the people who spend most of their time with K-pop artists with or without official events. Who are they? The celebrity managers. 

Every K-pop group and every member in it have celebrity managers assigned to them. This job is like parenting. The job of celebrity managers is definitely the best for K-pop fans because these managers are already family to the artists. Nevertheless, it’s also the toughest because it consists of everything similar to what parents do for their children. 

These artist managers are the ones assigned by the celebrity management company to totally handle everything about the artists. From the artists’ official proceedings to their personal needs, these managers have a lot of responsibilities. Aside from the parents of K-pop idols, their celebrity managers are the people who know so much about them.  


For people who have these jobs that work side by side with global K-pop stars, the opportunity they currently have might not feel as grand for them as they are for K-pop lovers. Nonetheless, they are aware that what they have is like a treasure for these fans! On another note, while some of these workers actually applied to these jobs to earn a living, some could also be their supporters. Now, that’s a dream come true. 

Although K-pop fans are envious of these people who work closely with their favorite artists, of course, many of them don’t really want to be in those occupations because they also have their own personal goals as individuals. They have dream jobs that their love for K-pop has nothing to do with. Furthermore, it’s totally difficult to apply and get hired in those jobs, especially if you are an international fan who does not understand and speak Korean (as in the whole Korean language). 

Yes, K-pop fans sometimes jokingly say how they want to work for or with their faces, however, they also know that it’s a huge, huge, huge responsibility to take. Of course, it’s the entertainment industry, also known as a challenging industry for everybody both in front and behind the cameras. 

Because of that, kudos to all the hardworking staff and teams going all out to take care and support these internationally acclaimed K-pop idols! It’s not easy although every fan wants what these jobs have. It’s a big task that one should be ready for. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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